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Interview for Marie Claire

French Marie Claire, October, 2003. Scans and translation by MarieMJS

The daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer, the gorgeous brunette has made her film debut with Bernardo Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty. Today the elf princess Lord Of The Rings has found a new role: she's the new face of Givenchy's perfume

When you look in the mirror tell us what do you see, and what do you like ?
I don't really look at myself, and I never really look at my body, in fact. It depends on my mood. One day, I will like some parts of my face, and the next day I can't stand it. I'm often doing funny faces to the mirror ...

The first thing you do when you wake up ?
Open my eyes and look at the sky's color. If its a beautiful day, I feel good, positive. Then I wash my face, put some blush, lipstick, and that's all. And I wear my jeans, and my Converse.

Your worst beauty reflex ?
Biting my lips.

What do you do in order to look seductive ? What kind of woman would you like to look like ?
Chic, classic and modern at the same time. I wish I could be like Audrey Hepburn, graceful as her.

Your secret after a no-sleep night ?
Oils in my bath, a good cleanser, and if I can, one week in a spa ... I don't really have my own beauty secrets.

As an actress, how do you see yourself ?
I like myself when I'm myself.

In which movies have you really felt a link with your character ? Which one is your favorite movie ?
I like all the movies I have done. I really have, for the time being, all the roles I have wished for. Nevertheless, my favorite role is the one that I've done for Lord Of The Rings. One of my favorite movies is Sweet Charity, by Bob Fosse, with Shirley MacLaine.

To be an actress is also the ability of not being yourself. Is it difficult sometimes ?
I never wanted not to be myself, as I'm always myself. My personality isn't completely adapted to the role, but it's still there.

Do you take care of your body ?
I love all the body care products.

When you were at the age of your first mascara, how did you look like ?
Make-up has never been very important, I liked to stay natural. For me, the make-up has to be subtle, it only has to bring some light and a natural brightness.

How do other women perceive you ?
Not as a rival, that's for sure. I have really good relations with other women, very spontaneous.

What makes someone beautiful ? Or ugly ?
You can't really say what makes someone beautiful, it can be a smile, something on a face, a unique brightness. What is ugly is being narrow minded, losing one's inner personality, being artificial.

How do you picture yourself in 30 years ? Does that worry you ?
I never think about it, and I have no idea how I will look like. But I do think we are getting older in a better way by staying young at heart, by loving other people and life in general.

What is the beauty product that you like the most ?
The new perfume from Givenchy, Very Irresistible. If I accepted to be the new presenter of it, it was mostly because the perfume is kind of "like me". It's the first aromatic floral perfume. It's just like a big bouquet made up of many different roses. It's unique.

A new product that you've been really impressed by?
Always in Givenchy, all the products for face made with tea vert, Firm Profile.

Your cream for night ?
I don't have any in particular.

How many hours do you need for a good night sleep ?
I feel good if I sleep from 10 to 12 hours, and unfortunately, that doesn't happen often.

The only product you can't live without ?
A moisture spray, to splash on my face, and a red lipstick.

Your make-up case ?
Blush, lipstick, a face mask, a day cream and a moisture spray.

What kind of beauty advises did your mother give you ?
"Be yourself".

When you were young, how were people looking at you ?
I still feel very young, and I find people to be looking at me with a very kind and cool look.

What is for you the most beautiful definition of beauty ?
Every person is beautiful in his own way, there are no rules.

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