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Lovely Liv

by Alberto Crespi, Italian Film TV, July 2004. Scans and translation by Rosa

From Arwen, the beautiful elven princess that give up immortality for "Love", to Jersey Girl, a family commedy that will be released this autumn. Liv Tyler, by now a big star, changes roles.

"NOTHING MATTERS IN THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH A JERSEY GIRL": Writes Tom Waits in one of his famous songs "Jersey Girl", a column that describes well the new film of Kevin Smith.

Jersey Girl has been relesed in the US in april and earned more than $25 million. Initially, it had to be a "vehicle" for the Affleck/Lopez brace, but it has been saved by none other than Arwen. Yes, the elven princess of Lord Of The Rings - a role that earned Liv Tyler much popularity, and assured a great number of moviegoers to watch any film with Liv or Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), or Orlando Bloom (Legolas), or Elijah Wood (Frodo) ...

Bah, just to clear up things: New Jersey is a strange place, the immense periphery carefully lay down on the sea and joins the metropolitan areas of NY and Philadelphia.

Anyone has been to New York, has seen New Jersey (beyond the river), but few have actually been there. It is also known as "Garden State" (even if it's full of industries). It's also an industry of talents: There are "Jersey Boys", like Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Coun Basie, Danny De Vito, Brian de Palma, the rapper Ice-T, the writers Paul Auster and Allen Ginsberg and of-course Kevin Smith - the director of Clerks and Dogma.
They are no "Jersey Girls" in this movie. Not Jennifer Lopez (lives in New York but was born in the Bronx) nor Liv (was born in Portland - Maine).

Liv, as you should know, is the daughter of the Aerosmith's singer Steven Tyler. What you may not know, it's that the real name of Tyler is Tallarico, and therefore Italian blood flows in the veins of the beautiful elven. Liv is not the major character in Jersey Girl, she only arrives in the middle the film. Before that there's the death of Ben's wife that leaves him widower with one daughter.

If it seems like bad taste from the part of the two stars, to have put in scene in metaphoric way therefore their own separation, you should know that Smith has change the script and cut their marriage scene. Also, J.Lo has been cut out from the trailers and publicity after Gigli. The producers and Smith wanted to avoid another Ben and J-LO film. Goodbye J.LO, welcome Liv.

In this moment she's a big star, and a much more appreciated actress. God knows what will be told about Liv in film's history! In publicity events for ROTK, We understood that the word "privacy" for Liv is very important.

She was hardly been married, and talked about anything we asked, except her wedding. Now that she's pregnant (the child will be born next winter), We bet that she won't sell the photos of her child to no gossip mag!

In effects the beautiful Liv, was born in means of one hormonal storm. Already at the age of 12 she had one ugly experience on purpose of famous parents: her mother, model Bebe Buell, lived with the musician Todd Rundgren and Liv was convinced that he was her father. When one day some "old friend" Steven Tyler came to visit, Liv noticed that his daughter, Mia, resembels her up to the point that they could be considered twins.

Also small Liv must had a beautiful character, in fact she asked her mother who told her the truth about her father. Therefore took his last name. In the age of 14 Liv began to model and at the age of 17 stared in her first major role for the movie - Heavy.

Bernardo Bertolucci always tells us with tenderness that Liv became an adult on 1st of july 1995, on the set of Stealing beauty, a film that exactly told the difficulties of the adolescency!

In Jersey Girl Liv is the girl who enters Ben Affleck's life, giving him again his confidence. It could consider her first "Adult" role, aside from Arwen.

On purpose, the name "Liv" in the Norwegian language means "Life". It's the name of Liv Ullmann, who mom Bebe saw on a magazine's cover, just the same day that beauty Liv was born.

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