On December, 19th 2001, it was our first anniversary. To celebrate it and to show our new visitors how we have groth in this last year, we have done this special where we explain our evolution since we started this site in December 2000.
Hope you like it :-)

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January 2001

Last December we started this project that we had thought of a year before. Since there were not many good sites about Liv, we decided to build one.
Our first thought was that the news must be a key element in the page, so we put the news in the middle.
Then we did some sections like Pictures, Bio, Movies, Family, Links.. that weren't all done but that we completed in the upcoming months. Then we also had a poll (which has survived until now), a search box by IMDB and two links to our Club and to the mailing list.
The look wasn't very good, the site didn't fit well in 1024x768 resolution and there were not many interactive things, but it was a really good try for a start, don't you think so? :-)

February 2001

In February there was not a big change. We changed a bit the menu so that it look nicer, added a search feature provided by Google and a new interactive feature, this time a quiz to show other fans how much you know about Liv. An archives subsection was added where we kept old news. We also thought of the possibility of having the site in three language: English, Spanish and Hebrew, but finally we left the idea because it would mean a lot of work to do everything three times.

April 2001

In April there was a big change. We changed the name from One Life To Liv to Lovely Liv Tyler Website.
There were three reasons for this change:

  1. We liked the new name
  2. The club which is a year older than the site already had that name
  3. We changed the host to Geocities and the domain geocities.com/onelifetoliv was already taken

We haven't said it yet, but our first site was hosted at Redrival.com and when we changed to Geocities we changed the name of the site as well. This name has survided until now and we are very happy with it. It's a great name.
At this time the menu looked great and we also added cascade stylesheets to the site giving nice effects like the hover over the links effect.
Another big change was the deletion of the right column, and moving the elements of this column to the first one, that's is the poll and the links to the club and mailing list. The rest of the site remained for the news which became even more important to us.
We updated the news more frequently and sometimes even twice a day.
We also added new services to the one we had, a forum and a newsletter to keep people informed of the last updates we had on the site. Time has proven the forum was not a good idea and nobody ever used it. But now we hope things have changed with the new message board :-)

May 2001

May was not a month with big changes. The site looked similar to the one from the month before. We moved things like the counter to other places of the site and added some banners so that people can do the quiz or join the newsletter.
We weren't very popular back then, so we had to use these banners in order to attract visitors to our new things.
We built a page called "What's new?" where we were tracking the last changes and additions on the site.
This was really nice and was the beginning of our slide news box, which still apears on our site and that we will explain later.

June 2001

In June there were not a lot of changes. We changed the look of the menu, with nicer fonts and reduced its width. We added a "Site Of The Week" feature where we put each week a site we liked. After a few months we deleted it since there were not many sites about Liv.
We also added 4 buttons above the news for quick access to the most used services of our site, for example, Fanzone, Quiz and Guestbook. These buttons have improved a lot since then and now look really nice. :-)
We changed a bit the layout of the news table so that news items be easy to differentiate from each other.
Finally, we added a webring where we maintained links to the best sites about Liv.

July 2001

In July there were really no changes at all, just improved the buttons a little, changed the link to What's New page to a button and a few other minor details.

September 2001

In August we did our first attempt to modify the site so that it can be seen in both 800x600 and 1024x768.
We kept on improving the buttons and added a new service called "Tell a friend about this site" where you could send a message to a friend telling about our site.
But the most important change was to add the slidenews box. It is a script where the news slide from bottom to top of the box. We liked it a lot and today we still use it.
We also changed the picture of the logo.

October 2001

There were no really a lot of changes between September and October months, only added a script to show the date and not much more.
We bought the domain lovelylivtyler.com and were preparing the new site at the same time.

November 2001

In November we reached the bandwith allowed by Geocities so we had to remove some things from the main page and leave only the news. We finally adapted the site to both 800x600 and 1024x798 resolutions.

December 2001

In December we did a major change. We moved to the new domain (lovelylivtyler.com) and changed the host company as well.
We redesigned the whole site, added interactive things with the help of perl scripts, and an option where you could customize the colors of the main page, which we called themes.
The change was very big, a work that we had been working on for two months.

So, this is more or less a resume of the first year of this website online, as you can see we have tried to have a better website each month.
Thanks a lot to all our visitors who have supported us and enjoyed this website!

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