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Live with Liv

by Benjamin Rozovas, French Glamour, September 2004.
Scans and translation by Ana

After a very rewarding experience on the Epic Lord Of The Ring, the baby doll Liv Tyler is coming back with a more earthly progam. She's starring in Jersey Girl, along with Ben Affleck, and will actually become a mother herself by the end of the year. We feel like we're missing some big stuff.

Glamour: We met you as a teenager not a very long time ago and now you're married and pregnant. What happened?
Liv Tyler: Well I went to live in New Zealand for two years to shoot the Lord of The Rings! Such a great experience to grow up. Being part of such a long and great adventure on the other side of the world, in a civilization-damage-free paradise, it makes you think about yourself. I'm different from the girl who boarded the plane. And even though I had always been relatively mature and well-balanced for someone my age, knowing the life I had (my rock star family had me travelling around!), I've only started feeling like a woman this year.

Must be the pregnancy, right?
Yeah, of course, and my wedding to Roy (Langdon, leader of the band Spacehog) had me rooted in real life. For some reason I can't explain, I've always thought that I would be ready to have a baby when I would turn 25. I'm 26 today, and I must admit that I'm not feeling quite ready now (laughs). I don't think you can be prepared to become a mother. It's a long process starting with a round tummy and it goes on after the birth. Let's just say that I'm ready to learn all these.

It's a new beginning for you, with a family life to manage, and a great notoriety due to The Lord Of The Rings ... Now you're gonna have to make the two of them go along.
I'm not worried. Roy and I so are on the same wave for everything. It's very important, to get together nicely for each of us to focus completely on our job- he can't write music if I'm breathing down his neck. About my new notoriety, I don't really care. I don't like this Hollywood habit to take a maximum profit of the small window of oppotrunity opened before you when you're "it", fearing that it wil all disapear the following day. I receive so much more job offers since the LOtr, but I haven't changed my habits: I'll start a new project only if I like that script. I didn't like any of the scripts I was sent untill Kevin Smith gave me the Jersey Girl one. I love that movie, despite all those bullshits you can read in the press about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's misadventures. It's about a man (Ben), a gambler with everything going his way, who suddenly ends up on his own. Widowed and jobless. The great dishonor is that he has to move back in with his father in order to raise his baby girl. Jennifer, who portays Ben's wife, can only be seen during the first fifteen minutes of the movie, like a cameo. But being associated to their relationship was really bad for Jersey Girl. After the Gigli fiasco and the cancellation of their wedding, the American film distribution company delayed its opening, which was a really bad idea commercialy speaking. It's a nice little movie with so much tenderness, in which you will see Ben in a new way.

There's a scene where your lines are very crude when you give Ben dirty ouvertures. Do you act like that in real life?
Let's just say it depends of who I'm with, and of how many cocktails I've had! (laughs). In other circumstances, no, I've never offered a guy to have sexuals inercourses with me in a discussion.

Unlike many American actresses whoresot to a lot of tricks, you display a very natural image, like your curves as an example ...
We all feel insecure when it comes to our body. I would like to be slim and thin, but I just can't deny my true nature. I don't understand those actresses who keep morphing to keep up with the esthetical norms of the moment. They don't realise they're loosing all their charms this way. I used to be obsessed with my weight but now I've chose to simply deal with it, live with it. While I'm shooting, I loose lots of weight. But when not working, I enjoy greedily all the good things in life. I'm an epicurian, someone really voluptuous. However, my pregnancy is starting to have me look like Moby Dick rightnow!

Any movie scheduled or planned?
I'm surrently shooting an independent movie - Lonesome Jim, directed by Steve Buscemi, The brothers Coen's favorite actor. I portray a single mother, and my son is this incredible boy who played Julianne Moore's son in The Hours.

Mother is a full-time role ...
I hope it will be my best role ever!

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