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In July 6th 2006, Liv had an autograph session at Sephora store on Champs Elysées in Paris. Here are some of the reports we got from the lucky fans who attended!

I was "kind of" invited by Givenchy people to meet Liv Tyler. Women from Givenchy were very nice with me, they maked me feel confortable. They have permit me to be in front of waiting queue and finally I was the second one to have an autograph.

I told to Liv that I was Nicolas from "lovely liv tyler dot web" (yes I said it like that : "dot web") but I was sooooo nerveous... anyway she has understood what I meant and she was very happy to meet me. I guess that Liv was also shy to meet me because she has just answered me a short "Oh really ?".

I have offered her a "paper version" of our "happy birthday" news.

I had prepared that meeting with Liv and my choice was to let her decide on what she would give us an autograph.

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Liv has chosen the red one, as you can see here:

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While chosing which one she would write on it, Liv told me something like "I do like to see that web site from time to time"

Liv also gave me an other autograph for myself on my Stealing Beauty DVD.
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There was so many people all around that security guys stressed me a lot to hurry up. I didn't manage to take photo in front of Liv... sorry. I've just managed to take some while Liv was coming inside Sephora shop.

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At the moment I was leaving, she talked me a last time to thank people from staff for the box (she was making a box shape with her hands while saying that) she has received for the birth of her son.
To me, this is the most beautiful thing she could say to community.

After that, women from Givenchy allowed me to stay close to them (and to Liv) but there were so many people all around Liv that I didn't manage to take photos too. I stayed there for 45 minutes speaking with women from Givenchy and trying to watch Liv between two persons.
They offered me a Liv's rose too, but it was very hot in Paris and I had one hour of subway to come back home. As Paris's subway has no air-conditioning, it is hot in it. I'm sad to tell you that the rose didn't past the night. I put it in water as soon as arrived at home but it was already too late.

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Nicolas from LLT staff

I'm a French fan and yesterday I met Liv in Paris !! I'll tell you a summary of my wonderful day!!
I came on Champs Elysées with my cousin (Mina) and we arrived at 2pm. Nobody was there so we decided to take a coffee. At 4pm we came back at Sephora and there was a lot of people, we started to wait for Liv, we talked with some French fans and foreigners. At 5pm, Liv wasnt there, so we waited, we were very excited and there was a LOT OF PEOPLE, around 300 people maybe, foreigners, French, fans and others. She finally arrived at 5:15pm, and it was so crazy, everybody started to scream, there was a red carpet and we were in front of her, behind barriers. I started to scream : LIIIIIIIV !! and she smiled to me and my cousin, we were hyper!!

She talked with some fans, and then, she sat on a chair, with a table. She was with a woman who speaks French and English (to translate). She answered questions of journalists, there was a lot of paparazzis and journalists with cameras! My cousin and I waited for a while before talk to her. She signed autographs to fans, she smiled all the time, and around 5:45pm, i finally talked to her!! I was stressing out !! I arrivedin front of her, i told "BONJOUR" and i told her "Liv I love you so much" she grabbed my hand, I wanted to cry, she smiled, she was like "thanks" with a big smile, then I told her "Liv it's huge honnor for me and my cousin to meet you", she was very touched and she told me "Awww sweet". I wanted to tell others things but a man told me "What's your name", I reply "Lisa" and he was like "L-I-S-A" ? LOL ! She signed me an autograph and she gave me a Rose, just before leaving her, I asked her "Can I have a Hug" and She hugged me with a kiss on my cheek" I couldnt believe it, it was the best day of my life, I spoke 3 mins with her! After that, we couldnt take pics with her, so my cousin and I were very disappointed, so we waited, and after we've seen 3 Japaneses girls who were crying when they saw Liv, they took pics with my cousin and I waited until the end!! We were a little jealous! lol After we asked a woman of Sephora to take pics, and just after she left the shop, my cousin and I scream "LIV, please we want a pic, we were almost crying" and she told "Yeah, with a big smile"!! We took our pic!! But during the pic, I put off my glasses, so I think the pic is not beautiful =( ! We asked her for another pic but she answered "Sorry, I've to go to the show"...she saw we were disapointed and she told us "Bye, bye".
She left, she was on the red carpet, and she spoke a bit with the fans that she didnt see...there was a lot of bodyguards. My cousin and I ran away after but they stopped us, lol after she took her car, it was 6:10pm ! And we've seen her for a last time! It was the best day ever, I can tell to you that she's natural and she's more beautiful than on the pics! She's tall, and she has long, beautiful hair, she was just wonderful and she was so nice, she smiled to people all the time!! I think those Japaneses girls were the most lucky! But my cousin and I were so lucky, THANKS TO LIV, SHE'S THE BEST ACTRESS, SHE'S REALLY NICE, I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS DAY!! I'm sure she will remind of me and my cousin, the way we ran away after her lol! Here's my summary! I hope one day, you guys, fans of Liv, you'll meet her!! oh i forgot one thing : Just before leaving Sephora, someone gave her a Tshirt of the French Team of Soccer (football) because France won (agaisnt portugal) and she took a pic with the tshirt!

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Lisa & Mina

I was at sephora. I saw Liv. She was so beautiful. You have to see her one by one. I have a twin sister - Julie. She was passed before me and she said "my twin sister is you're best fan". Liv said: "Oh, come on, together!!!". The bodyguard said "No, one by one", and Liv "No problem, together, come on". She was so ........ Lovely!
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I have photos. There is one I was authorized to take the photo when she make my own autograph. She was so cute, so nice and so beautiful. It was like in a dream. I don't realize now again. It was so quick and so intense. Whaouuuuuuu


Here are some photos. The second one is not great but with Liv, everything is great so I hope you will enjoy them. She was fabulous today.
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French people go to the Champs Elysées when the French soccer team somehow manages to win a match during the World Cup. Tourists visit the Champs Elysées to take pictures, buy souvenirs and see the most talked-about place of Paris. Rich people go to the Champs Elysées to spend their money.
I’m poor, I’m not a tourist and I hate soccer. Question: what was I doing on the Champs Elysées this very afternoon?
I was attending a signing session. Yup, another one. Except that this time, the star was Liv Tyler.
I’m still on cloud nine (yeah, again! :P). I still can’t believe I’ve actually seen her for real. I learned on Tuesday through her website that she was in Paris for the Givenchy haute couture show and that she would be in a Sephora shop today for a signing session. I left work as soon as I was allowed to and almost ran to the shop, where I met Diane, who was at school with me last year (alright, so I had told her about Liv’s signing session, so what? I needed to share the love with a fellow fan! :P). She had been queuing for hours already and I managed to squeeze into the line with her.
Liv arrived almost on time (that, she was only 20 minutes late XD), and she amazed everyone when she stopped to talk with the fans who were waiting for her. Thanks to my bloody camera and the bodyguard blocking the view from me, I only managed to take one single picture, but I guess it’s better than nothing…
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Diane and I were almost in the front of the line, so we managed to see Liv very quickly. I have no words to describe how beautiful this woman actually is – even more in real life than in her movies. She was taking the time to talk with the fans and to sign pictures to their names, which doesn’t often happen in this kind of signing sessions. I gave her my copy of Heavy to sign, and she was like “You want me to sign this?!?”, with the largest smile ever. She’s simply the most adorable and simple woman in the world.
I was so impressed and moved I forgot to wish her a happy belated birthday. :P At the end the translator sitting next to her was giving away the “Liv Tyler rose” that has been created for Givenchy. It is now pinned on my wall, waiting to dry (there’s now way I’ll let it wither!). Honestly, I still can’t believe this was real. It still feels like a dream. Diane and I were in heaven when we left, squeeing and generally acting like complete fangirls on our way back to the subway station.

I used to love Liv Tyler, now I simply adore her… *goes fangirlying a little more*


I was there !!!!!!!!!! I've see LIV TYLER MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !! She is so niiiiiiice !!
She told me that I'm nice and cute !
I've just one picture , it's Liv and me but she is so beautiful!

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Candice from Avenue Liv

I was in Paris too.... She is so wonderful, she is realy the most beautiful woman on the earth!!! I have a photo of her and me.... I love her!!!


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