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"I must thank you. Merci, merci, merci truly. You inspire me, my lord with the glittering amour. You radiate so strong within me. I adore you. I want to be you. I would like to have you in me. You are so alive, so vibrant. And you make me so happy. Since you come everything seems more beautiful. Even I've become beautiful."*Asia Argento* Poems for Kirk
I love men in rock!!!!!

"I think one of the wonderful privileges of mankind is the ability to dream. I believe you have to dream with courage and inspiration." *Salma Hayeck*
"when we were kids, we were all dreamers. For me it was a full time job. It's good to dream." *Nick Valensi*
"So many bands are more into the whole rock and roll thing, than music. I can't relate to that. We're totally not going for this thing with trendy people hanging off each other. I'm the opposite. My whole life I've felt that trendy people make me ill." *Julian Casablancas*

Nicole Kidman posse n°3
The other Gwyneth's fan here (I agree with May!)