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American Beauty

by Melanie Kunze, German ELLE, October 2003
Scans by Mata, translation by Regula

If Liv were a flower she would certainly be a rose. That's why being an elf in the magical land of the hobbits isn't the only place she is ideal for. She is also brilliant in the part of the new Audrey Hepburn.

She likes to be called the new Audrey Hepburn and the etiquette suits. Naturally beautiful, girlish but nevertheless very elegant she appears in the new advert for the perfume Very Irresistible Givenchy.

There are people who always make a happy impression. Liv Tyler is one of those people. Maybe she looks so happy because she is so beautiful. Her lips for example: They look exactly the way little girls paint their dream mouth a round, full swing below and a perfect wavy line above. Or her eyes: big, narrow and almost Egyptian. Bernardo Bertolucci, the director who made her famous with Stealing Beauty has been fascinated: "One minute she looks like a schoolgirl, and in the next moment a femme fatale. She knows how to attract all the looks magnetically".

It was not always like that. There were times, when all Liv Tyler wanted to do was to hide. "As a teenager I used to be chubby and I thought I was quite ugly", she remembers. Her mother, Playboy-Model Bebe Buell saw it differently. She called a friend who took photos of Liv and sent them to Andy Warhol's Magazine Interview. This was the beginning of her modeling career.

At the age of 17 she appeared in the music clip Crazy with Alicia Silverstone. The song was performed by Liv's dad, Steven Tyler, Lead singer of the band Aerosmith. This was the beginning of her acting career: from Armageddon over Cookie's Fortune and One Night at McCool's to the Lord Of The Rings film version divided into in three parts.

And now Liv Tyler also becomes the successor of the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Because just as the famous actress the young american got selected at the age of 25, to be the official face of Givenchy. On the one hand this means a lot of money for Liv Tyler. And on the other hand it means, that soon all the people will be thinking of roses when they see Liv Tyler. For that she is standing among thousands of rose-leaves, in a huge congress building in Paris and announces that from now on she and the new rose-fragrance from Givenchy Very Irresistible belong together.

How does the fragrance have to be in order to make her wants to be connected with ? "Not I found the fragrance, the fragrance found me" she says cheekily. "But I like it. I like delicate and subtle fragrances. Fragrances that you can't smell from a distance. Only people I like to have around me will be able to smell it." A little bit of the sixties, a little bit jet set, Paris as the scenery. Everything in black and white. That is how the movie looks like as Darius Khondij shot with Liv and her rose-fragrance. "We already worked together in Stealing Beauty" she tells us enthusiastically. "And it was as if we were shooting a real movie. Really beautiful."

Only the French language was hard for her. Even though it was only about saying that one word, she says, laughing loudly. "It's incredible how long it took me to make this little "Irresistible" sound French."

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