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Steven Tyler
Steven Victor Tallarico

Birth Date
26th March 1948

Birth Place
New York City

The Demon of Screamin'
Steven Tyler, Father of Liv - grew up with music. He started playing piano and drums at a young age, and was a part of several bands already as a teenager.

On 1970, Steven and a few friends formed a little band called Aerosmith. In the years to come, the band became one of the greatest and most famous bands in the world.
The band is still Rocking (literally ...) after more than 30 years - an amazing accomplishment compared to other bands.

But things weren't always so perfect for Steven. He was a drug addict for almost 20 years, suffering from unstable life. Liv said about her father's addict: "My father nearly killed himself because of drugs, and he's learned the value of being straight on many different levels - with himself, and with others. I take that as a lesson."

In 1976 Steven had a love affair with Bebe Buell, a model and a groupie, who gave birth to Liv, in July 1977.

Bebe Buell didn't want Liv to be around an addict father, so she didn't tell Liv who her real father was, and told her that Todd Rundgren was her father instead. Steven didn't know Liv was his daughter either.

Steven himself confessed: "I wasn't dad material while I was doing all the drugs. I'm so happy now Liv and I have a great relationship but I kick myself in the ass every day for not being there for her when she was a baby."

In 1978 Steven married actress Cyrinda Foxe and became father to Mia Tyler. Steven and Cyrinda divorced in 1987.
Steven and Cyrinda's relationship after the divorce wasn't so good. In other words, it was "dirty". This dirty relationship reached new levels when Cyrinda published her book in 1998 and wanted to put nude photos of Steven in it. Steven sued her - and won.
Steven and Mia's relationship was always close, though.

Steven and Cyrinda's relationship changed in 2001 because of Cyrinda's disease.
Steven decided to put aside all the dirt, and supported Cyrinda in her most difficult moments - financially and mentally, also owing to Liv and Mia's request.

In 1986 Steven and his band's members decided to quit doing drugs, and try to established normal (more or less ...) life. This was the time Liv discovered that Steven is her real father.
Steven said in several interviews that Liv is a main reason for him to become sober: "Liv is possibly the biggest reason for me changing the way I lived. She is a dream daughter. When she was very young I wasn't sure whether I was the father but, by the time she was eight, I knew for sure. I saw my features in hers and I cried. I started seeing her a lot and I think her mother had alluded to the fact I was her dad. I just said to her, 'Liv, there's something I want to tell you. I'm your Daddy.' It was one of the most emotional moments of my life and I just stood there crying like a baby while she shouted, 'I knew it, I knew it.' I love her more than anything and have a great relationship with her. We can talk about anything"

Steven managed to stay "clean" since that day, and has established successful life and career. Liv and Steven have a great relationship now. Their careers even cross-pathed twice: Liv performed in Aerosmith's Crazy music video in 1994, and Aerosmith did the soundtrack to Liv's movie Armageddon in 1998 - including the hit song - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.

In 1988 Steven married Teresa Barrick, and he has two kids with her - Chelsea and Taj. The couple got divorced in 2005.

Nowdays, Steven is still performing with his band, and in the last few years writes and releases some new songs of his own.
In 2011, Steven has been selected to be a judge on the popular TV show "American Idol".

In March 2001, Steven and his band Aerosmith were inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.
Steven on Liv: "She's a little miracle, In four years she's gone from a little kid with baby fat to this beautiful, exotic flower"

Liv on Steven: "I can smell my dad from a mile away. I can smell it whenever he's worn my clothes. He has this ambery smell that just melts into him. We wear each other clothes. We wear exactly the same size in jeans."

Liv on Steven: "I have these slumber parties with my father, and when we can't sleep we stay up all night trading beauty tips. He knows all about the good creams and masks."
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