The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 1

Title:  Pilot
Air Date:  June 29, 2014
Directed by:  Peter Berg
Written by:  Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta

Kevin Garvey is a police chief in Mapleton, New York, working to keep order after the mysterious Sudden Departure, an unexplained event that occurred three years prior which saw the disappearance of many of the town's citizens. His wife, Laurie, has left him to join the Guilty Remnant (GR), an organization with unknown motives and members dressed in all-white who communicate by writing notes as they have taken a vow of silence. His son, Tom, has also left him to become a follower of Holy Wayne, a messianic figure. Kevin's daughter, Jill, lives with him and is in high school, but the erosion of her family life leads her to act out. Kevin is in conflict with Mayor Lucy Warburton about her plan for a parade to honor the victims of the Sudden Departure. His prediction that the GR will hold a protest during the parade that will result in violence with the angered townspeople, unfortunately comes true. Afterward, Kevin begs Laurie to return home with him, but she refuses to speak to him. Bride-to-be, Megan "Meg" Abbott, shows up at the GR house asking if she can stay there for a few nights.

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