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Todd Rundgren
Todd Harry Rundgren

Birth Date
June 22th, 1948

Birth Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Todd Rundgren, was the father figure for Liv in her childhood.
As a mate to Liv's mom Bebe Buell he agreed to be a father figure to Liv, when her real father Steven Tyler wasn't able to do so because of drugs problems. Even when Liv's mom and Todd got separated, he continued to support Liv as a father.

In her childhood, Liv was told that Todd is her real father, and discovered the truth just at the age of 9.
Nevertheless, Liv and Todd remain close like a father and daughter, even today, as Liv considers him her "Spiritual" father, and Todd considers Liv as his own daughter.

Todd, like almost all the people who close to Liv, is a successful musician, and considers by many to be the "Ultimate Rock Cult Hero".

Raised in the Philly area, Todd's local bands achieved much regional success in the 1960s.
In the late 1960s Todd got a nation-wide audience as he appeared as lead guitarist for the band - NAZZ. Todd wrote and arranged almost all of the work that went into the three albums the group produced.
After the band broke up in the early 1970s Todd released solo albums under the name of Runt. His big solo success came in 1971 with We Gotta Get You a Woman and in 1973 with Something / Anything ?

In the middle of the 1970s Todd had a relationship with Liv's mom - Bebe Buell, relationship that broke down in 1976, but not for long.

In 1977 Bebe Buell got pregnant from Steven Tyler, but Steven, wasn't a dad material at that time. Considering all that Bebe asked Todd to comeback to her, and to be a father figure to her child.
Todd, as we all know, agreed - and became the father of Liv Rundgren - who got his last name.

Bebe and Todd got separated a few months after Liv's birth, but continued the father-daughter relationship between Todd and Liv. Liv lived with her mom and her family, and visited Todd frequency, as she said: "I never really lived with my fathers, Todd [Rundgren] or Steven [Tyler] anyway, and yes, it did make me feel a little different, since everyone else had a typical mom and dad thing going on, but I had my grandfather and my uncle ... and I visited Todd all the time."

Interesting thing is, that besides as a baby, Liv first meeting with her real dad Steven Tyler (without knowing he is her father) was at Todd's performance - "I was actually at one of Todd's shows with my mom. I was sitting there watching Todd play - I was so proud of him, you know, my dad being up there - and then suddenly my mom said to me, 'I want to introduce you to someone,' and I was like 'I dont want to go.' So she pointed at this guy sitting by the bar, and I was like 'Is that Mick Jagger's son ?' and she laughed so hard. 'No, thats Steven Tyler,' she said. I connected with him immediately - it was almost like I fell in love with him. I thought about him all the time! I didn't find out he was my dad 'til about a year later ..."

In the late 1970s and thru the 1980s Todd formed the group UTOPIA. Later he became a producer.

Todd lived for years with Karen Darvin - who he have 2 sons with - Rex (who is a professional Baseball player) and Randy.

In recent years, Todd has become a computer enthusiast, marketing many new innovations, some in conjunction with his music. He has also been called upon by movies and TV for his musical scores.
He is now married to Michele - who he have one son with - Rebop, living in Hawaii, and continue releasing albums - mainly love ballads, laced with heavy guitar rock.
Liv on Todd: "Todd is my dad as much as Steven is, in different ways of course, but at that time, yes, there definitly were some upset feelings - more so for the adults involved that for me, because I was still a little kid and I just sort of accepted it. Now that I'm an adult, it just means a lot to me that I still have this beatiful relationship with Todd. He did a wonderful thing for me."

Liv on Todd: "I would go to sleep at night and I would up at like six in the morning and creep up the little steps to the tower where he would be on his computer. I would just sit there."
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