The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 7

Title:  A Most Powerful Adversary
Air Date:  November 15, 2015
Directed by:  Mimi Leder
Written by:  Damon Lindelof & Patrick Somerville

Kevin awakens to find Nora gone. Patti tells him she's left, with Mary and Lily. Jill shows immediate disdain for her dad's behavior, and sees history repeating itself. Michael tells Kevin that his grandfather Virgil, whom Kevin has previously had dealings with, knows of a way to rid himself of Patti. Virgil explains that in order to "battle" off Patti, he must meet her in death. This scares Kevin away. He gets a call from the State Troopers office saying that Laurie is at the city's edge. He goes to meet with her. She's on a desperate mission to find a missing Tom. Kevin becomes unhinged and scares her away. After an intimate quarrel with Jill, Kevin goes to the motel Laurie's staying at, and divulges his plight. Laurie diagnoses him as psychotic, like his father. Kevin asks that Laurie help him on his journey to recovery, and they both return to his home in Jarden. When they arrive, Kevin receives a call from Nora. He tells her he has a way to fix his problem, but must know if she would believe he's fixed. She says yes. He storms off the property, leaving a flustered Jill and Laurie behind. He goes to Virgil, he says he's ready, and he mixes him an elixir of poison, with a shot of epinephrine standing by to revive him. Patti appears desperately, and pleads to him not to drink it. Kevin tells her goodbye as he drinks it and his heart stops and falls to the ground. Virgil empties the syringe and sticks a gun in his own mouth, killing himself. Michael enters and drags away Kevin.

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