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LovelyLivTyler.com was founded in December, 2000.

Who runs this site?

A few have come and a few have gone over the years, but the spirit of the site has remained the same. Here is the current active staff:

(37) (blog) is a graphist from Nice, France. She joined the site in 2010.
(40) (blog) is from Berlin, Germany. She joined the site in 2005.
(43) is a computer scientist from Hod HaSharon, Israel. He has been around since 2001.
(40) is a theoretical physicist from Netanya, Israel. He has been around since 2000.
(32) is a front-end developer from Cracow, Poland. She joined the site in 2009.

Contact us

You can contact us regarding anything at lovelylivtyler@gmail.com.


Thanks are due to many people. So many have helped us in various ways over the years, and we will only mention former co-owners, fans who have made significant contributions and forum moderators. Many thanks to Isaac (g1m), Jorge (chinarro), Nicolas, Erik, Tiffany, Karianne, Lusiman, Maja, Ruth, Marster, Sanne, Elizabeth (Liz), Arwen, Opeth, Belowen, Bre, Arielrose and Hefe. Many, many more have been omitted, but certainly deserve our gratitude.

We also wish to thank all our loyal visitors!

Can I help?

We will gratefully accept any contribution to this website. Click here for details.

Server hosting

Our friend Marster has very kindly provided us with a secondary server.