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Liv was born on July 1st, 1977 in New York in the name Liv Rundgren.
Her mom Bebe Buell, and her mom's life-partner Todd Rundgren, raised her as parents.

Liv thought her dad was Todd Rundgren. Shortly after Liv's birth, her mom broke up with Todd and moved up with Liv to Portland, Maine.

In her childhood, Liv was living discursively with her mom, her aunt Annie at Maine, and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson at Virginia. Already as a little girl, she loved to perform - dress up in her mothers clothes and make up and put on a show in front of her mother's friends. Liv insists that she was a normal kid, just incredibly tall compared to her class-mates and chubby ...
Liv began to suspect earlier: "I didn't know what it was, but I started to see him more, and it would mean so much to me that I would write about it in my diary," she says. "I was very confused.", Aerosmith's concert put an end to the suspects.

Liv's half-sister Mia (the second daughter of Steven Tyler), whom Liv never saw before, was in that concert too.
When Liv saw that she looked remarkably like her, she had no doubt - Steven Tyler's daugher is her sister - which means that the man who's performing on stage is her father.

Later that evening, Liv's mom told her the truth: "I turned to my mom and said, 'He's my father, isn't he ?', and we went out under a tree and talked and cried for two hours."
At the age of 12 Liv changed her last name to Tyler.
When Liv was 14 she moved back with her mom to NY.
A friend of the family, Paulina Porizkova - a famous model herself - convinced Liv to start modeling - and the rest is history ...

Instantly Liv's career as a model sky-rocketed, and Liv found herself on the cover of big Magazines like Seventeen, Interview and Mirabella.
Liv's first major revelation to the world came in 1994, when she was 16, in Aerosmith's clip - Crazy.

Liv was embarrassed by her sexy appearances - but got the adoration of millions of teenagers around the world.
At that year Liv started filming her first 2 movies - Silent Fall (1994) and Heavy (1995).
Liv tasted it, and liked it! She decided to quit modeling and concentrate on her acting career.
At age 17, Liv filmed her third movie - Empire Records (1995), but her breakthrough came from her next film - Stealing Beauty (1996).
The legendary director Bernardo Bertolucci chose Liv over hundreds of actresses.
Liv got acclaims on her performance, and was the highlight of '96 Cannes film festival where giant photos of her peered placidly from billboards all over town.
This film established Liv as a Movie Star - performing opposite other stars like Tom Hanks [That Thing You Do! (1996)] and Bruce Willis [Armageddon (1998)] and working with best directors around.
Liv chooses her films carefully. She avoids big movies and prefers the smaller, more quality ones.
Her movies include Inventing The Abbotts (1997), with her former boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix, Cookie's Fortune (1999) by Robert Altman, Plunkett & Macleane (1999) and Onegin (1999) with Ralph Fiennes.

More movies include Dr. T and the Women (2000) - another comedy by Robert Altman along side Richard Gere and Kate Hudson, One Night At McCool's (2001) - the major role in a black comedy along side Michael Douglas, Matt Dillon, John Goodman and Paul Raiser and Lord Of The Rings movie series (2001-2003) - 3 movies based on the famous trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien - in the role of Arwen the elf princess.
The last movie in the trilogy (The Return of the King) - won 11 Oscars, including the best picture award.
In 2004 Liv starred in Jersey Girl - with Ben Affleck, directed by Kevin Smith.

Then Liv and Ben's brother - Casey Affleck starred in Lonesome Jim, directed by Steve Buscemi. The movie was filmed in March 2004 and released in March 2006.

After almost a two years break from movies after the birth of her child Milo, Liv returned to the movie scene with 4 new movies:
Reign Over Me - a drama by director Mike Binder, staring Adam Sandler. Liv played as a psychiatrist. The movie was filmed in spring 2006, and was released in March 2007.
The Strangers - a thriller writed and directed by Bryan Bertino. Liv is part of a young couple terrorized by three unknown assailants. The film was released in May 2008 and was a big hit. Liv did also win Scream award's "Best actress in a horror movie or TV show" for her role.
Smother - a Comedy/Drama by Vince Di Meglio and Tim Rasmussen. Liv played along side Diane Keaton and Dax Shepard. The movie was released in 2008.

Liv also scored the leading female role in Marvel's The Incredible Hulk along side Edward Norton. The movie smashed screens on June 13th 2008.

After the divorce from her husband in 2008, Liv took another 2 years off. Liv came back to the silver screen in 2011 with two new movies:
Super - a dark comedy by James Gunn, along side Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon.
The Ledge - a drama/thriller by Matthew Chapman, along side Charlie Hunnam, Terrence Howard and Patrick Wilson.
Between the years 2012-2014 Liv participated in three independent films:
Robot & Frank - A futuristic comedy directed by Jake Schreier, with Frank Langella, and James Marsden.
Jamie Marks Is Dead - A drama directed by Carter Smith, along side Judy Greer and Cameron Monaghan.
Space Station 76 - A comedy directed by Jack Plotnick, with Patrick Wilson and Matt Bomer.

In 2014 Liv turned into the small screen, with the HBO drama The Leftovers. Written by Damon Lindelof, the series revolves around mysterious world-wide disappearances, and follows a group of people who are left behind.

In 2015 Liv produced two short films for Belstaff company - Outlaws, staring David Beckham, and Falling Up - in which she also played as Amelia Earhart. The films are available online.

At the end of 2015 Liv did also produced - and starred - in Wildling, alone side Bel Powley, Brad Dourif and James LeGros. The was released on April 2018.

In 2017 Liv filmed a her second TV role, at the 3-part BBC's drama Gunpowder, based on the the real and famous Gunpowder Plot from 1605. Liv (as Anne Vaux) is playing along side Kit Harington and Peter Mullan. The series was released on October 2017 on BBC, and on December 2017 on HBO.
In October 2017 Liv has joined the regular cast of the TV series Harlots by Hulu (starting from the second season). The second season was released on July 2018, and the third season on July 2019.

In September 2019 Liv came back to the big screen with the stellar drame/action film Ad Astra, along side Brad Pit, written and directed by James Gray.

Liv is soon expected to star in the TV drama 9-1-1: Lone Star along side Rob Lowe. The drama is scheduled to premiere on January 2020.
Aside from her movie career Liv has always kept her modeling career with some major campaigns for brands like Pantene, Givenchy, Gap, G-Star, Magnum, Pilgrim and many more.

In 2003 Liv has been selected to be the new face of Givenchy, following the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn. The first product published by Liv is "Very Irresistible Givenchy" perfume, as can be seen on TV commercials and magazines.
More campaigns were "Givenchy le Makeup", "Givenchy - Ready to Wear and Accessories" and more. In Summer 2005 Givenchy decided to call a rose after Liv - the "Liv Tyler Rose"! In 2012, Givenchy produced a video clip featuring Liv covers I Need You Tonight by INXS.
Liv served as Givenchy face up until 2013.
In 2007, Liv was also the face of Pilgrim - one of the world's leading jewellery and accessory brands.

In 2010, Liv became the face of the denim brand G-Star, for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter campaigns.

In 2011, 15 years after did her first Pantene commercial, Liv became the face of Pantene for the second time, with a brand new commercial and ads.

In 2013 Liv and her grandmother Dorothea Johnson, an etiquette expert, released a book called Modern Manners.

In 2016 Liv became the "ambassador and creative contributor" for Belstaff womenswear company, creating her own designes and producing two short films in cooperation with the company - Outlaws and Falling Up (in which she also starred).

In 2017, Liv directed a short video for Gap called "Mama Said". Liv described the clip as "Celebration of Motherhood" and also starred in the clip along side Sailor and Lula, and some other famous mothers (Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Coco Rocha, Cass Bird, Candice Swanepoel) and their children.

Later in 2017 Liv became the face of Triumph Essence for its global Autumn/Winter campaign. At the age of 40, Liv modeled a sexy lingerie, and looked as great as ever.
Personal Life
In the private level, Liv got engaged in February 2001. The lucky man was Royston Langdon - a musician, also known as the lead singer of the Rock bands - Spacehog and Arckid.
More than 2 years afterwards, in March 25th 2003, Liv and Roy got married in a private ceremony in the Caribbean.

In June 2004 Liv and her husband announced Liv's first pregnancy. In December 14th 2004 Liv become a mother after giving birth to her son - Milo William Langdon.

The marriage lasted for 5 years, and in April 2008, unfortunately, Liv and Roy got divorced.

In 2014 Liv found love again with sports agent David Gardner. The couple got engaged in December 2014. In February 11th 2015 Liv gave birth to her second son (and the couple's first child) - Sailor Gene Gardner. In July 8th 2016 Liv gave birth to her third child and first baby girl (and the couple's second child) - Lula Rose Gardner.

Soon after Lula's birth, Liv and the family moved to London (Dave's hometown).
Despite her star status and her fame, Liv is known by her "down to earth" attitude, charm and kindness. The word "arrogance" doesn't exist in her lexicon.

Somehow Liv managed to keep her private life just that. The restraint has served Liv well, making her seem more mature than many of her peers and, perhaps, even her parents.
She doesn't care for the nightclubbing high lifestyle and has said she envies her friends' college days.

Not that she's unhappy.
"A lot has happened these last couple of years. But it's exhilarating," she said in '96, "It doesn't feel like too much. At least, not more than I can handle."
Dad agrees: "Liv has got all the talent in the world, but she also has the character to go with the talent, And she sure as hell didn't get that from me!"
  • She never took acting lessons

  • She cut her hair short in 1998 for "Cookie's Fortune"

  • Dyed her hair red in 1999 for "One Night At McCool's"

  • She appeared in many commercials including: Bongo Jeans, Pantene, Lux, Visa, Yahoo!, Givenchy, Gap, Nintendo, Pilgrim, Nestle and many others

  • Her mom Bebe Buell was a famous model and a Rock & Roll groupie. She used to hang out with many Rock & Roll stars, and in fact she's a Rock & Roll singer herself. No doubt Liv inherited much of her looks from her, especially the blue eyes and the height (Bebe is 5'9.5", Liv is 5'10").

  • Her grandmother Dorothea Johnson (Bebe's mother) is an etiquette consultant and manages an etiquette school in Washington. And guess what ? - She was a model too!

  • She turned down twice the role in "Armageddon"

  • Her half-sister Mia was a plus-size model

  • Her mother named her Liv after the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann. Liv means 'life' in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

  • "Agra Liv", a beetle, is named after Liv because the "existence of this species of elegant beetle is dependent upon the rainforest not undergoing an Armageddon." no kidding!

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