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Liv Tyler - Why she's hot

InStyle Magazine, September 2003

The ethereal beauty is back as Arwen this December in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Paradise found
"There's a romantic feeling of freedom as you float weightlessly in the water. After we got married this year in Barbados, my husband [musician Royston Langdon] and I went swimming, and I was in paradise. We were alone, the sun made me feel drowsy and high, and the salt water on my skin made me feel healed."

"I like natural beauty. People are sexy because of who they are. I find fake breasts and G-strings really unsexy. While some men like that look, at least I married a man who doesn't"

Puppy love
"We have a romantic bedroom, but my nighstand is incredibly unsexy. I've got our two teddy bears and what must be eight million books on raising our King Charles spaniel puppy"

"I can get away with wearing my Converse All Stars," says 5-foot-10 beauty Liv Tyler. "High heels are very sexy, but they make me tower over people." For the shoot on Long Island beach, hairstylist Danilo gave Tyler what he calls Venus hair: "It blows around and looks sensual"

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