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Interview for Joy Celebrity

German Joy Celebrity, November 2004. Scans and transcript by Mata

"I am scared of becoming a mother."
At 9 years old she learned that Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is her father. Now she's making him a grandfather. Actress Liv Tyler (27) about her family, her marriage, why she's not keen on diets and how her nervousness grows just before the birth.

Liv has perfect ivory-colored skin, soft blue eyes and a gentle smile. She's 1.78 m with noticeable long arms and legs and her current Baby bump makes her an impressive-baroque figure. Nonetheless the 27-year old appears shy and sensitive, no sign of vanity or arrogance. She answers questions measured and careful, searches perceptible for honest answers. In December she and husband Royston Langdon (32), singer of the Rock band Spacehog, will become parents for the first time.

Until recently you seemed like a Teenager. Now you're married and pregnant. How that came so fast?
For the shooting of Lord of the Rings I spent two years in New Zealand. Far away from home, in a land, where life is heavenly true and the people more normal and ancient than in Hollywood. Being a part of such a big adventure at the end of the world, forces you to think about yourself. It was a magnificent experience to grow up. I've become another person since I checked into that plane to New Zealand. When I came back I felt that I've become a woman.

How do you feel so close to the birth?
Roy and I are overjoyed and can't wait for the day of the birth. On the other hand I'm scared too. In the past I've always thought that I'll be mature enough for a baby when at 25 year old. Now I'm 27 and have to admit, that I don't feel ready (laughs). I don't think you can prepare for motherhood. It's a long process which starts with a little tummy and goes on after the birth. But I'm ready to learn it all (laughs).

How do you prepare for the baby?
With our dog Neal. We got him as a puppy and until now he was our child substitute. We know how it is when a being is completely dependent on us.

Did you always wanted to have children?
Oh yes. Even as a little girl I dreamt of my own children and a big family. Probably because I grew up as an only child. I always wished for someone to share my room with. Someone who joins in everything. I believe that a family is very important. You must have someone to come to after work to forget the stressful day. With Roy I have someone like that.

What makes him so special?
We are on the same level, true soul mates. It's important for us both to give the other one the necessary space to concentrate on our profession. When I would pester Roy the whole time he wouldn't be able to write songs. People always think that rock stars have a wild, crazy life. Not us. We love to sit at home and watch TV. Sometimes we go into the cinema. You know, being famous doesn't mean anything to me. And I don't let myself being infected with the Hollywood delusion to shoot one movie after another when you're currently famous. I listen to my heart and just take roles when I like the script. My greatest luck was to find a man like Roy who loves me like I am, who doesn't care if my career is up or down. Even with my 27 years I've had the experience of not being on demand. That's why a happy private life is so important. You have to be able to function as a human being and not being dependent on praise and fame. Otherwise you're living a miserable life.

Different to other Hollywood stars you don't seem to be enslaved by the slimness delusion ...
It wasn't always like that. We are all insecure about our body. As a teenager I was obsessed with my weight and tried every new diet until I decided to enjoy life. Sure I would like to be slim all the time, but that's not my nature and I've finally settled with that. When I shoot a movie, I lose weight. When I don't work, I enjoy the good things in life and gain weight. Though I have to say that I look like Moby Dick in my pregnancy (laughs).

You and your husband are together for more than six years and married for almost two years. That's a long time in the show business. What's your secret?
I can't really explain it, I think it has to do with how we are. We suit each other, we both are understanding and patient. We love each other and are best friends. Roy is funny and a gentleman. He has incredible good manners and always treats me like a lady. And he's very intelligent. Until now I had luck with my men. Before my relationship with Roy I was together with Joaquin Phoenix for three years. When I look then at most of my friends beautiful, loveable women, who constantly go out with men, but never find the right one. Then I ask myself: What's going on there? These are all gorgeous girls.

How did you meet Roy?
Summer Phoenix, Joaquin's sister and one of my best friends, introduced us. She and Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck's younger brother, became parents recently.

Why did you celebrate your wedding twice?
Roy and I are shy and the most important thing for us was to keep the wedding intimate. We decided for a ceremony with candle lights in a beach house in Barbados. That was in March 2003. And one month later we celebrated in New York among friends and family. My father, mother, Roy's brother Anthony and singer Evan Dando sang for us.

How did your life change since the wedding?
We've moved into a house in New York and have a ranch in California. That was a shock for me. For 3 years we've lived in New York in a tiny apartment and though we hadn't enough space we got along very well. Our new houses are really big. I didn't know how much work and responsibility that meant. Nobody prepared me for that, I had to get used to it first.

You've learned after 9 years, that not Rock singer Todd Rundgren but Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is your natural father. How was that for you?
That's why I never wanted to marry, cause I've experienced so many different relationships. I didn't believe in marriage. Only when I got Roy I changed my mind. You just know when you meet the right one.

How did you meet your natural father?
At an Aerosmith concert. My mother pointed to a man who was standing at the bar and I didn't knew who this was. I said to her: "He looks like Mick Jagger's son." And she said: "That's your father." At my wedding my spiritual father and my natural father met for the first time. They didn't knew each other before and had to put it carefully rather mixed feelings for each other. It was an incredibly beautiful moment for me to have these three people, who mean so much to me, around me: my mother, Todd and Steven. My sign is cancer and I always want everyone to be happy. Finally everything went well and it was kind of a healing process for my whole family.

You seem to have a very close relationship to your natural father ...
That's true. He has a seventh sense concerning me. Even before I knew that I'm pregnant he called: "Liv, I think you're having a baby." One week later I had the positive result.

Do you have musical talent?
I love to sing and would like to play in a musical. I've seen Chicago ten times. But for now I just practice lullabies for my baby.

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