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Cookie's Fortune

Cookies Fortune
Year:  1999
Directed by:  Robert Altman
Writing credits:  Anne Rapp
Cookie is an old woman that has been murdered by her black best mate - Willis, or maybe not ? A murder-mystery tale in a small town in Mississipi

Liv Tyler .... Emma Duvall
Glenn Close .... Camille Dixon
Julianne Moore .... Cora Duvall
Chris O'Donnell .... Jason Brown
Charles Dutton .... Willis Richland
Patricia Neal .... Jewel Mae 'Cookie' Orcutt
Ned Beatty .... Lester Boyle
Courtney B. Vance .... Otis Tucker
Donald Moffat .... Jack Palmer
Lyle Lovett .... Manny Hood
Danny Darst .... Billy Cox
Matt Malloy .... Eddie 'The Expert' Pitts

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  • Liv cut her hair for the role, but don't worry - it grew up again!

  • Liv on Altman: "I was almost over the moon about it, He's just amazing to work with. It was an incredibly liberating experience for me with the way he directs and the confidence he gives you. What's so disheartening is how much he's had to struggle (to make movies). The fact that Robert Altman can't get a movie made at a studio is just unbearable to me. Some hot young video director can get a $30 million movie made and he can't ? I think it's a crime"