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Special Delivery - Liv Tyler's New Baby Boy

By Joey Bartolomeo, US Weekly, December 2004. Transcript by Tiffany

The Lord Of The Rings star and her hubby get an early Christmas gift: little Milo

On December 15, a day after Liv Tyler gave birth to son Milo William, her husband, Royston Langdon, was so elated he was rendered speechless. As he strolled into New York- Presbyterian Hospital with a bag of Dunkin' Donuts, he flashed a mile-wide grin. "If I could put it into words [how we're feeling], I would," he told Us, "but I can't!"

Luckily, that's what grandparents are for. "It's the most exciting thing!" Tyler's mother (and the baby's first visitor), Bebe Buell, tells Us. "[Milo] is just beautiful. He looks like [Langdon] but he has those big, juicy lips!" The lips, of course, also belong to the actress and her Aerosmith star father Steven Tyler, 56. "He is the most perfect-est baby, just like his mother," the rocker grandpa tells Us. "This is the best Christmas present a daughter could ever give her father."

The holiday, however, came two weeks early for the family, since the actress wasn't due until December 29. But when her water broke on the afternoon of December 13, the 27-year-old headed first to her doctor's office, then to the hospital, At 4:11 the following morning, Milo had arrived. "She delivered that baby like a champ," says Buell. "It was really quick-eight or nine hours."

Motherhood is something Tyler (who wed Langdon, 32, in March 2003) has always dreamed about. "I remember being 6 and knowing I wanted kids," she has said. Still, she may not have expected it to happen so soon, This past March - perhaps before she learned she was pregnant she admitted, "I'd definitely like to have kids in the next couple years, but not tomorrow. I'm enjoying being married." What a difference nine months makes! On December 16, Tyler and Langdon -Dad holding baby - returned to their Greenwich Village brownstone (neighbors include new moms Gwyenth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker). They are expected to hunker down for at least a week in the chilly weather - doctor's orders. "It's a new baby and all," Tyler's assistant told photographers outside the home. Not even family members are expected during that time, but Buell isn't concerned: "When I watched her with the baby, she seemed natural and quite capable." Still, should Tyler need backup, her half sister, model (and star of VH1's upcoming series Celebrity Fit Club) Mia, 26, tells Us: "I'll fly to New York to babysit!"

Some gifts Milo has already got:

L'Occitane Honey Bear soap, $8, Loccitane.com
Dwell Baby Motif crib set, $315, dwellshop.com
Fill-R-Up wagon stocked with everthing from stuffed bears to books to bath products, $360, fill-r-up.com
Propoline Baby Mild shampoo, $14, bigelowchemists.com
Kinder-Cashmere baby blanke, $240, kinder-cashmere.com

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