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Liv on Conan

The Conan O'Brein show, April 26th 2001

My my first guest tonight has starred in such films as Stealing Beauty and Armageddon. Starting tomorrow she can bee seen in the new movie One Night At McCool's. Let's take a look ...
[Liv Tyler & Paul Reiser, One Night At McCool's S&M clip]
Please welcome the beautiful, Liv Tyler.

Thanks for being here ...
How are you tall-man ?

What's that ?
How are you tall-man ?

Tall-man ? Yes, yes I am in person, and people don't know that from ...
You look very small on TV, you're like enormous, 8'4" (laughs)

"The Conan" No ah, I don't know why, I don't know why. It's one of those tricks with the camera, people don't know how physically impressive I am.
You are incredibly impressive (laughs)

Raw animal musk emitting from me. Ah, no I'm great. Hey I watched this movie last night, I really liked it. Ya, did you enjoy making this move ?
Oh my goodness, ya. We had a blast, it was just really amazing to play such a different character from myself and ...

Well for ex ...
... being wacky all the time.

Well, for example that outfit you are wearing in that scene.
haha, what a clip! (laughs)

Well you, I'm just guessing your not wearing that a lot in your personal life, I don't know, were ya... or not. haha
(laughs) What about you ?

Let me not assume ... ya I have one of those, too, ya. I enjoy it. Ahh, did you, I mean, that scene. Was that, was that a difficult scene to do or ...
That was actually very hard because I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do and I was incredibly nervous. And ah, and then on the day, for some reason it like went by very quickly and we only did about 2 takes, and Harold, the director, Was just like, that's it. And I was kind of like, wait. I kind of liked it. (laughs)

I betcha Paul Reiser was saying, no we can go, we can do another day of this if you want.
I accidentally kind of scarred Paul, because I accidentally whacked him once a little bit to hard on the, on the cheek.

ya ... I don't know, that's not the worst job I've ever seen someone have. lye under there, underneath Liv Tyler and get spanked, you know ? Not the worst thing ever, I don't know, I've never tried anything like that. I've always thought, deep down, maybe I'd be into humiliation, god knows this job every night provides it, but ah.

But one day I'll have to try that maybe. But it was, you enjoyed it, you enjoyed it cause you get to do a lot of things in this movie that are just fun and very different.
It's very funny, and we really laughed a lot while we were making it and I could always tell how happy the director was by how hard he laughed behind the monitor (laughs)

You could her him laughing in the movie, he should have been quiet.
They had to loop a lot of the film because he was laughing so hard. (laughs)

You hear off camera, Bah-Ha-Ha. Ahh, I would like a movie if you could just hear that off camera sometimes. Um, you know, I wanted to ask you about this Elle magazine photo-shoot that you did. This is ah, really something, because you are modeling all of these different dresses and obviously you're very beautiful in the whole photo-shoot, and then there is this one dress ...


Right here, and I'm wondering, is this a dress, this is obviously a dress that somebody made that your really supposed to be able to buy and wear ?
No, it’s actually from, its from like the Catorra [sp?] shows and ...

I know they really make it. But this is
It's like the one-boobie (laughs)

Yes it's called the one, it's called the the Uni-Boobie, ya this is the, and the idea of this dress is that it just goes up one side, I mean it's not
in the show, I saw the show, and in the show, it was the Dior show, and they really only had one boobie covered. And nice boobies bouncing along down the runway (laughs)

When are they showing this again? Ah,
I was like, Roy ...

Was the woman covering herself up when she was walking down the runway ?

Beautiful, bouncing boobie. (laughs)

ya, there are a lot of things you could not do were you wearing that dress. You know what I mean ? Your not tossing a pizza while you make that. You know ?
Maybe you should wear one tomorrow,

Patty-cake out of the question

There's a lot of things you couldn't, a typist couldn't wear it, no. But, was it, in that photo-shoot you were getting to wear a lot of different clothes, you obviously like doing that, it's fun.
Ya, it is fun, ya. One of the perks of what I get to do.

Ya, and you were just here two weeks ago not
That was, I came when my fiance played in Spacehog

Your fiancée is, of course a singer in Spachog and ah, you guys ah, he was here and we did a little thing, ya. It's Roy, Roy Langdon and um, he was here, and you didn't come out on camera, you were backstage but it inspired us.
Eating sandwiches

You were eating free sandwiches ?
Nice sandwiches you have in the dressing rooms. (laughs)

Those aren't for you! Those are for the people performing on the show. I noticed, I check at the end of the night, and we were one sandwich short. I had a hissy-fit, ah. But I was, we were, we do a thing on the show called, "If They Mated", and we take famous people and we see what their child would look like.
You make the baby... ya

Ya, if they ever had a child, and we thought since he's pretty well know, your well know. We would see right now what would happen, you know? Ya well let's take a look right now ... This is you of course, and this is Roy from Spacehog ...


And ah, let's take a look at what would happen if you too had a baby, I'm just a curious.

Oh my god ... that's not funny.

That's horrible,
Who's teeth are those ?

what ?
Who's teeth are those ?

We just, we always just add someone, (laughs) hillbilly teeth, that is the secret of that bit. It's not fair at all we take some from you, some from him, and then just add hillbilly teeth every time.

That's the comedy formula we use here. Umm, your movie comes out ...

Go see it, it's really funny.

It is a funny movie and they, they shot you beautifully in this film it is very stylized the look of it.
They've used a lot of old Hollywood tricks actually. Like you know, they put actual pantyhose over the lens and they put a beam of light across your eyes, like the classic type of New-R [sp?] lighting and stuff, so that was very fun.

Because your, ya. It's extremely stylized but it really pops it's like it really catches your eye.
Yep, yep, ya.

And you look, you look amazing in this, in this picture.
Thank you.

I was curious like do you get, like tomorrow this movie is gunna come out and there'll be reviews are you, are you used to that process now ?
It is like ...

You started out so young, what's it like when you start reading about yourself ?
It's hard, I haven't had a movie out for a couple of years cause I've been working on the Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. But, forever, but um, I've kind of forgotten what that process is like but I, it's hard you know? It's kind of funny to, I kind of, I try and think about as it's also entertainment, you know what I mean? Like the reviewer is trying to entertain the people that are reading the ... you know what I mean ?

Maybe that makes me feel better about myself (laughs)

Well no, I'm sure they said really nice, they never said any mean things about you ...
Sometimes, the is one thing that I can remember which I was like only 18 and it broke my heart. It was for Stealing Beauty, and the guy said that I looked like a horse eating out of a troff???. (awes from the audience) And I called my dad ...

Let's find that guy now and beat him!
I called my dad ...

Let's have Scott beat him with a bat! That's terrible people shouldn't do that. Hey, that's not right.
But I called my dad, and I was totally depressed and he's like, honey that's ok because we are horse people. (laughs)

What, your dad said, what ?
Honey it's ok, because we are horse people. (laughs)

Always good to talk to dad. He'll make ya feel better. Then he went Ree-hhee-eee (horse sound)

Haha, that was quite good.

It was a little to good! Ah, no that's I mean, obviously I went through that when I first got this job, believe it or not they said some mean things.

They implied I had a fat head!

Madness! Look at this thing!
His head's really not as big in person though ... (laughs) [biggest applause in the whole show] (laughs)

I don't know if we have any more time in this interview.

We are running very ah ...
You are very tall and handsome ...

Well thank you,
You are,

We're gunna take that clip and I'm just going to run that and promote the show over and over and again. Now you mentioned really quickly the, The Lord Of The Rings ... you were shooting three of these,
We did already, we're finished now

Your done, but you had to shoot all three at the same time ?
Yes, yes, very intense but wonderful at the same time. It was kind of really smart to do all three at the once, to keep the momentum and to let the actors really stay in character and explore everything and yeah ...

Did ah, what, what part are you playing ?
I'm an elf. An elvish princess named Arwen.

You are very tall to be an elf.
Elves are actually, this is totally, everybody's confused, elves in Tolkein's world are incredibly tall, and slender, and they are kind of like alien-looking a little bit, they are very other-worldly ...

Elves are tall in it's ...
Huge like, I was a short elf, and I'm 5'10" (laughs)

Wow! Ok. And giants in Tolkein's world are little people that get up and fee-fi-fo-fum. Ah, run around and try to terrorize people. Did, and you had to learn an elf language for that ...
Speak elvish yep.

Elvish, it's called elvish ?
Elvish Baby [deep voice like Elvis]

Yeah, I thought you meant Elvis!
Elvish, yep

What does it sound like ? What does elf language sound like ?
It's actually really funny, because I can't remember my name sometimes. But I never forget my Elvish lines.

Uh-huh, can I just hear a little bit of elf.
I might get into trouble for doing this ?

Why cause it's like ah, ruining the movie? Just a little taste of it ? I would like to hear what the elves sound like in this movie.
Ok um ah, one line is um... liaud heird mein [more elvish] (laughs)

That's, that sounds kind of cool.
I had it all memorized, I like wake up in the middle of the night speaking elvish for some reason. (laughs)

In the middle of the night you'd do that ? It's cool, it sounds kind of Gaelic actually.

Yeah, no, it actually has, it's very beautiful. Ah, One Night At McCool's ah, which is, I really recommend this film you should go out and see it, it was a lot of fun. It opens tomorrow night. And congratulations on that.
Thank you.

And come on back, ya we love having you here.

Thanks a lot for doing this. Liv Tyler Everybody!

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