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Title: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 10, 2009, 06:14:01 AM
LOTR and The Hobbit News
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 11, 2009, 07:58:30 PM
Ian McKellen King Lear to Arrive on DVD April 21
April 11th, 2009

The recent Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear, which eventually played the Brooklyn Academy of Music and made its U.S. television debut March 25, will arrive on DVD later this month. PBS Home Video will release the DVD April 21. Tony and Olivier winner Ian McKellen stars in the title role under the direction of Trevor Nunn. Joining McKellen are RSC company members Ben Addis, Frances Barber, Adam Booth, Zoe Boyle, Russell Byrne, Naomi Capron, Monica Dolan, Romola Garai, William Gaunt, Richard Goulding, Julian Harries, John Heffernan, Peter Hinton, Jonathan Hyde, Melanie Jessop, Gerald Kyd, Seymour Matthews, Sylvester McCoy, Ian McKellen, Ben Meyjes, David Weston, Guy Williams and Philip Winchester.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 11, 2009, 08:00:18 PM
Wood Nabs Award at San Fran FF
April 11th, 2009

Elijah Wood will be receiving the ‘Midnight Award’ at the San Francisco International Film Festival. From the website: The Midnight Awards honor a dynamic young American actor and actress who have made outstanding contributions to independent and Hollywood cinema and who bring striking intelligence, exemplary talent and extraordinary depth of character to their roles. The third annual Midnight Awards go to Evan Rachel Wood and Elijah Wood.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 11, 2009, 08:01:40 PM
Interview: Karl Urban on Star Trek and beyond
April 11th, 2009

New Zealand actor Karl Urban talked to SHANDELLE BATTERSBY about playing the Enterprise’s moody medic on the eve of the film’s world premiere in Sydney this week.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: FUSIONBREAKER on April 11, 2009, 09:16:06 PM
I liked the hobbits characters in the LOTR.A life full of fantasy,enjoyment.Excellent thinking.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 11, 2009, 10:39:46 PM
I liked the hobbits characters in the LOTR.A life full of fantasy,enjoyment.Excellent thinking.
Yeah, you're right!
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 13, 2009, 06:03:01 PM
Casting ‘The Hobbit’
“The Hobbit,” has to be cast but that just leaves more time for fans to speculate, guess and suggest regarding the casting of the two-films planned by producer Peter Jackson and director Guillermo del Toro.

There are a few givens. According to the decision makers, as many of the main characters that appear in both Jackson’s LOTR trilogy and GDT’s Hobbit films will be cast using existing actors from those roles as possible. And while media outlets trying to create news about the film have asked any actor they can find if they will appear, the list of sure crossovers are relatively small.

Ian Holm, approaching 80 years old, has stated that he is too old to play Bilbo because of the physical demands of the role and the required relocation to New Zealand. So the search for the main character is on. Most readers will be familiar with characters like Gandalf that belong to actors such as Ian McKellen so they will not be rehashed here because there is no debate about who will fill the role.

Read inside to find lists of names with links to help fans become familiar with many of the offered suggestions.

Some roles are open to speculation such as Aragorn’s role from the LOTR appendices that might be used to flesh out parts of the two-movie set planned for December 2011 and 2012.

Brian Blessed
Kenneth Branagh
Brian Cox
Neil Flyn
Dominic Purcell
Angus Macfadyen


Richard Armitage
Christian Bale
Gerard Butler
Jim Caviezel
Daniel Craig
Henry Iain Cusick
SirDennisC (message boards)
Jack Davenport
Johnny Depp
Michael Fassbender
Ralph Fiennes
Ioan Gruffudd
Martin Henderson
Hugh Jackman
Doug Jones
Thomas Kretschmann
Daniel Day Lewis
David O’Hara
Gary Oldman
Clive Owen
Adrian Pasdar
Guy Pearce
James Purefoy
Dominic Purcell
Toby Stephens

Brian Blessed
Lawrence Fishburne
Nick Frost
Christopher Guest
Gary Lewis
Liam Neeson
Ron Perlman
Pete Postlethwaite
Geoffrey Rush
Guy Sprung
Ray Stevenson

Bert (Troll)
Tim McInnerny
Ray Winstone


Alfred Molina
Hugh Laurie

Bilbo Baggins

Liam Aiken
Hugh Bonneville
Martin Freeman
Ryan Gosling
Tom Hollander
Bob Hoskins
Michael Hurst
Eddie Izzard
Toby Jones
Shia Lebouef
William H. Macy
Tobey Maguire
James McAvoy
Sam Neil
Sean Pertwee
Reece Shearsmith
Michael Sheen
David Tennant

Mark Hamill


Jack Black
Jorge Garcia
Paul Giamatti
Richard Griffiths
Jonah Hill
Oliver Platt

James Cosmo
Timothy Spall
Ray Winstone

Dara O’Briain
Tom Waits


Robbie Coltraine

Brenden Gleeson

Dwarves (general)

Jack Black
Bill Baily
Robbie Coltraine
Brian Cox
Russell Crowe
Warwick Davis
Nick Frost
Stephen Fry
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Derek Jacobi
Ken Jenkins
Angus Macfadyen
Alfred Molina
Ron Perlman
Jonathan Pryce
Geoffrey Rush
Timothy Spall
Ethan Suplee
David Tennant
Jhonny Vegas


Nick Frost


Billy Connelly
John Rhys-Davies
Nicholas Lyndhurst

Goblin King / Great Goblin

Doug Jones
Tyler Mane
Ron Perlman


Kelsey Grammar
Simon Peg

James Woods

Phil Jupitus
Kevin McNally

Stephen Fry
Kevin McNally
David Jason


Alan Davies
Nathan Lane


Zooey Deschanel

Master / Lord of Laketown
Dustin Hoffman
Anthony Hopkins
Alan Rickman
Geoffrey Rush
Stanley Tucci

Richard E Grant

Smaug (voice)
Clancy Brown
James Caan
George Clooney
Brian Cox
Marton Csokas
Tim Curry
Vin Diesel
Sam Elliott
Jonathan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Bruno Ganz
Terry Gilliam
Mark Hamill
Djimon Hounsou
Anthony HopkinsJohn Hurt
Jeremy Irons
Jason Isaacs
Tommy Lee Jones
Ben Kingsley
Robert Lindsay
Meat Loaf
Ulrich Matthes
Alfred Molina
John Noble
Peter O’Toole
Edward James Elmos
Leslie Phillips
Wayne Pygram
Alan Rickman
Geoffrey Rush
Rodrigo Santoro
Andy Serkis
Martin Shaw
Stellan Skarsgard
Patrick Stewart
Kathleen Turner
Nichol Williamson
Michael Wincott

Spiders of Mirkwood
Cindy Lauper
Fran Drescher

Thorin Oakenshield

Brian Blessed
Jim Carter
Billy Connelly
Brian Cox
Kenneth Cranham
Brenden Gleeson
Alfred Molina
Ron Perlman
David Hyde Pierce
Geoffrey Rush
Patrick Stewart
Tom Wilkenson
Ray Winstone

Tom (Troll)
Rowan Atkinson
Jason Statham


Richard Armitage
Paul Bettany
David Bowie
Timothy Dalton
James Duvall
Ralph Fiennes
William Fichtner
Luke Goss
Rhys Ifans
Jason Isaacs
Guy Pearce
Zachary Quinto
Patrick Stewart

William (Troll)
Vinnie Jones
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 18, 2009, 07:16:33 AM
Hobbit Movie Formats Confirmed: 1 Hobbit - 2 Films

From And the world exclusives from our 20th birthday issue – guest-edited by Steven Spielberg – continue to pile up… We’ve known for a while that Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro’s eagerly-awaited adaptation of the Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, would comprise two movies, due in December 2011 and 2012. But the make-up of those two movies has been up for debate… until now. We spoke exclusively to both Del Toro and Jackson for our birthday issue, and they told us the latest, which is…

“We’ve decided to have The Hobbit span the two movies, including the White Council and the comings and goings of Gandalf to Dol Guldur,” says Del Toro.

“We decided it would be a mistake to try to cram everything into one movie,” adds Jackson. “The essential brief was to do The Hobbit, and it allows us to make The Hobbit in a little more style, if you like, of the [LOTR] trilogy.”

So there you go. The second film will not, as had previously been suggested, a film that will bridge the 60-year gap between The Hobbit and the start of Fellowship Of The Ring.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 20, 2009, 07:16:24 AM
Fictional Frontiers’ Sean Astin Interview

Deleece x writes:
Hi tornsibs – There was no TORN Radio segment this week, but a big treat instead – Sohaib talks with Sean Astin at Icon Long Island last week. There were a few little technical hitches, but I think we have the transcript is intact.

And we’re back on Fictional frontiers with Sohaib, we’re out at the Icon 2009 Long Island and I know a lot of our Lord of the Rings fans, and that should be everyone on our show definitely, is very excited because; one Sean Astin is here to talk to us for a couple of minutes and he’s a little bit pressed for time, which is understandable, given what he’s accomplished, and when you think of friendship and loyalty I don’t think of any other character other than Samwise Gamgee … and I think …

Sean: Well, Thank-you!

For the character to be on the page, but its a whole other thing to be able to take that character, breathe life into that character, and make the concept of friendship truly believable – Sean congratulations on that, I never had the chance to obviously tell you that before … welcome to Fictional Frontiers.

Well, now I’m like intimidated and scared, I want to go back and fix everything .. but umm, for that introduction. But no, the reason we have short time is because I had a big breakfast. (Sohaib laughs) … which is sort of a Hobbit trait actually (laughs)… Only kidding.
Thank you! It’s good to be here. I go to these conventions, I have fun, I interact with the fans, most of the time it’s on a very light heartening talk, you know I’m reminded of the seriousness of the emotions that people have connected with the characters and the story and the ideas that Tolkien put forward, so thanks for the good words and as always as I’ve said eight million times, and I’ll say a hundred million more as long as I live, it was a privilege to be part of it.

Not that you’re going to say it, but you obviously should have been nominated for an Oscar for that film – but in any event – I’m sure you’ve been asked so many questions about the relationship between Frodo and Sam, but the one question I had is: The platonic relationship between Frodo and Sam – because I think what amazed me was that (modernity in a sense) that people don’t have relationships in the same form or fashion – people don’t really understand the relationship that two males figures could have as friends, and you were able to bring that to life on the screen with Elijah (obviously) – Talk about the challenges involved with that because in this syndical age of the MTV generation believed it and bought it, and there might have been snickering her and there, but you were able to turn that into a relationship that people could understand throughout the world, regardless of where they’re from, because to a lot of cultures that’s a very, very normal activity and you can have a close platonic relationship, a brotherhood, without it being (you know) something other than that.
(technical blank)

Sean:Well I think if you’re making a movie, anytime you get a group of guys together, and there are a lot of women making movies as well and actresses and you know, obviously it’s a very diverse community, but you know there are a lot of times when it’s a bunch of guys together and it gets really raunchy and that’s one of the things that makes it fun – it doesn’t have to be Lord of the Rings or something special like that, it any movie I’ve ever been with, you have this kind of ‘get out of jail free card’ kind of common sense and polite discourse, and you just start cursing and being rancid and nonsensical and that all makes for a good film making memories (laughter)

But, you know the character, the story there is actually based in a military tradition – what Tolkien was doing – and the Batmen where characterized by British men who were assigned to officers to look after them – to take care of their daily needs so they could go about the business of focussing on strategy and war planning and stuff and waging. And the fraternity that exists between comrades in arms is one that is legendary, and for good reason. You know I was anchored in that world in my mind and heart through most of it. And the Hobbits are such a ‘gay’ – in the non homosexual way – at least, you know primarily probably – but umm, who’s to say – they didn’t have Proposition Eight in the Shire that I know of but, so we’ll never really know – but no, you know they’re such a gay light happy people that they would forever in the books be bursting into tears and embracing each other and this kind of thing, so kind of silly jocularity related to … (Technical gap) … commitment, but I always saw it as a platonic friendship and one based on a type of military ethic.

Sohaib: Last question before we head out – Given the election results (and I don’t want to get into politics at all) but given the election results from last year, there was a (at least in my opinion this is a editorial on my part) but I thought was a very dark time in our country – there’s a sense of hope now even with things going on in the economy, I know you’re very politically active – How do you feel that your work on Lord of the Rings is sort of akin to that in a sense that even at the end of the films that there was a sadness of the departure, but there was a sense of hope as well. Do you seem to be finding any parallels there, and what do you see on the future horizon? Because I know you are and were very politically active.

Sean:Umm, thank-you for 3 good – I wish I had more time but – 3 good questions, very insightful, provocative interesting questions, so thank-you for that.

You know, 911 happened a few months before the first Lord of the Rings premiered and I think one of the great speeches I get to deliver in the trilogy is at the end of The Two Towers, which is ‘there’s some good left in this world Mr Frodo and it’s worth fighting for’, and I think that that was kind of a justice included as a direct response, a kind of an artistic response from Peter and Fran to a new global fear, a new global reality we were dealing with. So you know, I think the reason that Tolkien really was adamant that it was not a direct allegory or metaphor for Hitler and the Second World War – that it was applicable to all times, and I think it’s true and continues to be true, and I think that there are so many aspects of international relations that have been – that are being – recalibrated now, and I think it’s not helpful anymore to characterize in simplistic terms this age as a Dark Age this is – maybe it will in a few years – but at the moment I think that Lord of the Rings can be meaningful to folks in terms of understanding now, for example this G8 Summit, you’ve got lots of different cultures coming together and trying to find common ground because we all need to, and I think Lord of the Rings can reinforce some of the importance of trying to figure out how to do that well. You look at the Council of Elrond and that kind of thing, that’s to me a direct resonant kind of theme in the books that’s important. (Sean is being hurried here by someone) – OK, she’s going to scream at me and start beating me. (laughs)

Well, Sean, it’s been fantastic - keep hope alive, as they say – and the Lord of the Rings will keep a lot of people’s hopes alive knowing that there can be a rising sun and that there’s hope in the future, and that things are going to turn out for the best.

No question about it – everybody knows it.

Thanks Sean – take care.

Sean:Take care – goodbye.
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 21, 2009, 12:29:07 PM
Radio City LOTR Concert Website Launches

 Doug Adams sends along word that The Official Radio City Music Hall LOTR Concert website is now live! Take a look at some stunning images from the recent concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, news updates and more!
Title: Re: LOTR and The Hobbit News
Post by: Paul on April 23, 2009, 08:14:44 AM
‘The Hunt for Gollum’ Debuts on Dailymotion
The folks at Dailymotion send this in: On May 3rd (a week from Sunday), “The Hunt for Gollum” will make its debut on video sharing site Dailymotion. This high-production value, 45-minute film was a labor of love, produced by entirely by fans of the Tolkien trilogy on a volunteer basis over the past 2 years. Inspired by notes in the appendices of the book, the film follows Aragorn as he sets out to find the creature Gollum and discover the truth about the Ring.
The film will be available for streaming free of charge beginning May 3rd, but you can get a sneak peak now by viewing the trailer here (
“The Hunt for Gollum” to have its World Premiere on Dailymotion on May 3
Feature film, available to the public for free, produced by volunteer fans of the Tolkien trilogy
Trailer available at
London, 22 April, 2009 - Fans of the Tolkien trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings” have produced a new film, “The Hunt for Gollum.” The culmination of a two-year project by fans and volunteers, the film is to be screened exclusively online on Dailymotion, one of the world’s largest independent video entertainment sites, on Sunday, May 3. The film will have a simultaneous premiere at SCI-FI LONDON, the 8th Annual London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, with free tickets available to festival goers.
The trailer is available at This fully-skinned Dailymotion profile page also features interviews with the actors and production team as well as behind-the-scenes content about the project.
The 40 minute film, conceived, created and funded by fans, was inspired by notes in the appendices from the book “The Lord of the Rings.” The film follows Aragorn as he sets out to find the creature Gollum and discover the truth about the Ring. The film was written, directed and produced by fan Chris Bouchard, who gathered a small cast and crew for the project in 2007. Over the past two years, the project gained momentum, attracting a global team of over 100 filmmakers, volunteers and supporters.
Bouchard explains, “I’m a big fan of ToIkien and was inspired by Peter Jackson’s films of the Trilogy. I love creating films and wanted to really test my creativity to see what I could produce with a minimal budget. The high production values of our film, ‘The Hunt for Gollum,’ would not have been possible without the commitment and resources of experienced prop makers, costume makers, prosthetics and make-up specialists, fight coordinators and special effects artists. The production has been open to everyone for collaboration, and as a result, the passion for this project has drawn together a diverse blend of working professionals, students and youth from every walk of life.”
Joy Marcus, General Manager of Dailymotion US adds, “’The Hunt for Gollum’ takes the fan-film genre to a completely new, high-quality, independent film level. We are proud to be the exclusive launch partner.”
The Hunt for Gollum is a non-profit film made for private use, and is not intended for sales of any sort. No money is being made from this film, and no one was paid to make it. This work was produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of the film’s creators and other Tolkien fans.
About Dailymotion
A top 50 website worldwide, Dailymotion Network attracts over 47.9 million unique monthly visitors worldwide (source: comScore, February 2009). Every day, over 15,000 new videos are uploaded into Dailymotion’s global network of 18 localized video entertainment sites. In January 2009, Dailymotion delivered over 914 million videos to users including curated content from premium and Motionmaker creative contributors. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, Dailymotion provides high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use website that also automatically filters infringing material notified by content owners. Dailymotion’s mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection. For more information, please visit