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Interview with Conan

Late Night with Conan O'Brein, April 1999

Conan :You are very tall!
Liv Tyler :You are very tall.

Oh, no, you are tall! How tall are you exactly ?
5'10" but I have enormous shoes on.

Giant shoes. When I wear heels I'm like 7 feet tall. Were you always told that you would get tall ? Did you get tall young ? I'm curious about it because I developed, I was a late bloomer, I hit puberty like 26, it's just ...
(asking Andy) What about you ?
Andy: Yeah, about the same time. I was waiting for him, just to be polite.
I wasn't born this tall.

Seriously ?
I've been a beast pretty much in my whole life.

A beast ? Is that what you said ?
I found a picture of me when I was a kid recently, it's school, I was in like 4th grade and all of my friends came up to like about here (showing comparison of her and her friends used to be).

So you were that big. That's hard. That's very hard for a woman that grows that tall that quickly, you know.
I was really strong and hyperactive and I was kind of proud of it.

So you were just tossing the other kids around in gym class.
I was the best tire swing pusher. I was really good at pushing tire swings.

You know it's really weird, I've met your dad, Steven Tyler, Aerosmith fame. He is about your height, he looks a lot like you and everything. Is he about the same height as you ?
He is like about half an inch shorter than me. My mom and overall we're all about the same.

Right. You could wear his cloths, couldn't you ? Couldn't you do that ?
We do. We share cloths all the time.

Do you really ? Seriously ?
He had a fire a few years ago and they keep adding on the house and they built this massive closet for him, it's like as big as this whole room practically. And there's rocks and rocks of stuff and we always have big fashion shows.

That's a nice father-daughter thing. "I like your feather bower dad!", "It looks good on you kid." He got scarves, he got ...
In Armageddon video, he wore a coat made of human hair.

(laughing)What! I didn't know who's made it. Let's talk about this! "He's a serial killer! They've been looking for him" I saw you in the audience at the Oscars. Now, what was that like, because most of us watching it on TV.
It's pretty intense. I think there is something so thrilling being at home and making back from the commercial break.

Or else to signing to tune out for 40 minutes if it's not holding your attention. And going and cutting origami or something ? You had to be in the audience the whole time. What was that like ?
It's pretty deadly, you can only move during commercial breaks so you are sort of stack there and really funny thing happened where I came back from doing my presentation and this guy was siting in my seat and I was like "Excuse me. Can you get up?" and he wouldn't get up and he kicked my boyfriend out of the seat for like an hour and half I was stack there alone.

Who is this guy ?
Actually it wasn't his fault, and in the end but there was fillers so somebody gets up there someone that comes in and sit. So she's been like hiding out the whole time and didn't tell anybody but it was a big drama.

I would think if you are celebrity and you have a seat at the Oscars, it's weird go to the bathroom and come back a guy sitting there. "Hi, I'm Liv Tyler, that's my seat." "I don't care! Get lost! I'm not leaving"
If the New Yorker of me came out, I must have started a fight with them.

That would have picked up the whole show. They cut to the audience "Liv Tyler is beating a man to death!" with her shoe, that would be kind of fun. Armageddon. This is an unprecedented movie, it costs something like a hundred and forty million dollars.
Pretty extravagant.

And I'm thinking one thing. This show has a budged of ..., I think we spend 200 dollars a week. Did we send a school bus to pick you up? We rented out from a public high school. We have like sugar cookies and we think that's really swank. A hundred and forty million dollar budget, what kind of stuff, on the movie set what kind food do they serve on a hundred and forty million dollar movie ?
They have everything you could ever dream of, like ten thousand doughnuts and they have ...

What a waste of money! Bring in the doughnuts! (act as if forklift coming in and unload the doughnuts)
You could shoot a film with the amount of money they spent on club service on the film.

I would think so, yeah.
They have like sushi bar, a pasta bar, barbecue happening they have unbelievable things.

I noticed Bruce Willice is chewing throughout most of the movie. He is like (with chewing impression) "Yeah, I'll get that asteroid! Damn coming right now." Ah, now, Cookie's Fortune is a very different kind of movie. That was of course a big epic. This is a movie that has a great cast. You shot this in ...
Harryspring in Mississippi, a really small town. It was June, it was very hot.

That gets miserably hot, doesn't it ?
It was unbelievable. We had to keep these rugs and cooler all the time to sort of like you know, recycled rug to keep everybody cool. I actually had a little bit of an accident where ... It was my first day of shooting, I wasn't nervous at all, everything was going really well, I knew everybody, I felt like I had been there for years. I went to the set and I was standing there getting ready, work with Gren Cross and Julian Mullen, started getting really hot and started like fan myself and I was like "Well, I'm kind of nervous. I've never been this nervous before!" I realized I had to leave the room because I couldn't go out and do the scene, and I turned around and I fainted on top of this guy.

Now known as the luckiest man in Mississippi. Did he catch you ?
Yeah, he was like (making happy face) He told me what happened because I didn't even know what's going on, I was sort of conscious, and medic came over and he intervened us to give me Gatorade. I was so embarrassed.

That's not a good medic. "Don't panic! Lime Gatorade is being pumped into your iota."
But I was so embarrassed. I wasn't nervous, I just had a heat stroke.

You know it's weird is that a lot of guys fantasises that a really attractive woman will faint and they'll catch them, and just as they are waking up he like "Don't worry. I caught you. I love you." That didn't happen, did it ?
I don't know.

Ok, you can talk about that later.