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I Feel so Strong

German InStyle, September 2005, Translation by Feanors Hope
Liv Tyler, with Lord of the Rings she became a star and with baby Milo- a Superwoman.

There are people that pull looks onto them like magnets, Liv Tyler is one of them. No wonder, the 28 year old actress, a wife (of musician Royston Langdon) and a mother, is a beauty that you can't keep your eyes off. Her mouth is full and her lips are perfectly shaped. The blue almond shaped eyes shine, as if someone just turned on headlights. Her dark shining mane carries Liv on her beautiful head. And to our meeting, she has pink colored rose in it.

For goodness sake! Thinks every woman, doesn't this woman, have any weaknes? Could it be the few extra pounds she gained since the birth of her son Milo, December last year? No. Because it balances itself out so perfectly on her 1.78 meter height that she looks like it could have been created by Michelangelo.

"I enjoy the good things in life", says Liv. "But the time during the pregnancy and birth was the best and most exciting thing that could have happened to me in my life. It was the first time I pulled something totally through in my life, by myself. Never before have had I felt more powerful, so strong and so better."

However the daughter of Aerosmith band leader Steve Tyler and playboy model Bebe Buell, never really ever had a reason to strike - At least job wise. As teenager she posed for Andy Warhol’s cult magazine Interview. At 17 she was in the music video, Crazy. After that came first big roles in: Armageddon - the youngest face, Cookie's Fortune - the leader in Holly springs. She played the elven-queen Arwen in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. At age 25 she finally became the prodigy of legendary Audrey Hepburn of the face of the French cosmetics company - Givenchy. And her responsibility as Givenchy's representative. Is that the young American is here today in Paris, for the christening of the; called after her; Liv Tyler- Rose, that with its scent – Very Irresistible Sensual Eau de Perfume, is Givenchy's seductive choice.

Liv Tyler is wearing a colored Chiffon dress, a black Kashmir cardigan and dangerously high wildleather sandals. The appointment in a garden at the border of the Bois de Boulogne, is one of the few public appearances in the actress's life. Since she would rather dedicate her time to baby Milo.
"I hate it normally to be apart from my son. He so cute and strong, I miss him terribly." Liv tells how at the moment she rather walk around in her dungarees, her colorful shirts and flat shoes in Manhattan then be seen at movie premieres. And baby Milo is always there- in a towel that Liv wraps around her stomach. "Its so much more practical", she says, but does admit then it is sometimes nicer once in a while to be wearing something finer and prettier at the moment. The freedom, to be able to give oneself however one wants, is for Liv one of her rewards in life. This freedom she confesses to her husband is thanks to her husband and she wishes for her little son.

"I want Milo to be able to enjoy a liberated life where he can develop his personality without any limits.

"The main ingredient for a happy marriage? Unlimited love, that's all I need." She says and gleams, as if one just complimented her on her amazing beauty.

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