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"Liv Tyler Rose" - naming ceremony, Paris, June 2005

by Meilland, Transcript of the clip

"I keep thinking if someone had told me when I was a little girl that when I grew up, they would name a rose after me, I would have never believed them. So, it's an absolute honour."

"I often buy flowers to keep at my house, and I think it really makes things so beautiful. My husband is really good at it. He will go to the store and buy flowers, and bring them home, and put them around the house. And I always think, Oh my God, I love that, we need to do that all the time, 'cause it really makes such a difference, and they're such beautiful, amazing things. But I don't do it enough. I need to... I'd like.. I have a garden now, a house with a garden, and I asked them if maybe I could get the plant, or the bush, the rose bush. It might die in New York, it can get really stinky."

"Basically, it's a, sort of, relative of the original Very Irresistible fragrance, and they've created this rose for me, called the Liv Tyler rose, and they've taken this scent from this rose, and put it into this new perfume. And, it's a little bit richer and sexier... Pretty amazing."

"I didn't really believe it, I was kind of like, What do you mean? I don't understand. I mean, I'm sort of at a loss of words, I'm completely flattered, and overwhelmed, and... I can't believe, it's... I've never... And they sent me a bouqet of them to my hotel room last night, and I smelled them and I thought, That's not real, they must have sprayed it with perfume, 'cause I've never in my life smelled a smell like this. And I just met the man from the company where they designed this. It was amazing. I just didn't... I guess, when you go to the store, and buy, you know, especially in New York where I live, you can go to the corner market, and buy, you know, a dozen roses, and they sort of smell like nothing. So, I've never had the privilege of smelling such beautiful roses before. It's really amazing."

"All I know is, it smells delicious! It's really, um... I've never smelled anything like it before, it's amazing."

(Narrator) - So, I can now officially name this rose after Liv. Look how pretty they are.

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