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Fairy Tale Telling
« on: June 17, 2010, 04:19:32 PM »
You probably all are aware of Gandalf: Some things are in, some are out, some are trendy. It used to be hot, then it was cool and now it's chill. It's actually already too chill. Funky and kinky have special roles. Rulez has priority. Kewl is a bit awkward, because nobody quite knows what it does. I think we are aiming for cool.

Liv is completely trendy. She absolutley rulez and is just kewl.

(She's definitely not mainstream.) Gandalf would be exhilarated.

Anyhow i think i figured out what the names Arwen and Aragorn mean: egg white and yolk. This might come from the story of the Star Taler Girl, where a girl wanted somebody like all the stars on the firmament. It even worked for her. (Obviously it just worked for her.)

I could  tell you stories... and that's what i am on about: Which LotR ring character do you want to hear a story about?
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