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Roses are red ...

Dutch Celebrity, September 2004. Scans and translation by Yavanna

She is beautiful and she can act. And that are not the only blessings in Liv's live. She is happily married and expecting her first child. She won't complain: 'I feel incredibily lucky!'

She is so beautiful. She wears hardly any make-up, completly dressed in black with a big pink scarf and the only jewelry is her wedding ring. In march 2003 she married the British rocker Royston Langdon on Barbardos and now she is pregnant with their first child.

And she is in a much better mood than when I spoke to her two years ago, also here in New York. She was awful. She was an hour late and said: "I don't feel like talking about me today ..." Well, we journalists who flew in from all over the world to New York to speak to Liv Tyler (27) weren't happy with that. An English colleague next to me almost exploded from anger and teased: "Is that because your role in the third LOtr movie is so small? On which Liv answered: "Oh, so you are a guy who thinks size matters ..."

I had to laugh about that and Liv remembered that group-meeting immediately and sniggers:
I was a pain wasn't I? But I was in such a weird period of my life, I was insecure about who I was and what I wanted. I think! I was in puberty. I am working from the age of fourteen, when I started as a model. And from the age of sixteen I am making movies, so I haven't got time to think about myself. And suddenly I had some time off and I got insecure. I just bought a house with Roy in New York, something I always dreamed of. But when we got it, I felt such a responsibility. I was suddenly an adult, but I wasn't ready. I had to cry almost every day. It drove Roy mad.

At that time he proposed. That was brave of him!

Yes, terrific! He was so romantic, he called my father to ask for permission before he proposed to me. I immediately said yes, although I don't believe in marriage, because I think it is horrible to get a divorce. I have seen a lot of broken relationships and marriages, but with Roy it feels very good for seven years. I think it is great to be married, and is didn't change the love between us. Now we are having a baby, I think it is great that we are officially husband and wife. I am old fashioned for that part.

Do you want more childrens?
Oh, yes. I have always said I want at least five. I am such a motherly type. People in my surroundings get nervous from that sometimes. Maby it is because my mother is more eccentric than me. She is living a wild life and sometimes I am motherly over her. I remember saying as a child: 'mom, I think it is time for me to go to bed now', because she didn't think about such things.

Are you planning to stop acting for now?
Well, if something great will cross my path I won't say no. Although I never intended to be an actress, I really like it. You know, my mom used to say that I was a natural actress, a drama-queen, and because of my modeling work I got into the movie business. Someone asked me, it was that simple. The nice thing about making movies is that you can bring your baby with you on the set. A lot of moms do that. But now I am just focusing on my baby. I'm so excited.

You have got everything: a nice husband, great looks, a carreer and you are pregnant. Is there anything else to wish for?
Oh I feel incredibly lucky indeed, but I think no one is completly satisfied with himself. Otherwise you have got nothing to wish for and you are standing still. So I never think: I've got it all. I am still insecure about myself and my abilities. There are a lot of things to solf for myself. I'm not going to tell what kind of things but I still have a lot to learn. I think I especially have to learn how to live. I grew up in the spotlights and I wouldn't change a thing in my past, but it is different than other women of my age, i'm seeing that.

One aspect of being a star is that you are always judged on your looks. Is that hard?
No, I think I have good taste, so when I think I look beautiful and feel good, I do not care what other people think about my clothes. But I don't get much criticism about my clothes anyway. They do take photographs when I am walking Neal in an old shirt and sloppy trousers and those pictures end up in a magazine and people say: 'Liv Tyler looks bad'. But I can't take Neal out in high heels and an evening dress? What I really don't care about is people who say I am too fat. Sometimes they say that. But I refuse to starve myself because of Hollywood standarts.

This year you introduced 3 songs during the oscars. Is that scary or is it easy for you?
It was so scary, I was so nervous. I was afraid I was going to faint, so nervous was I. But I think anyone has that before an appearance. People who say the are not are liars or aliens! I am always nervous on the set too, always afraid I can't do it. I liked to play a woman of this time in Jersey Girl after being an elf for all those years in the LOtr movies. But the first day I was shaking. I was so afraid. I felt so naked without my wig and elf ears!

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