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Re: Happy 37th Birthday to Liv!
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Happy birthday Arwen Undomiel :)

Pam & Pete from Malverne

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Re: Happy 37th Birthday to Liv!
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Hope you have an amazing birthday!! Your friends in Malverne miss you and we want to thank you for spending time with us! You are a great person and we hope to meet again someday!
Pam & Pete (and our crazy neighbors)

Sandy Cowell

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Re: Happy 37th Birthday to Liv!
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Hello Liv!

I've been planning much of today what I am going to to you in your Birthday letter and I probably won't stick to anything I've thought about whatsoever!  So I'm just going to let go and see what happens...

It is 10 minutes to 10 in the evening of Tuesday, the 1st July, a very special day because you popped into the world!  It also marks the beginning of the second half of the year, the more enthralling part I've always felt.  For the kids, exams are over, holidays are about to begin and also, we are travelling slowly but surely towards the most magical part of the year - Christmas!  How I love Christmas!  There are plenty of beautiful things to enjoy throughout the year; the flowers and trees blossom into a riot of colour in the Spring and Summer, then turn  into fantastic fiery hues in the Autumn and then as the days draw in, which is exciting and cosy, up go the Christmas decorations to brighten up every home, shop and street that we choose to set our eyes on.  I think that appeals to the child in all of us! 

Oh indeed, I do love the second part of the year and with good reason!

For the past six of your Birthdays, I have celebrated by watching one of your films and dressing up nicely.  This year, however, I will not be able to watch a film as I am staying round my boyfriend Jim's and the World Cup is on!  I went off to the bathroom where at least I had some peace and quiet and could hear myself think and I wrecked my brains as to how I could celebrate without a movie this year and I came up with the following:  I would sit and write your Birthday letter, but first I'd cut out one of your pictures from "Red" magazine and use one of Jim's picture frames to turn it into a work of art.  It's worked!  I have used the black and white picture as it goes nicely with the silver frame and the result is delightful!  Of course, I asked Jim for his permission; had he not granted it to me, I might have done something untoward to his face-flannel, but he will be saved that indignity now!  The frame will be replaced tomorrow...

The U.K. is getting ready for the viewing of "the Leftovers".  There have been quite a few write-ups appearing in our T.V. mags, complete with pictures.  Alas,
I will have to wait for it to come out on D.V.D. before I can see it as I do not have Sky T.V.  Most of my spare money gets spent on my many cats.  I have just bought them an activity centre which Jim had to assemble for me as I had neither the common sense nor the strength to do it myself!  It has some very posh scratching posts with dangly toys for them to ping and also a couple of attractive, furry beds.  I had been yearning for one for the cats to play on for ages.  I'd eye up the displays whenever I passed the pet shop, which is huge and more like a pet superstore.  Talk about temptation - and now I'm considering a second one for upstairs as the timid "special needs" cats like their peace and solitude and are generally kept separately. 

So let's get back to "the Leftovers".  I have a basic idea of what it is about and I think you're very brave to star in something like that.  I wonder why people enjoy watching creepy  and threatening programmes?  I suppose it must appeal to our primitive instincts and make us appreciate the fact that we are safe and secure and the right side of the T.V. screen! 

Later in the year, we will have the pleasure of watching "Space Station 76" at the cinemas.  I have read a review of it and it sounds hilarious and you will be starring once again with Patrick Wilson, of "Insidious", "The Conjuring" and "The Ledge" fame!  He's in some brilliant films, that's for sure.  My brother Christopher loved "the Ledge" and keeps asking to see it again.

The football is in extra time now and I need a cup of tea and a visit to the bathroom.  I've enjoyed writing to you and wish you a fabulous year ahead with success and happiness in everything you do.  I'd like to close by sending lots of love and good tidings to you and your family and friends.

Have a wonderful year,

Sandy Cowell

viola rogers

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Re: Happy 37th Birthday to Liv!
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 :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday Liv!  You are truly an inspiration! I love your movies and I love how you take care of yourself and your wonderful relationship with your family.  Just wonderful.  Have a wonderful year!

 Viola Rogers


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Re: Happy Birthday Liv!
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I just want to wish Liv a Happy Birthday and hope she gets everything she ever dreamt of. She's super talented, stunning, classy, and we do not get to see nearly enough of her on our screens! Loved her in One Night At McCool's (my favourite movie of all time!)  :wub: Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! xoxo


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Re: Happy 37th Birthday to Liv!
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Happy 37th Birthday to liv!You my ideal!Your true knight.