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With Milo i'm a super-cool mother

by Stephane Osias, French Gala, June 2005, Translation by Angelcake

It's the fleshier smile of Hollywood. At 28 years old, the Lord of the rings' star walks away from star system to take care of her son. Touching!

Since the ending clap of the trilogy Lord of the rings, Liv Tyler alias Arwen made herself discreet. The actress had put her career in hold, to take care of her son, Milo, eight months, and of her husband, Royston Langdon, the singer of the band SpaceHog. Between 2 cuddles, she gives us confidences as young mother.

How did you live Lord of the rings success ?
I wasn't expecting such a phenomena. When shooting this trilogy, I wasn't thinking it would become cult. I've acted in Stealing Beauty, by Bertolucci, that had had an estimable success. With Lord of the rings I've become I megastar !

You recently became a mother. In Hollywood, most of the actresses that just have just deliver stay away from the stages the less they can. This doesn't seem to be accurate for you.
You know I work as a model since I'm 14. Photos, advertising, clips, I've done everything. And then I recently realized that I was fed up with taking care of appearances, fed up with watching over my weight, with weighting myself every day, with being sick for any spot. The day I became pregnant, I decided to forget about superficial things.

How did the birth of your son went on ?
This was amazing. This has been a surprise, because we didn't want to know the gender. I remember of each detail of Milo's body. For instance, he had no eyes lashes, and all of a sudden they started to grow. And he had huge feet, nurses wouldn't believe it !

Why kind of little boy is he?
He smiles all the time. It's a child full of life and always healthy. He is adorable, a true little guy like his daddy (laughs)

What was the reaction of your father, Steven Tyler from the band Aerosmith, when he became a grandfather ?
He was really touched by seeing his grandson, who has, by the way, the same full lips as him. I didn't grow with my father because he was on tour and that we didn't see each other often. But the blood links, are the strongest and he is already being an excellent granddaddy.

With Royston, do you want more children?
Not immediately. I need to get rid of the weight caused by the pregnancy if one day I want to work again (laughs)! I think that the family will inevitably grow in the upcoming years.

What does this birth has changed in your life ?
I am more sensitive, more listening to other people. Milo follows me everywhere with his nanny. I still breast feed him. I'm a super-cool and careful mother with him. I don't want him to become a star's child unmanageable and capricious. One thing is sure : today, I feel good at home, very well indeed. And I don't want to run at parties.