The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 10

Title:  The Prodigal Son Returns
Air Date:  September 7, 2014
Directed by:  Mimi Leder
Written by:  Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta

Kevin seeks Matt's help in disposing of the evidence from the previous night's events. Meanwhile, The Guilty Remnant places the life-like burial dolls of the Departed townspeople where they disappeared causing a riot back home. Tommy finds his way back home after Christine leaves him with the baby. Wayne dies after granting a mysterious wish to Kevin. Kevin and Matt return home to find a riot has begun of the guilty remnant movement. They find a beaten up Meg who refuses to say anything except write that they made everyone remember. Kevin finds that the Guilty Remnant's houses have been set on fire. Laurie who is pulled out tells Kevin that Jill is still there. Kevin saves Jill from the flames. Tommy arrives back in Mapleton with the baby and finds Laurie. Nora believes that it is best for her to leave town she writes a letter to Kevin and goes to place it on his doorstep but finds Christine's baby there. Laurie and Tommy leave town together, while Kevin and Jill arrive back at the house to find Nora with the baby in her arms.

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