The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 9

Title:  The Garveys at Their Best
Air Date:  August 24, 2014
Directed by:  Daniel Sackheim
Written by:  Kath Lingenfelter & Damon Lindelof

A flashback recounts Mapleton residents' experiences during the days leading up to the Departure. A surprise "Mapleton Person of the Year" victory party is thrown for Kevin's father. Laurie is revealed to be a psychiatrist, and Patti her patient, who senses an upcoming apocalyptic event. Tom has a violent confrontation with his biological father; Kevin then attacks the man. Jill prepares for a science fair. Nora spends time with her family and interviews for a job working for a mayoral candidate. Kevin pursues a deer that is wreaking havoc around Mapleton. He chases it to a house where it flees and is hit by a car. The driver is an attractive woman who invites him to her hotel room. During the Departure, Kevin is having sex with the woman when she disappears; Nora snaps at her family right before they disappear; Jill and Tommy form a circuit at the science fair when one child in the circle disappears; Laurie has an ultrasound and witnesses the disappearance of the fetus.

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