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Off Topic / Hyde Park
« on: May 20, 2007, 03:26:54 PM »
I'm going to see Aerosmith play at Hyde Park on June 24. I'm so excited because they've been my favourite band for years, but not only that, Arckid are playing too. So not only will I get to see the lovely Steven Tyler, but I'll see Roy play too. Yay!

Off Topic / Is this anyone's?
« on: July 16, 2006, 06:08:56 PM »
I know this should be posted in Fan Art or Help & Feedback but not many people tend to visit those forums often. I decided the quickest way to get a reply was to post it in a popular place like Off Topic.

I found this image on Google or Ask, I can't remember exactly which one, but I thought it was really nice and saved it. Thing is, it had a link to this site, so I was wondering if it belongs to anyone. I would really like to use it as my next signature banner but I don't want to use it without permission from the person it belongs to, incase they'd prefer I didn't use it. If this is anyone's here, please can I use it for my signature?

Thank you.

Talking Movies / I'm having trouble finding some Liv films on DVD
« on: May 30, 2006, 04:32:46 PM »
I've been looking to buy three Liv films, 'Silent Fall', 'Heavy' and 'Empire Records' on DVD for about a month now, and everywhere I look they don't sell them. I've been into HMV and Virgin's DVD sections and neither shop had it. I looked in my local DVD store and they didn't have it either. I've also scouted round on and to see if they had them, because online shops tend to sell rarer stuff, but I still could not find them. These three films seem to be really rare and difficult to get on DVD, so I was wondering whether anyone else knows where I can get them from. I'm in England so I'd rather buy them off a British site where shipping is cheaper and doesn't suffer with problems with air mail or whatever. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out here.

Thank you.

Help and Feedback / Signature Pictures
« on: May 29, 2006, 10:16:17 PM »
I was wondering if there are any budding artists out there who are good with software like Photoshop to help make me a beautiful Liv Tyler signature picture to go underneath my name. I have some pictures in mind that I'd like to use and if it's alright with anyone, and if anyone offers is it okay if I send you the pictures in a PM so that you can make it for me. I'm sorry to be a bother to everyone and ask this, it's just I don't have Photoshop and I'm never good at making these sorts of things.  :unsure:

Thank you in advance.

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