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Interview for OK Magazine

OK Magazine December 2003. Transcript and scans by Ithill

Liv tyler always believed that her father was musician Todd Rundgren. But as an astute ten-year-old girl Liv became suspicious after meeting Aerosmith's Steven Tyler - and even more suspicious after seeing his daughter Mia, who could have passes for Liv's twin! Liv confronted her mother who told her the truth: she was the product of an eight-month relationship with Steven Tyler.

   Liv forged a relationship with her father, took his name and she and her mother headed to NY where she grew into a statuesque, blue-eyed beauty and began a very successful career in modeling. She moved into acting and finally in 1996, Liv landed the lead role in the highly acclaimed  Stealing Beauty. Soon after she starred as Bruce Willis's daughter and Ben Affleckís love interest in Armageddon. Liv was hailed as a great natural beauty who didn't conform to the size 6 ideal of Hollywood, and refreshingly, let it be known that she was quite happy with the way she looked.

   Her biggest role to date is that of Arwen Evenstar, daughter of Lord Elrond in Peter Jackson's three part adaptation of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. And this year has been quite a year for the 26 year old star, who married yorkshire singer Royston Langdon back in March with celebrity guests including David Bowie and Stella McCartney.

   Here in an exclusive interview, Liv speaks openly about the spooky location that gave her nightmares, swapping beauty tips with her rock star father and working with Ben and Jen on their new movie ...

Whatís it like seeing yourself in the third installment of Lord of the rings - five years after actually making it?
Its really exiting for all of us to see the film come together in completed form because so much of what we did was blind faith, acting with nothing there, imagining where people would be standing or sitting.

When you first started the filming did you have any idea how huge it was going to be?
I knew it was this really well-read novel and I knew that a lot of people knew about it. And I knew there was a lot of anticipation. But I didn't know exactly how many people. We are just all so happy that we have made a great movie.

Is it true that while you were filming in NZ you had bad nightmares?
Yes I did! The area that I lived in is like a hillside with little hobbit houses everywhere. It's so windy its unbelievable. You have to hold onto lampposts sometimes. So at night, it can get a bit scary. The houses are built in a flimsy way, as if it were hot all the time, like a beach town. But it's not. It's always cold! The whole house was glass, which was terrifying. It would shake and rattle and make noises. I was asleep one night and I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door, which I think was just the wind but it was really scary. And I had some nightmares about the movie when I first got down there.

Did anyone actually get hurt making the film?
Actually, yes. But the stunt guys kind of like to get hurt in some ways - as long as it's not too bad. I think they really love what they do and they want to make it as real as possible. I know that Viggo (Aragorn) had a very close relationship with most of the stunt people so they were very friendly.

Do you think you've had more opportunities because of your Rings association?
I hadnít found anything that I really wanted to do until Jersey Girl came along. I really enjoyed working on that despite all the shit you've been reading about Ben and Jennifer right now. She's only in the film for about 5 seconds, you know its a really beautiful script. It's really well written.

Who do you play?
I play a Jersey girl named Maya but in not "the" Jersey girl. I wont reveal that. And its not Jennifer either. So there! Ha!

Was it nice to work with Ben again?
Yes. It was very nice.

Were the paparazzi always around?
I didn't live with Ben and Jennifer, so I don't know but I think the paparazzi did follow them around a bit. They were quite cool though. People didn't bother us that much.

Were they getting a lot of attention from fans?
On my very first day at work we were doing this scene at a diner. Everybody else had been shooting for a couple of weeks already and I come walking in - it was six in the morning - and there was at least 300 people outside this diner all waiting for Ben! By the middle of the day there was like 1000 people in the street! there was these huge news vans with antennas sticking up and paparazzi, people handing their crying babies for you to hold, and I just looked at him and I was like: "Benji - I call him Benji - Benji, I didn't know that you were so famous." It was like he was The Beatles, people were going nuts, screaming and crying, Iíve never seen anything like it.

Do you try and keep aware of what's written about you in the press?
If it crosses my path I'll see it. I think places like the National Inquirer; they have a staff of screen writers that come up with these ideas like they do for movies at the studios. It's crazy some of the stuff you read.

Sandra Bullock once said "I don't believe anything written about my celebrity friends, unless they tell me personally." Are you at that point?
I don't think about it that much, actually. I wouldnít say I am at any point. I would certainly say that when I do interviews a lot of times, even if its friends or acquaintances who are writing the story, it's natural that they're going to misquote you a few times, because they're not in your head. A lot of times, people twist things into how they want it to be. But I try not to get upset about it.

Aerosmith are still going strong and your father puts so much energy into a show. Does that amaze you?
No, I know he's got an enormous amount of energy - it's rubbed off on me! Its in the genes too, unfortunately, the workaholic gene. Hes always been like that. I think its really incredible. When I see him perform, I defiantly am taken aback by it, I'm really impressed. Just to be able to sing that well, that intensely, for two and a half hours, every night for a year. He just loves what he does. He loves to sing to the person in the front row and he loves to touch them. He remembers what it was like. We were talking the other day about him. I was listening to this Kinks record and I just had this thought: I could see my dad in his bedroom when he was a teenage boy, kind of feeling that. He hasnít lost touch with what he felt for his favorite bands, and he is that way towards his fans. I think thats important.

How have you been able to remain so grounded with such a diverse and successful career?
My mother and my family always encouraged me to be myself and be an individual and I have just never felt that pressure of like, "Oh my god I want to be famous or be the best." I've never been like that in anything Iíve done. I like to work hard and feel really good about it but I don't have to be ahead of anybody else, it just doesnít matter to me.

Do you feel sorry for people who get consumed with the pressure of fame?
I don't like to talk generally about people because everyone is different. Everybody has been raised in different ways and everybody has different views and goals - and that doesnít make them bad. They may look at me and say they don't agree with the way I live - but thats just how I like to do things and Iím just happy I get to live the way I do. I feel so blessed I get to do what I want.

Do you have a role you really want to do?
I would really like to do a musical. If Iím honest, my whole career I wanted to do a musical.

Would you ever do a reality series with your dad, like the Osbornes have?
No, then I would have to move back in with my dad, and that would be really weird at 27 to have to move back in with your parents.

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