The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 8

Title:  International Assassin
Air Date:  November 22, 2015
Directed by:  Craig Zobel
Written by:  Damon Lindelof & Nick Cuse

Kevin is plunged into the realm of the undead; a hotel full of people stuck between life and death. In this world Kevin is an international assassin, charged with assassinating presidential nominee Patti Levin. Virgil is the concierge of the hotel. He guides Kevin through this newfound maze of a reality, before drinking the water and becoming completely oblivious as to whom Kevin is. Meanwhile, Kevin saves a little girl from drowning in the pool, then discovers that Mary is staying at the hotel. He's tortured by Levin's security team, led by Gladys, in order to confirm intention and identity. He passes after admitting some truths and attends a meeting with Patti. Just as he's about to kill her, the woman claims that she's a decoy, that the real Levin had paid her off. Kevin shoots her anyway, but the fact turned out to be true. He realizes that the little girl from the pool is really Levin. Having received instructions from his father, Kevin takes Patti to a water well back in Jarden, and begrudgingly tosses her down. An aged and battered Patti calls out from the depths of the well. Kevin climbs and falls down. Patti bares her sorrow, then Kevin drowns her. He is returned to the edge of the wood of Jarden, where Michael is waiting.

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