Author Topic: Two Towers, the most amazing movie EVER!!  (Read 2777 times)


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Two Towers, the most amazing movie EVER!!
« on: December 19, 2002, 07:08:12 PM »

                                              TWO TOWERS!!!!!!!

I saw the TT yesterday and it is my favorite movie EVER!!!!!! I can't stop talking, dreaming and thinking about it!! Legolas, Aragorn, Gilmli are like the whole movie!!! And Legolas and Aragorn were so fine!!! *faint*  Liv Tyler was so beautiful and stunning in this film!! She rules!!!!  It had so much humor in it too!!!! It was even better because, as my dad put it I was  "in the loser crowd" because everyone there was totally into the lord of the rings, (except my dad). This one guy came in the theature dressed up as Gandalf!!!!!! Everyone cheered for him, it was so great!! Next time I'm going to go dressed up too!!! It's a great idea!!! Everyone clapped when Legolas did awesome stuff ( i don't want to give anything away!!) and it was so cool!! And they showed a preview for Pirates of the Caribean, (which Orlando Bloom stars) and when his name came up everyone cheered!!!! It was so awesome!!!!! My dad thought we were dumb!! At first I was so depressed about the movie because it sucked!! But when they go to helm's deep everything rules!! it takes a while to get used to how dumb Gullom looks but after that it's all good!!!!!!! I'm still so happy!!!!!! I've been on cloud 9 since THE LORD OF THE RINGS appeared on the screen!!!!!!! I'm still in total shock over the whole thing!!!!!! I HAVE to see it AGAIN!!! Try and see it as soon as possible (that's if you haven't seen it already!) Orlanod had lots of lines!!! And he joked around and everything was just perfect!!! Though I'm not sure which movie I like better, the Fellowship or the Towers... there both unbelievbley great!!! Go Peter Jackson!! Though this movie didn't follow the books to much, I still love it!!!! My dad even sort of liked it (that's really good for him!!) I'm going to burst!!! I'm stilll so excited!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~*faint* ~~~ GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!! *lol*