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Anne Philippi meets Liv Tyler

by Anne Philippi, Hey Woman, November 2016

Liv Tyler just designed a collection for Belstaff: Anne Philippi in an interview with Steven Tyler's daughter

Liv Tyler is sitting over there and from the side, I can only see her chocolate brown hair. The soft fairy, the girl who starred in the Aerosmith video alongside Alicia Silverstone and that she must have talked her dad Steven Tyler into. Liv and her dad, by the way, have a fantastic relationship and when Steven is living in his daughter's New York apartment, he puts on pussy bow blouses like the one Liv is wearing today. Or he steals a few jackets from her closet. And that even though Liv would prefer to see her dad in a simple suit. "Somehow classic. But that isn't him," says Liv as she smiles her mermaid smile.

Today Liv is wearing one of these blouses and her chocolate brown hair is dissolving into it. We could philosophize about this transition, Liv and I, but if we're honest, we're not interested in pussy bow blouses or even chocolate brown hair. What is the topic? We're speaking about it like people do when they bring up the elephant in the room.
"I talk about fashion all day. Then I go to my hotel room and am completely overwhelmed, confused. It's difficult. Heavy. We don't know what will happen under Trump," says Liv. I had asked myself long before the questions about hair and blouses what Liv's coping mechanism with this new situation would look like.

"At the moment, a day after the shock, I'm trying to understand every party, everyone involved. That's the actor in me, wanting to understand everyone," she says somewhat restlessly, because we both know that neither she nor the parties involved will ever understand. The others in the room, also for Liv's sake, want to get back to the topic of fashion now and pick up the topic of pussy bow blouses (that are part of the collection that Liv designed for Belstaff) once again.

I suspect Liv is right, although we both know that the world for Liv and her family over the coming four years in America will not go down well. We're going to miss women who, like Liv, speak with great warmth and softness about their father's fascination with pussy bow blouses. And maybe fathers who, like Steven Tyler, go out shopping in leopard print pants and paint their nails will disappear from the scene. I surmise that Liv didn't want to say that out loud exactly, but when she tossed her chocolate brown hair to the side, I could see it in her eyes.