The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 3

Title:  Off Ramp
Air Date:  October 18, 2015
Directed by:  Carl Franklin
Written by:  Damon Lindelof & Patrick Somerville

Tom has infiltrated the Guilty Remnant, and is posing as one to secretly identify skeptics and bring them to his mom, Laurie's, support group she has started after leaving. Susan, the latest recruit is helped by Laurie to readjust back into her family. Laurie is all consumed with her tell-all book she's writing about her experience in the GR. After being late on their rent, the landlord evicts Laurie and Tom; with all of their things tossed to the curb, except for Laurie's computer, which holds the final draft of her manuscript. After asking nicely to no avail, that night Laurie invades the landlord's home and grabs the laptop. As she makes her escape, high on adrenaline, she rams into two GR members standing in her path. Elsewhere, Tom is caught after having tried to extract another member. He's sexually assaulted and nearly killed by Meg. Susan's adjustment back to home life takes a turn for the worse, when she kills herself, along with her family. Laurie hears of this news just as she's about to meet with a potential publisher for her book. During the proposal meeting, the publisher recalls, in great detail, the events that take place in her book, driving her to attack him. After Tom bails her out of jail, she laments that extracted GR members need meaning in their life. Later, at a support GR meeting, Tom tells of Holy Wayne, and that he now poses his "gift" of healing.

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