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Liv on Rosie

The Rosie O'donnell Show, April 26th 2001

Rosie: Our first guest starres in the new film One Night At McCool's and if you saw Armageddon you know her stomach served as the stage for Ben Affleck's animal cracker puppet show.
[Clip: Liv Tyler & Ben Affleck, Armageddon - Animal Crackers clip]
I loved that scene ... Please welcome back to the show, Liv Tyler!

Well hi Liv! How are you ? Good to see you can I just say
Liv: I'm so sorry about you hand.
Staff are bad! Bad staff
Staff infections are bad, exactly.
just washed my hands with antibacterial soap for you.
Your going to get what I have now, I have a little bit of that OCD where I want to clean everything 45 times.

But you know what my doctor told me ?
What ?

Staff is everywhere and usually your body immune system can fight the staff, but if you have a deep wound and it gets in there it's not good.
I'm scarred, i'm very lucky i've never had any severe ...

Illnesses at all
Cuts or wounds

Ya you're lucky
I burn myself a lot but I don't ah ...

Doing what ?
Cooking usually [laughs]

Oh really ? Like the grease spattering, the bacon
No in the oven, I'm just klutzy [laughs]

Use an oven mitt Liv!
[laughs] I know

They're invented, they're good, stick one on.
Now look how pretty you look on this, I love this cover.

Thank you

I think this is really beautiful, who took that picture? [applause]
Neil Bensimone [sp?]

It's beautiful, do you like doing magazine covers ?
I do actually, I really enjoy taking pictures cause it's so different from, you know, what you are doing when you are acting your just kind of ignoring the camera and the way you look, and yeah I think it's fun. It's kind of feels like dress-up.

And there's one ah, dress in here that didn't have a, didn't have a breast cover.

Look, this somebody, this is like what Lil' Kim would wear. See look, but you covered your breast nicely as a nice young woman should.
It only has one boobie covered.

Where did you see that dress ?
That was actually from the Dior fashion show, and I'd actually been in Paris the week before and seen them on runway and ...

All these girls had these amazing boobies and only one of them was covered and I just thought (Huuhh!)

Ya, that's what I would think.
I wasn't so confident about my boobies.

Did they have any, like a nipple cover ?
No nothing like, just model boobies bouncing along the runway. [laughs]

Nice to meet you, my name is Bianca, this is my left breast.

Ya, that takes courage I think

[laughs] it does

Without a doubt. And congratulations on getting engaged.
Thank you very much

Exciting ?
Very exciting [applause]

Gunna be a, do you have a long ...
You should mention his record cause it's really amazing.

Oh ya he's a singer
In a band called Spacehog and the record is called the Hogyssey.

Spacehog the Hogyssey, ya, I've never heard of... them, are they famous ?
Kind... no they're great, they're really good.

Where did you meet him ?
Umm, I've know him for a long time through a friend.

A long time, excellent. You know what I loved reading this Elle magazine ?
What ?

That your grandmother is an etiquette expert.
[laughs] consultant, etiquette consultant

Now that's hysterical to me, what does she do ?
Her name's Dorothea Johnson , and she owns a place called the Protocol School Of Washington and she teaches people how to be etiquette instructors themselves. And she also puts on these big seminars at the Ritz, Carlton and stuff where people come for a weekend and they learn every thing about manners.

No kidding ?
And tea too, yeah she does tea

Now was she very strict when you went over ? Did she say hey, sit up straight ?

Use that other fork.
No, no, no.

She wasn't, she just made a career out of it.

She's really funny, she has a website though, and I went to the website one day and there was like a quiz on it. And I was like eww I better take this quiz and I got like 5 things wrong. [laughs]

No kidding ?
Check it out it's hard

What kind of um clients does she get, like ?
All sorts, she like works a lot with like the government with ambassadors and stuff. And now it's more general just like people come from all over the world to go to her seminars and stuff it's really cool. I've got lots of very cool women in my family.

I really need to ah go to that etiquette school.

Because I was thinking I don't know how to do anything. I was reading in there about how to set the table the right way.
Well I'm really good about forks, but I'm really dyslexic so I forget. The bread plate is like… makes no sense to me. I'm like is it the right or the left [laughs] which bread roll do I eat.

Did you have trouble in school with dyslexia ?
Yeah, ya, ya.

I think I have a little of that too.

You know I was never tested because when I was a kid, way back when, they never test for that. But I often invert things and I don't know how to spell at all.
Write numbers down, I can't spell at all it is embarrassing.

Me either it's so bad
Thank god for spell check on computers [laughs]

Or for my assistants, you know, but sometimes I'll say, How do you spell beyond ? And they're like, your kidding right ?
Yeah I know.

I'm like no, I know there's a "y" somewhere
I'm the same, and I'll spell the same word completely differently in the same sentence, my diary is a disaster. [laughs]

Ya mine too
I can't even read it sometimes.

Look, do you know what ? I can never spell "answer" I never know it's s-w, or w-s, how, what is it now ?
s-w, ans-wer

Of course it is, ans-wer now I'm gunna remember. Thank you very much. Oh what's you new film about ? I didn't get to see it.
It's called One Night At McCool's, annnnnnd I play a very naughty girl who basically comes into the lives of these men. All she, I mean, she's very bad but at the same time she's kind of sweet cause all she wants is a house.

She's just a little psychotic, but you see it [laughs] you see it from the 3 main characters different point of views. So each view is completely different depending on like what they want her to be.

Right, and it's Matt Dillon
Matt Dillon see her as kind of a more normal gilrfriendy, and John Goodman sees her a kind of this perfect person that he wants to protect she's more sweet and delicate. And Paul Reiser [laughs] sees her a this like sex-maniac basically. [laughs]

Right, we have a clip, do you know which one we have ?
Umm, I think this is the clip of, this is when I'm telling Randy, Matt Dillon, I'm kind of basically telling him, that I'm conning him and he has no idea, poor innocent guy.

Ok, it's open right ... it opens tomorrow actually, One Night At McCool's, let's take a look.

[Clip: Liv Tyler & Matt Dillon, One Night At McCool's - We Rob You]


One Night At McCool's opens tomorrow.
It was really fun for me to play a really like manipulative person, to get to do things like that where I am batting my eyelashes and pretending to cry, it was really fun.

Exactly, to be sort of evil but fun at the same time.
Yes, yeah

It must have been great when you Dad was inducted into the hall of fame.
Yeah it was really good.

Yeah, ya, it must have been wonderful for the whole family to get to be there.
It was really cute, we were all there and the kids, and the little sister and brothers. Brother, sisters and brother [laughs]

It's great to see you.
Thank you

congratulations, and good luck with the movie, Liv Tyler!

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