The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 8

Title:  Cairo
Air Date:  August 17, 2014
Directed by:  Michelle MacLaren
Written by:  Curtis Gwinn & Carlito Rodriguez

Patti arranges for a major move by the GR on Memorial Day. Kevin invites Nora over for dinner with Jill and Aimee. Jill and Aimee have a falling out, and Aimee moves out of the Garvey residence. Jill later shows up at the GR's house. Kevin and Dean attempt to deal with Patti, whom they kidnapped the night before. In Patti's absence, Laurie takes charge of the Memorial Day plan. Patti speaks candidly to Kevin about the GR and their motives, and tries to persuade Dean, then Kevin, to kill her. When Kevin refuses, and decides to release Patti and face the consequences, she commits suicide.

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