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Bebe Buell
Beverle Lorence Buell

Birth Date
July 14, 1953

Birth Place
Portsmouth, Virginia
Bebe Buell, Mother of Liv, was raised by her mom Dorothea - a model, and her stepfather - a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. She was educated in traditional parochial schools, and loved to dance and play basketball. But her real love was music, and especially Rock 'n' Roll. She was fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones since childhood.

After graduating from high school, her mom sent photos of her to Ford Modeling Agency. It took 3 days for the people at the agency to summon Bebe to the Big Apple.
She began her new career as a Ford model. In 1974 she become Playboy centerfold - appearing as Miss November 1974.

As an adult, music continued to be the focus of her life - as she herself put it - "I clearly lived the rock 'n' roll lifestyle". She had relationships with various musicians - Stiv Bators, Elvis Costello, Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop and more. But the serious relationship was with Todd Rundgren.

In 1976 her relationship with Todd was on the rocks, and she began an affair with Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. This blessed affair, as we all know, produced her only child - Liv.

Steven was a drug-addict those days, and wasn't dad material. Bebe came back to Todd, who agreed to raise Liv as her father. Although Bebe and Todd got separated after several months, Todd continued to support Liv, as a father, and financially. Liv considers him to be her "Spiritual Father".
After the separation from Todd, Bebe and Liv moved to Portland, Maine. Liv was living discursively with Bebe, her aunt Annie, and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson at Virginia.

Bebe isn't just a "Groupie" - she is a musician herself. In 1980 she founded her first band, The B-Sides. In 1985 she formed a new band, the Gargoyles, which was a success, but than Bebe decided to hold off her career, in order to stand behind Liv at the time Liv's true paternity became public knowledge. In 1989, she moved with Liv back to New York. Bebe supported Liv's career and became her manager when Liv started her acting career in 1994.

In 1992 Bebe married Coyote Shivers, and they divorced in 1998. Liv left the house and Bebe began making music again, releasing albums and performing.

Bebe found love again in 2000 with Jim Wallerstein, a musician from the bands Das Damen and Vacationland. He is currently in the band Twin Engines.
Bebe & Jim got married in August 25th 2002.

In August 2001, Bebe published her autobiography - Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'N' Roll Journey. In the book she writes her life-story, including juicy stories about her and her famous mates, and pictures. Click here to purchase Rebel Heart from Amazon.
She intends to publish another book about Rock 'n' Roll soon, as she says: "I am truly a rock 'n' roll machine!"

In October 2009, Bebe released her album - Sugar, and started turing the US with her band. Click here for Sugar!

In September 2011, Bebe released another album - Hard Love, again followed by a nation-wide tour. Click here for Hard Love!

Nowdays Bebe is living in Nashville, Tennessee, writing music and performing with her band on a regular basis.
Bebe on Liv: "She is my proudest life achievement: She and I have always been great friends, and I simply adore her. I'm her biggest fan, as she is mine."

Liv on Bebe: "It's so beautiful to watch her 'cause she loves every second of performing and just glows. she's so brilliant."

Liv on Bebe: "My mom was so amazing. She was a singer and she'd been a model so she had all these beautiful clothes and makeup, and in the bathroom all her jewelry was pinned to the wall...it was more than a little girl could ever dream of! When she went out, she would always say, "Don't get into my stuff!" and the first thing I would do was go mad dressing up"

Liv on Bebe: "I love my mommy. She's a great friend. For a while it freaked me out. You know, during that confused period when you're like 'Oh my god ... I LIKE my MOM'. But then one day I woke up and realized this is my friend for life. It's just been she and I since I was born - we're a team"
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