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Interview for cinéFILMS

cinéFILMS, December 2002. Scans & translation by Mary

At 25, Liv Tyler has already a long acting career behind her, and her appearance in 3 Lord Of The Rings films helped her to be at the top bill of the cinema in 2003.

Does your character appear in all of the 3 episodes ?
Yes. I'm Arwen, an Elf princess and daughter of Elrond. The character appears only on a few chapters of the novel, but at the end of the book, there is a big chapter about the love story between Arwen and Aragorn. Peter thought that there were not enough women in the story. Women's energy was only in the big spider who kills everybody [Shelob], Galadriel and Eowyn. Peter wanted to extend the movie with some additionals, and Aragorn and Arwen's love story is very romantic. They sacrified their lives for their love. It is beautiful! Arwen gives up on her family, her people and her immortality for Aragorn. And she knows that one day he will die and she as well. Normally Elves don't die. Arwen is 3000 years old, which is very strange to act (laughs). And Cate Blanchett acts as my grandmother who's much older!

Some critics claimed that your character is over-developed ...
Many things have been said about that. Before the first film, some people thought that Arwen was going to be a warrior, but she is not. Legolas is the Elf warrior of the fellowship, not Arwen.

Did you ever ride a horse before this film ?
I had to learn that for the shooting of Plunket & Macleane. I'm not so good at that but I trained hard! (laughs)

How did you manage to get in Arwen's skin ?
We had a lot of preparations and trainings. Everybody went to New-Zealand 2 months before the shooting. And one day you have enough of these training ... and you have to find your character yourself, but its not easy. But we also had to be with each other, to establish relations. You know, the hobbits were together during the training and when they were not shooting, they were also together.

Are you happy now, after you shot all the films ?
Yes and no. Or ... yes! It was very difficult 2 years and a half, but fantastic! I managed to be part of such a wonderful thing. And I feel very proud.

In the Fellowship Of The Ring, there is a scene where you are with Elijah Wood on a horse ... What did you think about this scene when you filmed it ?
I wasn't very reassured, because I was lonely, without the horse, without Elijah, without the river ... without anything! I was lonely in front of the cameras. There was just a little pink ball which signed me where to look. It was difficult not to laugh. It was VERY difficult not to laugh. But the cameraman helped me!

Did you take anything from the set ... a souvenir ? A costume perhaps ?
Costumes were so beautiful, and I have plenty of them!

Was the Elvish language writen by the scenarists or by Tolkien ?
It was Tolkien!!! He invented Elvish and we had to learn how to speak it, there are people who speak that language! Sometimes we had to phone a specialist in England who told us the pronunciation!

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