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Baby Boy Milo De-Liv-ered!

Tanith Carney and Suzanne Rozdeba, Star magazine, January 2005. Transcript by Tiffany

Liv Tyler and rocker hubby Royston Langdon welcomed an 8-pound baby boy on Dec. 14!
Here, all the happy delievery and family details

On the afternoon of Dec. 13, a very pregnant Liv Tyler packed up rushed out of her Manhattan apartment and headed to an appointment with her gynecologist on Manhattan's Upper East Side. After an hour-long visit, the Lord of the Rings star climbed into a limo with her personal assistant and quickly sped off for nearby New York Presbyterian Hospital-she was ready to deliver her baby! 'She left with her coat pulled over her bump. She looked quite nervous as she got into the car," said a source. At the hospital, security guards ushered Liv in through a private entrance.

Just hours later, at 4:11 a.m. on Dec. 14, Liv have birth to a healthy, 8-pound baby boy, Milo William Langdon. This is the first child for Liv, 27, and hubby British rocker Royston Langdon, 32. Another famous rocker, her father and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, was beaming at the arrival of his first grandchild. "He's the most perfect-est baby, just like his mother," Tyler told Star. "This is the best Christmas present a daughter could ever give her father." A source said that Steven and Royston stood by Liv's side at the birth [LTT.com: Steven was in Boston and flew to NY the next day]. Liv "had a relatively short labor and easy delivery," according to her rep.

Liv and Royston's family members are in complete awe of the new, little addition to their family. Royston's brother, Christian, who lives in Leeds, England, told Star that he talked to his brother shortly after the birth. "[Royston] was completely elated," he told Star. "He was quite moved. He saw the whole thing." Liv and Royston were introduced in 1998 by actress Summer Phoenix and married in the Caribbean in March 2003 - "are both over the moon," he said. He added that Liv's in-laws, Chester and Cynthia Langdon, are equally thrilled. "I am sure my family will be whizzing over to the U.S. very soon," he said.

Musician Bebe Buell, 51, Liv's mother, told star through her spokeswoman, "Meeting my grandson for the first time was indescribable. My grandson is just perfect and beautiful. I am so proud." A source said that the cute tot inherited some of the famous, fleshy Tyler genes. "He has full lips," said the source.

On Dec. 16, Liv and Milo were released from the hospital and returned to their West Village apartment, where the new mommy will be staying for a while. "Liv has decided not to leave her house for a week after [getting] advice from her doctor, especially because it is so cold," said the couple's personal assistant. For now, Liv seems content to settle into to mommyhood. "She certainly has a lot of love to give to her new baby," family friend Angela Bowie (ex-wife of rocker David Bowie) told Star.

Nor is it likely that fans will see Liv on the big screen any time soon. "Liv told me shes's going to be choosing her projects a lot more carefully," a friend of the star said. "She doesn't want to have to drag her child from movie set to movie set. The birth of this child is something she has waited for since she was young. She told me, 'I'm looking forward to being one of those stroller moms!'"

Liv, braving the NYC cold and a rapidly growing belly on Dec. 2, "has the maturity and insight to make a great mom," says family friend Angela Bowie (ex-wife of rocker David Bowie).

A day after baby Milo was born, organic baby products were delivered to Liv's Manhattan apartment. (The boxes says Seventh Generation Baby).
While Liv and baby Milo avoided photographers and slipped inside, assistants unloaded the couple's car after they returned from the hospital.

"There will be a lot more trips to the playground and a lot less trips to the nightclub for them!" a family friend tells Star about the couple.