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The Enchanting Liv

Finnish Demi Magazine, November 2003. Translation by Alyssa

Liv Tyler, 26, arrives to the interview very hungry
I haven't eaten anything today, could I get some fruits and coffee ?

It is very nice to see an actress who eats!
I'm 178cm tall, a size 8 and I am thought of as a big girl! It is really strange because I'm not particularly big. It is nice to be in good shape, I love going to the gym because it makes me feel good. You inherit your body structure from your parents and you really can't influence it much. In general, people give appearance too much attention. The way we are defined is our own fault because we criticise outer qualities too much and we only want to see people of a certain shape. Magazine covers are handled very roughly, for example cellulite and the tummies are taken off.

Do you follow a diet ? Are there some foods you don't eat at all ?
I eat almost everything

Do elves eat ?
That's a good question. They don't eat, they don't sleep, we don't even know if they have any intimate parts. Perhaps they're like Ken and Barbie – when you take the clothes off there's nothing there.

Did you ever find it out ?
At least my Arwen doll doesn't have a vagina ...

What is the intimate life of the elves like ?
Oh god! I can't answer questions like these this early! I was at my boyfriend's (Royston Langdon) gig last night and I got to bed only at 3 am. When I woke up this morning I thought, I am really not ready to answer these kind of questions.

Is it nice to be on tour with your boyfriend ?
It's very fun, one of the best things I have ever experienced.

Have you ever thought about a career as a musician ?
I like my current job, but I do sing in the movie Jersey Girl and on the soundtrack. The song sounds funny because my character isn't even supposed to be a good singer. I love music and singing.

Do you have a good singing voice ?
I'll let the audience answer that!

What kind of music do you listen to ?
Nothing much, because recently I’ve just been reading scripts and learning lines.

Were you at all afraid to take the role of Arwen, the perfect creature ?
Of course it is hard to try to be perfect all the time.

In The Return Of the King Arwen makes the final choice and gives up her immortal life for Aragorn. Could you make a sacrifice like that in your life ?
You all ask the same question, but I don't want to compare the parts I've played to my real life because it's irrelevant. I love the story of Arwen and Aragorn. Arwen encourages Aragorn and helps him take the mission that belongs to him. That's what love is supposed to be.

Have you ever had to make sacrifices for the sake of love ?
Why do we have to talk about my love life ? I hate it when the interview goes to this! I am madly in love and have been dating the same guy for four years.

Now that you mentioned it, when might the wedding date be ?
I won’t tell you that.

You have said you hesitated for a while, if you would take the role of Arwen.
I didn't hesitate but I was nervous. We all are nervous when we start a new job or some other new adventure. I had no idea what was going to happen; I just knew that the filming would last for a very long time. It took much more time than originally was planned. We've had to do reshoots for every part and we've had to travel back to New Zealand to do that. Also the interviews and the promotion takes a lot of time. But I am not complaining, because not that many actors get to be a part of a project like this in their whole lives. Usually you never meet your co-workers again, but we have got together every time a new LOtr movie has been released. I enjoy working with them and we've become close. It's sad when it's all going to be over.

Do you hang out with Miranda or Cate ?
Sure. During the filming I didn't really meet Miranda at all, because we didn't have any scenes together. I did one scene together with Cate, which isn't in the movie. It was great to meet Cate and see her work.

The last time you were involved in a special effects action movie was Armageddon. Later you said that it wasn't a good experience.
I didn't get much acting experience in Armageddon and I was a little depressed about that. In that movie the special effects played the main role, not the acting. In the LOtr movies I've had more experience about acting than ever before, even because of the costumes.

What does it mean to your career, being in the same movie three years in a row ?
The three parts blend together so well, that it really is one long movie. I'm happy and excited about LOtr, I love my role. I couldn't ask for more.

But you haven't done much of anything else in a while.
Jersey Girl was the first movie I really wanted to do in a long time.

What is your role like in that movie ?
I play Maya, a girl from New Jersey, who works in a video rental store.

Is she good or bad ?
I don't think of people as good or bad. There are both sides in every person. Maya is a bit outspoken but she isn't a bad person. It's all relative and some people even think of smoking as a sign you're bad.

Have you quit smoking ?
Yes, I quit in June (2002) but it is hard to stay with the decision, because everyone around me smokes.

A few years ago you said you'd like to play someone bad. Have you been offered the roles of a bad girl ?
There are lots of different scripts offered to me. I haven't always played good girls, but how naughty should that be ? A whore ? For example in the movie One Night at McCool’s I'm pretty bad.

You've said you'd like to play Bettie Page. Why does a 1950s pin up-girl fascinate you ?
Everything that happened in New York at that time is interesting. I think that Bettie Page didn't exactly understand what she got herself into. But she was nevertheless an amazing character, funny and creative.

Has your appearance ever been a disadvantage in your career ? Many beautiful people aren't taken seriously or they only get certain kinds of parts
Many beautiful women succeed and are taken seriously, for example Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange, right ? I've been making movies since I was 16 and my looks have never been a problem for me.

Do you have any tattoos ?
I don't have any tattoos or piercings. I'm against them I prefer a clean skin. I have piercings on my ears but I don't even wear earrings that often. I think many kids that get a tattoo or a piercing will regret it when they're older. I think you should wait until you're a bit older before you do that.

Was that originally your fathers advice or is it your opinion ?
No, it's my own opinion. My mother got a tattoo on her ankle and I cried when she showed it to me. I was totally upset, because you can never get the image off. It has my name on it and it goes around her ankle. It is beautiful, I admit.