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Resistance is Futile

German Cosmopolitan, October, 2003. Scans and translation by Cate

As the new Givenchy-Lady you often getting compared to Audrey Hepburn. What do you like about her ?
Everything. She is inspiring, because she was such an passionate and independent person. She always stayed herself, which is very difficult as an actress.

Is she an idol to you ?
Idol sounds very strange to me! I am inspired by many people for several reasons. There is no particular person I wish to be like. But Audrey is a very big idol to many people. The more I get to know about her, the more I hope to become an incredible woman like her.

What inspires you when it comes to fashion ?
I like a lot of different styles, also from people who are considered very stylish, like Debbie Harry and Patti Smith. These are women who create their very own kind of style by composing an unmistakable look with little money. Me, I like to mix various kinds of styles, but in general I like fancy uniques with a lot of details, like Givenchy or Yves Saint Lauren.

Is it true that you like to shop in second-hand shops ?
I love vintage-clothes. But I'm not going to the salvation army to get a new outfit. The vintage-stuff I buy is sometimes more expensive than some designer piece. Beautiful old dresses, for example.

The name of the new Givenchy-fragrance is "Very Irresistible". Many people think that you're irresistible. Can you imagine why ?
Hehehe, I'm getting excited and starting to blush. I don't feel like I'm irresistible all the time. But I love to hear I am.

What do you think: Can a woman become irresistible or is it something you have to be born with ?
Some people are surely born irresistible. But to me, somebody is irresitible because of his smile or his laugh, or through things which are unique to him. That was the incredible thing about Audrey Hepburn: she was so extremely herself, so lovely. Sometimes she was elegant and cultivated, and the next second she was a silly joker. And because of that she was so beautiful.

What's irresistible about a man? The smile, too ?
It's individual for each person. But I like humor!

The fragrance is full of roses. Do roses have a special meaning to you ?
I love roses. I even try to breed some at home, in my new house, but it doesn't work out very well. I don't have a special connection to roses, but I really like them.

Roses are a symbol for passion what flower is a symbol for yourself ?
I don't know. My favourite flower is the Peony. First they are small, hard balls and then they're getting huge. They're looking like old, english roses with big, soft leaves. I like that they look so sensual and tasty.

How does a perfect love letter smell like ?
I never got a scented love letter before. I don't even know if I'd like to get one I don't like men's perfumes.

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