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On journeys, perfumes and teddy bears

German InStyle, October 2003. Scans and translation by Janine

It is 2'o clock in the afternoon. The hallways that lead to the interview room of the super modern MK2-cinema complex in Paris, are covered with rose leaves up to the ankles. In the middle of this rose-colored dream world of flowers and fuchsia-colored lacquer tables stands the American actress.

Liv Tyler, 26. The Elven princess Arwen in The Lord of the Rings has just been chosen as the new face of the legendary Paris fashion house Givenchy. Liv Tyler got rid of her pink highheels, goes barefoot. She shows lots of snowwhite skin in a backfree pinstripe suit. The black hair has been artistically piled up in an American big-hair-style. Liv's iceblue eyes are emphasized with a smoke-colored eye shadow, the perfectly curved lips shimmer in rose. When Liv Tyler laughs (and she does that very often and with a disarming naturalness) you forgive her for the perfect beauty.

Do you think it's easier answering questions while you are walking ?
(laughs) No! But a few hours ago I have just flown from New York to Paris. The walking hinders me from falling asleep right away.

So you've got your flawless body from walking. Or do you do any other sports ?
I would like to. But I'm too stiff for trend fitness like Yoga or Pilates.

And nevertheless you are of breathtaking beauty.
(She blushes lighty and smiles) Oh, thank you! I don't think I look beautiful on every day. How I look in the morning always depends on what I have done the evening before. But I have a very strong routine in order to get on my legs in the morning.

And that would be ?
First a thorough face cleaning with lotion and tonic. Then I have to take a long shower and apply cream afterwards. If I don't do this, then I'm feeling ugly.

Do you use a special lotion or cream ?
I used to buy cosmetics indiscriminately on my journeys in duty free shops. The older I get, the more I tend to use natural products. My skin has become sensitive because of the numerous make up applied during filming. While filming The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand I met a native, Margaret Hemal, who produces amazing creams and tinctures consisting of honey basis. Ever since then I swear by bio beauty.

Is this also the secret of your thick and like silk shimmering hair ?
These are a temper of nature. (laughs) For it to shine like this, I help a little along. After washing it I always use a great amount of conditioner which I leave in my hair for hours. That's the whole trick.

You travel a lot. What do you always keep in your hand luggage in the airplane ?
Conerning that I am a total snob! (laughs again) I never go on an overseas flight without my Shanghai-silk-pyjamas and my own cashmere blanket. I use lots of moisturizer as well. And sometimes one of my teddy bears is allowed to go on board with me: Shawn, the little white one or Drew, a brown bear.

Do you also take a perfume with you ?
I love having perfume with me especially in the evenings. When I wear Very Irresistible from Givenchy on an event I feel like standing out against all the others. This mixture of rose and star anise scent is like a wonderful decoration which you will always remember. My father wears an ambergris scent. When I smell this scent I always have to think of him. What I don't like though are men who apply too much aftershave.

Audrey Hepburn was your predecessor as muse of Givenchy. A tough heritage ?
When Givenchy approached me with the offer, the thought was shocking that the great actress and me are the only ones being connected with the house. To be compared with her ... I would never presume that.

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