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November 2003

Q: (no. 1)
Shlomi from Israel
Age: 23

Hi Liv!
You've just moved into your new house in New York. What do you like the most about New York?
What is your idea of spending a beautiful night out in the city?


Hi shlomi, I guess what I like most about NY is that it feels like home to me. I was born here in 1977 and have lived here, on and off, my whole life. I feel very connected to NY. I love how much it has to offer, though it still feels small and cozy. There are so many amazing things to see here: incredible art, just about every film, amazing music, all kinds of interesting people. I like to ride my bike on the Hudson River . I like that I can walk my dog around two blocks and he meets about 20 other dogs to play with. I like that I can get a turkey sandwich at 4 in the morning if I want to. A beautiful night out in NYC can be any night because anything can happen. It is spontaneous and surprises you all the time.

Q: (no. 2)

Do you like to cook ? What is your favorite recipe ?


Hi Angelina, I love to cook!! One of my favorite recipes is my grandmother's apple crumble, which I always make in the autumn when the apples are amazing here on the east coast.

Q: (no. 3)
Ilya from New York

Now that you're married, will you be more focused on family life, or will you continue to concentrate on your career; movies, endorsements, etc?


Hello Ilya, I like to do all of it!! I'm pretty good at doing lots of things at once. I always put my family first, though, because I love them so much.

Q: (no. 4)
Rod Bennett from Canada
Age: 36

After filming Stealing Beauty, Bernardo Bertolucci referred to you as his muse. How do you, or did you, feel about having that kind of influence on such an accomplished director?


Hi Rod, Working with Bernardo was, and still is, one of the greatest highlights of my whole life. It was such an incredible opportunity for me as an actress at such a young age and also as a person. I went to Italy to film one day after graduating from high school, and I also turned 18 while I was there, so it was a very special and important time in my life. I still, to this day, feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to work on that film and with Bernardo. He is an incredible director and I dream of working with again .

Q: (no. 5)
Briony from Australia
Age: 22

When the Lord Of The Rings talk first started on the internet people were pretty unkind about you playing Arwen. Are you fully aware of the massive, massive love people now have for your wonderfully heart-wrenching portrayal of Arwen ? That most of these people have completely changed their minds and utterly regret being negative after seeing the films ? I really hope you know because it was so so sad that people were grumbling!


Briony, Thank you so much for telling me this. As you can guess, it was hard at times, but I feel good about how it all turned out. I have had a great time working with Peter and everyone on this film. It was never easy, but it was worth it. Now that the films are completed I just feel really happy to have been a part of them.

Q: (no. 6)
Lusiman / Andreas from Austria
Age: 17

How did you like working with Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck on Jersey Girl ? Were there any memorable things that happened on the set that you would like to share with us ?


Hi Lusiman, I had a great time working with Kevin and Ben. I really like acting with Ben. He is a very generous actor and is always very present in the scenes. I feel free to try anything with him and that is not something I feel all the time with actors. I think we work well together. Kevin is hysterical! He is always making me laugh and is such a great writer. He writes really well-rounded female characters. My character is smart, funny, brave and kind. I really enjoyed playing the part because she had so many great qualities. Many times female parts are lacking in depth but I feel Kevin really likes women, is interested in them, and knows how to write them well.

Q: (no. 7)
Tiffany from USA (Indiana)
Age: 32

Hi Liv,

First of all I wanted to say congratulations on your new marriage, new home, new perfume campaign & new arrival... you & Roy's baby Neal.
He is SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly adorable. I was just wondering is there a story behind his name? How is he doing & how old is he now? He seems very protective of you in the pictures I've seen like he's saying leave my mommy alone!! Its so cute.


Hi Tiffany, Thank you so much for the sweet congrats!! And thank you for the Neal compliments. He is so cute!!! I'm so crazy about him. Roy named him Neal. There's not much of a story behind it he just said, "Honey, can we name our dog Neal?" and I said, "Yes." Neal is now 9 months old and getting bigger and cuter everyday. Honestly, he is not much of a guard dog. He likes everyone too much.

Q: (no. 8)
Rob from Hamburg,Germany

Hi, I'm curious to know if you ever help Royston with his music, or if you have considered singing yourself with such a musical background? xx


Hi Rob,
Well, I can't really help Roy with his music cuz I cant really play anything. But I love his music and am always listening to it. And I always have something to say about everything!! As a joke he calls me Janine (from Spinal Tap). I have always loved to sing and in my heart it would be a dream come true for me. I have always dreamt of doing a musical someday so I could sing and act at the same time.

Q: (no. 9)
Susana from Galicia in Spain
Age: 27

I have heard you many times talking about music and how much you need it; I love it too. I used to sing on some special songs that are my favourites (like "midnight voyage" by mama cass). Do you do the same? tell me about one of these melodies or special voices, that are special for you.

thank u Liv.


Hi Susana,
Wow - this is a hard one for me cuz there are so many!! There are so many voices and songs that I carry with me in my mind all the time. One of my all time favorites is Etta James. She sings with so much emotion, so sweetly, but she is so strong as well.

Q: (no. 10)
Fredrik Haglund from Sweden

Hi Liv, I’ve read that you like listening more to oldies music and lots of rock ‘ roll… And that you are obsessed with music. You obviously have enormous amounts musical influence all around you, and so you must have great taste in music. I know it can be hard to choose, because there is so much… but can you narrow it down and give your top 5 favorite bands/artists of all time? Thx


Hi Fredrik,
Well, as you said, it is almost impossible to name only 5 as there are so many amazing musician/singers who have really touched my heart in my lifetime. My three parents and my husband are some. I would say, if I had to, The Beatles (especially all of John Lennon's work with the Beatles and his solo stuff), The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers is my fave Stones record), Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop. But if I could add more they would be Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, The Beach Boys and, I must admit to my all-time favorite cheese, Motley Crue "To Fast for Love" - I played this record over and over when I was a teenager and still love it now!! And my new favorite band that I can't stop listening to is the Kings of Leon. I love them!!

Q: (no. 11)
Sabina from England
Age: 17

Hello Liv!I saw a picture of you shopping in London recently and I'd like to know where you got the beautiful pair of earrings you were wearing if you can remember please :). They are dangly and shaped like white flowers. Thank you very much, from Sabina xx


Hello Sabina,
Those were my favorite earrings!! I wore them everywhere. But one of them broke - it kind of cracked as they were almost like glass. Then my husband crazy glued them together for me and they were good as new. I wore them again for a while till they broke again. I miss them. I think I got them at a store in London called The Cross.

Q: (no. 12)
Angel from California
Age: 27

You have been quoted using such skincare products as Mario Badescu, Tracie Martyn, Jurlique, and Cetaphil. My question to you is what products are you using specifically to keep your luminous gorgeous skin so clear and glowing? Mia told me in an e-mail that you like to stock up on products when you travel. I and other hopefuls would like to know what to do to get our skin as gorgeous as yours! Thanks a lot!!


Hello Angel,
Thank you so much for saying my skin looks nice. I work very hard at it. I, like everyone, go through good times and bad times with my skin. My mother and grandmother have amazing skin and they taught me from a very young age how to take care of it. I wash, tone and moisturize twice a day. I try to do masks too to keep it clear. I do go to Mario Badescu for amazing cleansing facials. I have been going there since I was 14. It is hard for me to mention products cuz I do try everything and change what I use a lot. But I can say that I find when I eat really well and drink lots of water my skin is best. I think a good diet with lots of vegetables is almost better than any cream or facial.

Q: (no. 13)
Tiffany from USA (Indiana)
Age: 32

Hi Liv,
As the moderator of the fashion & beauty forum & hopefully a designer of my own line & owner of my own little NY shop some day, of course I have some fashion & beauty questions for you...
First of all I was so happy to hear that you are not only the face of Very Irresistible but also Givenchy's skin care & make up. When will you be starting that part of the campaign?
And heres a couple questions for all the F&B girls...
We think you have the most beautiful shiny hair & would like to know what shampoo & conditioner you use?
Also where do you shop for all the great accessory pieces you have... where did you find those adorable hats you've been wearing lately?
I've also noticed that you have a lot of green accessories... Thats my favorite color is it yours too?


Hello Tiffany,
For my hair, I use any shampoo but I swear by Terax conditioner. It makes your hair so soft and silky. Accessory-wise, I just collect things as I go. I love to shop and am so lucky I get to travel so much so when I do and I see things I like I grab them. I have lots of hats, caps being my favorite. The one I have been wearing a lot lately is a Vivienne Westwood one I got in London. I have to admit I have two cuz I love it so much. And, yes, green is one of my favorite colors!! And pink too!

Q: (no. 14)
Sunny Hwang

Which character that you have acted so far is most like the real you ?


Hi Sunny,
I guess there is a bit of me in all my characters. But I really love to be someone else when I'm acting. I like to try and forget about myself and try to understand how the character thinks. Every film is different and the way I approach each character depends on the film. Like in The Lord of the Rings, that is a character that is so different from myself. I have to work really hard to be Arwen. Whenever Liv starts to creep into Arwen it doesn’t work at all. But in a film like Jersey Girl, I can let parts of myself out because I am playing a young woman not too different from myself. It is hard for me to explain in words as it is more of a feeling for me. When I am thinking of the character I can just feel how they are, how they think, walk, talk and behave.

Q: (no. 15)
Hannah Lusignan from San Ramon
Age: 13

I am wondering - what's your middle name ?


Hello Hannah, I don’t have a middle name. Just Liv .

Q: (no. 16)
Amaryllis from England
Age: 15

Whats the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you ?


Hi Amaryllis,
I can't think of one specific thing off the top of my head. But I am amazed I have any fans at all!!! It makes me feel so good to know that I do. It makes me feel really good inside to know that there are some people out there who seem to understand me in some ways even though they don't know me in the flesh.

Q: (no. 17)
Lily from Canada
Age: 12

What are your all-time favorite movies?


Hi Lily,
I have so many favorite movies!!! I can think of a few for you. One is The 400 Blows. That is a Truffaut film and I love all of his films. Barry Lyndon. The Three Amigos. Last Tango in Paris. Wild At Heart. On the Water Front. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I could go on and on for hours!!! I think maybe you are a bit young to see most of these, though, so be careful. You may have to wait a few years. Love, Liv

Q: (no. 18)
Hannah Karlsson from Sweden
Age: 18

Hi liv! i am just so impressed by you because you seem like such a happy person and you send out these wonderful feelings all the time, but my question is this, what do you do when you are really low and nothing seems to be good ? how do you become happy when you are sad ? thanks.


Hello Hannah,
Thank you for saying such sweet things. I think I am naturally a pretty happy person. I am so amazed by life every day. I feel so lucky to be so fortunate, to have such a loving family and friends and to be healthy. I do get sad sometimes as everyone does. And I worry all the time. That is the hardest thing for me. I am always worrying about everything and everyone. When I am feeling bad I try to talk about it with my girlfriends and loved ones. I always feel much better after I have a good chat with my best girlfriends. Usually I realize that I am not alone and that they too feel how I do sometimes. And I try and just feel sad and cry if I need to. I don’t think it is good to keep things inside when you are feeling horrible. And my husband is very funny and loving so when I'm feeling really bad he will make me laugh and that helps a lot.

Q: (no. 19)
May from Australia Sydney
Age: 14

Hi Liv, I heard a heap about Voltage but I'm not sure if they were rumours.
Was there any chance that you would've made it ?
Also, can you tell us about the 'Lonesome Jim' movie - is that actually going to be made ?


Hi there May,
Voltage is a film that Robert Altman is going to make. It was going to happen last year. It is very hard to get movies set up some times, to get all the money in place and all the cast. It can sometimes take years!! He is still trying to get it together and it will hopefully be a project that will get made at some time in the future. I love working with Robert Altman and hope that this project will happen. Lonesome Jim is my next film. Steve Buscemi is the director and Casey Affleck is the star. I play a single mom from the midwest who is a nurse. I wonder what I will look like in a nurse's uniform?! I'm really excited about this one. Steve Buscemi is one of my favorite actors and I loved the first film he directed called Tree’s Lounge.

Q: (no. 20)
Omri from Israel
Age: 26

Hi Liv,

I'm very excited every time I hear about a new project of you.
Wanted to ask about Bettie Page biopic - is Bettie one of your dream roles ?
Will we get to see you as Bettie in the near future ? I absolutely wish so!


Hi Omri,
the Bettie Page film is something that has been around for a while in my life. We have been trying to develop it. It can take a long time to get films together. I have always liked her and we have been trying to find the best way to tell her story. I hope it will happen one day cuz it would be such a fun and complicated role to play.