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Mia Tyler
Mia Abigail Tyler

Birth Date
22 December 1978

Birth Place
New Hampshire, USA
Mia Tyler, half-sister of Liv - is the daughter of Steven Tyler and his former wife - Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler.

Mia is well-known not just by her famous family, but also by her own right - as a successful plus-size model, rocking the modeling world with her looks and attitude - "Beauty comes in all different packages. If youíre a size 12, then youíre not any less beautiful than a size 4."

Mia was raised in New Hampshire by her mother, who lived at that time separately from her husband - Steven Tyler. Mia knew her father was Steven Tyler, and had good relationship with him.

When Mia was 8, she attended Aerosmith concert, which was attended by another little girl, who looked exactly like her ... the other girl was Liv Rundgren (aka Liv Tyler today). Mia and Liv didn't know at that time that Liv is Steven's daughter as well, but after that concert the truth came out - When Liv saw Mia, and how remarkably she looked like her - that gave the last stamp on Liv's suspicions that Steven was her real father. Liv and Mia became very close since then, supporting each other's careers and attending each other's events.

In 1987, Mia's mom and Steven divorced. In 1990 she moved with her mom to New York. A few years later she learned acting, which led to appearances at MTVís House of Style and a pilot of CBSís Michael Hayes.

Not long after that Mia became one of the most famous plus-model in the world, leading clothes lines by her own name.

In the last couple of years Mia entered the movies world, appearing in several movies including a cameo at O Brother, Where Are Thou ?. But her biggest role to date is in the movie A Little Bit of Lipstick by JT Foster, in which she is the leading actress.

One day, she may co-star with her sister ... who knows - it would be interesting for sure!

In October 25th 2003, Mia got married to Dave Buckner - who is the drummer of the band Papa Roach. They got married on stage during an Aerosmith show at Las Vegas!
Unfortunately, the marriage didn't hold much long and the couple got divorced in mid 2005.

On May 10th 2017, Mia became a mother for the first time, by giving birth to Axton Joseph, with her spouse Dan Halen. Soon after Axston's birth, Mia and Dan got separated.
Mia about this pic: "This is one of those pictures I shoe people and say, ' Guess who's who?' You just can't tell. Although Liv and I didn't know each other growing up, there were so many things we had in common even before we met. Like we used to always get perms. This photo is from the first year we hung out together. Liv was in seventh grade, I was in sixth, and we're both growing out perms. We put on this frosty pink lipstick. We thought we were so cool!"
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