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Liv's Sun is placed in Cancer, the most sensitive zodiac sign, next to Pices and Scorpio.

Home and family ties important things for Cancer. She is caring towards loved ones, and very protective. Mercury, the planet of communication is also in this sign; which gives a fine intuition, and a warm voice.

Mercury's placement in her chart tells about lots of secrets in her life. As a young girl, she certainly kept a diary to write down her deepest thoughts.
Venus (the planet of Love and relationships) is in Taurus, and conjunct Mars (the planet of action, energy and arguments). She loves touching loved ones, and can be very passionate about music. Taurus rules the senses, and Liv is a great fan of perfumes, fine music, dancing, dinners and huging.

Her Rising sign is Cancer as well, and gives her appearance a nice feminine touch. With the Moon in Capricorn not too skinny, not too heavy, just right on the spot with very nice curves and tending to look good in almost everything she wears. Lucky her! The Moon being in Capricorn she is also emotionally more stable than other Cancer signs, and tends to hide behind jokes when she's hurt. With all that Cancer going on in her chart, she was bound to become a mother someday. Her career will just have to wait. Towards her partner she is very emotional, and caring. Liv's an affectionate, cudly woman who's not afraid to commit to a relationship. Towards strangers she'll come off as a little shy and very modest.

With the Sun and Mercury both placed in the twelfth house of secrets, Liv always knew that things weren't what they seemed to be, concerning her father for instance. The Moon opposite the Sun, (Full Moon) shows a distance between the parents. Her parents were never married, and never had an official relationship.
Pluto, the planet of major changes in ones' life, is in the fourth house of family, and makes connections with both the Sun (father) and the Moon (mother). This indicates that the secret mom and dad held from her, caused a major change in Liv's home life. (she changed her last name to Tyler when she was 12) This planet also tells us that home life is very important to her. Family always goes first for her.

The Sun also makes a good connection with Uranus (the planet of surprises and freedom) and the Moon. Both her parents are very openminded people. With Mercury (wich also governs the speaking ability) in a rather strong connection with Pluto, people tend to have problems expressing themselves , either suppress themselves or come on very strong. Liv has Dyslexia.

With Saturn (the planet of responsability) in a strong connection with Mars (energy) Liv has a need to prove herself towards other people. Mars in Taurus is a slow starter, but once started, she's off to do amazing things.

Sarah Van Sanden
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