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On November 1st 2007, Givenchy held an autograph session with Liv Tyler to mark the launch of her new ad campaign for Very Irresistible Givenchy, as well as the announcement of the winner of the online Create the perfect Slogan for Very Irresistible Givenchy contest.

The slogan contest has ended with 798 entries and one winner, Laura, who submitted the following slogan.

very classy very chic Liv in it

The slogan won Laura a trip for two to New York City to meet Liv at a Sephora Times Square public appearance. Anyone buying a Very Irresistible Givenchy fragrance that day could meet Liv and have her sign the bottle. Free makeovers with Givenchy makeup artists were offered, as well as Givenchy logo crystal tattoos.

We decided to take advantage of this opportunity, and have Isaac and Ariel Rose from the site go to the event and deliver a gift from the fans directly to Liv! We thank Florence and Nina from Givenchy for their kindness and help organizing this.

Many people (mainly from the forum) have chipped in to a total of about $400, with which we purchased a family tree birthstone necklace from RedEnvelope, an Eric Bompard 100% cashmere scarf and a gorgeous card.

A familiy tree birthstone necklace Cashmere scarf Luxurious love heart card

Here is the dedication we wrote on the card.

Dear Liv,

Our names are Ariel Rose and Isaac, and we represent all your fans at We are so happy that we were able to meet with you today!

The gift we brought for you represents the donations, love and admiration of our community. Because of your example and bright presence in the world, we've all become good friends and have touched each other's lives across the globe.

Thank you for your amazing spirit and the kindness you and your mom have shown to us through the years.

Best wishes from all your friends at!

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Ariel has also printed out a note explaining the meaning of the stones chosen for the necklace.

The Symbol of the Family Tree

The family tree symbol has a long history that was made popular during Victorian times. Its enduring beauty creates the perfect background for the people who mean the most to us!

For Liv, Ruby: Birthstone for the month of July, ruby inspires passion, vitality and creative energy. The ruby is also inspiring and healing to the heart.

For Roy, Emerald: Birthstone for the month of May, emeralds promote a sense of well-being, health and contentment. Promotes love and a link to the divine.

For Milo, Blue Topaz: Birthstone for the month of December, topaz brings happiness, wealth and a sense of honor. Excellent for mental clarity and focus.

Eric Bompard 100% cashmere scarf Necklace in its box
The necklace box Gift wrap

And now - reports from the event itself!

I met up with Arielrose from LLT earlier in the day, and we were able to eat breakfast and gather the gifts we were giving to Liv. Then we caught a cab together to the Sephora store, and when we arrived, we met up with Nina and Florence from Givenchy. They were extremely nice, and gave us all the details about what was going on and what time everything was happening. The store itself was crazy, lots people of people moving around all excited, and there were people getting free make-overs in the store. There was also a line outside the store, of people who had their Givenchy products they purchased to get signed.

We then had the pleasure of meeting the Givenchy contest winner Laura, and her daughter, both who were wonderful. It's great that the contest was won by someone who was so nice and really appreciated it. We were then informed that Liv was running a little late, so we got to look around the store for a little while, and take pictures. When Liv arrived, she was quickly escorted to a private area of the store, we barely had a chance to take a picture of her arrival.

We were then notified that Liv wouldn't be ready for an hour or so, because she was obligated to do some interviews. But they started to set up the area for the signing inside the store, and roped off an area to move the line inside. Nina and Florence were great in getting us to the front of the line, along with Laura and her daughter. While waiting in line, a camera crew from Givenchy interviewed the four of us, asking about the perfume, Liv and why we were there. I took the chance to mention LLT, and how me and Ariel were there to represent the site and all her fans around the world!

After an hour or so, everything was finally ready, and everyone was so excited to meet Liv. Laura and her daughter went first, and then me and Ariel. The first thing I noticed was that Liv is even more beautiful and striking in person, if that's even possible. And tall too, as she stood up to shake our hands, and we introduced ourselves. She was informed that we were from LLT, and she was very happy to hear that. The first thing she mentioned is how much she appreciates LLT and all its fans, and how she even checks out the site herself!!! I wish I could remember the exact quote, but it went something like "I check out the site all the time, Roy always laughs at me," then she imitated typing on a keyboard! Liv asked how we found the time to work on the site, and if we got paid for it, and I told "Nope, we do it for free in our spare time, and because we all love you," and she said "Awww".

She said she always checks the site after a big event to see the pictures, and how she feels so happy to see all the positive responses, even if she didn't feel she looked great. She said she also appreciates the honesty of the fans though, and that she likes that we tell the truth. We then gave her the gifts we brought for her, and she asked if she could open it right away, and we said of course! She was so surprised and happy about the gifts! Ariel told her how we pitched in to buy the gifts and the card for her. She said she'd wait until she got back to the limo, but wanted to read the card right away. She was very touched by it, and even as her reps and the security people were trying to hurry us along, she told them to wait until she was finished!! It was so great of her, and she spent a few extra minutes with us. She was amazed about how much work goes into the site, and how much all the fans love her. She then autographed the bottles of Very Irresistible Givenchy for me and Ariel, and personalized them. Mine reads "Thank you so much for believing in me so much", and then "To Isaac, (Love) Liv Tyler" We then got to shake hands again, and she thanked us for coming.

Liv reading our card! People stand in line to meet Liv

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After meeting Liv, me and Ariel got the chance to meet famed make-up artist for Givenchy, Nicolas Degennes, who often works with Liv on her photoshoots. He was very nice too, and when Nina mentioned we were from the site, he knew immediately who we were, and told us that he too checks the site, and is often surprised at how fast the pictures arrive to the site. I proudly told him that was due to the hard work of a lot dedicated people. I then got to take a picture of him and Ariel together. I also managed to get a few shots of Liv as she was exiting, though I was far away. But I'm happy I at least got some with my own camera.

Our own Ariel with a large Liv Click to enlarge
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So the entire event was so great, it was one of the best moments of my life. Liv was everything I expected, and even more. She was so friendly, nice, sweet, and every good thing we love about her. The thing I'll take away the most from the event, besides Liv being the sweetest person in the world, is how appreciative she was of the site and fans. It means a lot that she loves us as much as we do her. And not just her, but the reps from Givenchy and Nicolas as well, they all appreciated the work that goes into the site, and I felt honored to represent LLT.

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I want to thank Nina and Florence from Givenchy, they were so great and helpful, they went above and beyond to make sure that me and Ariel were accommodated well, and I'm happy to have to the pleasure of meeting them. Thanks to Ariel, it was a real pleasure to meet you, I had a great time. And thanks as well to all my fellow admins and members from LLT for all their help, and for the opportunity to represent the site, I truly appreciate it. I got to meet Liv, and I'll never forget it.

Signed box Nina, Florence, Laura, Autumn and Ariel

Isaac (g1m)

Wow, what a trip! It was so much fun and it took all my energy, but I feel so blessed that I was able to go. The night before the event, I got the gift bag ready and was so happy it didn't get damaged at all during my flight. I put in layers of soft and dark pink tissue, iridescent shreds of filler and used these photo stickers of roses on everything with some iridescent curly ribbon. You can see it on the outside of the bag and also I put in on the greeting card box to make it pretty. I got to meet Isaac outside my hotel and we hugged and I was so happy to see him in person...and yes you all know it, he's a very handsome fella!

We went with his family to a diner for breakfast. It wasn't the one I wanted to take them to...but I was a bit turned around and couldn't remember where the really good one called 'Viand' was. So the food was ok, but I'm picky! There were all these cute little kids with their parents outside giving tulips to everyone to promote a program to plant flowers and such in was sweet. We sat and fixed up the necklace box. It was really exciting to see it in person...really sparkling and beautiful. I put the little card I printed about the stones into the bottom of the box and place the smaller necklace box on top. Then I fixed the ribbon wrap and tucked it safely into the gift bag.

Me and Issac - So happy together!! Me and Issac - So happy together!!

Then we went out to hail a cab...rather an adventure because I'd never done that before! I was confused and ended up standing on the wrong side of the street and got a well-intentioned talking to from the driver who stopped for us. When we arrived you could see a little line of people waiting on the left side of the building and Sephora employees who were in front giving away bright pink wristbands stamped with the Givenchy logo and 'Meet Liv Tyler Times Square Sephora, November 1st' on them and samples of Very Irresistible to passers-by. The taxi driver was curious then about what was going on. We told him Liv was making an appearance before we got out. There were lots of makeup artists working away on customer make-overs and lots of bustling around. I thought it was great to see all the Givenchy makeup on display there, since my local Sephora doesn't carry their cosmetics. Not long after we got in the store I asked where Nina was and realized I was standing right next to her! It was great, she was so friendly and warm and we hugged and greeted each other. Then Florence came over too and there was more hugging and happiness! They gave us both a big bottle of perfume for Liv to sign because they were being told that anything other than Givenchy product wasn't being signed. Isaac and I started to take some pictures of Nina, Florence and ourselves around the store. We were told Liv was running late and Nina hinted she had been out late the night before (of course! It was Halloween!) and also wanted to wear something other than the wardrobe that had been picked for her.

As we waited, I went over to where the slogan winner Laura was seated. She was getting her makeup done and her daughter Autumn was with her. They were both SO nice and of course lots more hugging and smiles! They showed me the poster that was printed for them with the slogan and I really thought Sephora should have had it up on display! In my opinion not enough was made of the winning entry and I would have liked to see her get a bit more recognition, but that's my two cents.

Florence and Nina More of me being silly!

After a bit more waiting and chatting, Liv finally arrived! They had a deep pink carpet to the doorway for her to walk on and Isaac and I were standing right there. There was a little applause and excitement from those in the line outside. It was a really magical experience to see her in real life! I told Isaac I've had the luck to meet a lot of the 'famous' people I admire, but it's always an unusual feeling when you see someone you've only known from pictures, music or movies. In retrospect I wish I had taken a little video as she walked in. But I didn't expect them to rush her straight to the back like they did. I caught one pic of her back and she was wearing a really cute short black wool coat...I loved it! So, they ran her to the back of the store where she had to go behind a curtain and do an HOUR long interview! I felt sad for her because I know what it's like to be tired and then having to think and work on top of it. So we hung out and chatted some more and then they finally started lining people up. There was another long pink carpet for the line to wait on. Laura and Autumn were first and Isaac and I were second in row. There was a lady behind us who had pretty much been there from the beginning and her feet were worn out. She slipped her shoes off and we talked to her a little and she said her son was a huge fan of Liv and everytime he saw her movies he would melt! It was so cute.

It was incredibly hot in the line, so after a while some water was brought to us for a bit of relief. I saw Nicolas Degennes (the great Givenchy makeup artist who has done so many beautiful photo shoots with Liv) pop out from behind the curtain a few times, I imagine he was probably fixing her makeup. I was really excited to see him there! Then an interviewer with a camera guy (I'm thinking they were Givenchy people) came to interview us. First they talked to Laura and asked if she was a fan of Liv's. She said some really nice things about how great she thought it was that Liv didn't choose to live irresponsibly like so many young women in the spotlight and was someone who people could really admire. They interviewed me and Isaac next. I told them about how much I loved Liv in the Lord of the Rings and that I made costumes to wear to the movie premieres. He asked me what I liked about the perfume and I said it gives me a comforted feeling when I wear it (which is does) it makes me feel like everything will be just fine! Then he talked to Isaac who mentioned LLT and all the amazing fans who we were representing.

Me waiting for Liv with her gifts The one picture I got of Liv...and it's her back!!! argh...

There were definitely some grumpy guard type people who weren't very nice to anyone and seemed more like bouncers at a rock concert *hehe*. Isaac and I were both so let down when we were told that we couldn't take any pictures with our cameras, not even ONE! I'd been looking forward to showing the board a pic of me and Isaac with Liv and it felt really disappointing to come so far and not even get one picture like that! I felt like everyone just needed to relax a the people who came to event were all just happy and excited to meet Liv! Laura and Autumn went first in the line and Liv talked to them a bit as me and Isaac were motioned forward. There were so many rather stern looking management people standing around Liv which made it a bit daunting. Nina and Florence really came through for us and we were SO lucky to have such genuine and sweet ladies helping us out. Liv was wearing a sleeveless black dress...not sure how long it was because she was behind the table and she also had on a gorgeous bracelet with what looked to me like large cut crystals in soft light blues, yellows and white. Just as lovely as her pictures, but even better because she was actually there!

When we were about to meet Liv, I saw Nina whisper to her that we were from LLT and then Liv just says 'oh my gosh! You're kidding! Really!?' and she got all happy! Then she came and sat down to talk to us. She said 'I probably shouldn't say it, but I go on there (the site) all the time to see the pictures and see what people are saying after an event...and Roy laughs at me for it!' She was very curious and impressed at how we find time to get everything done, saying things like 'when do you find the time to do everything? In your spare time or what? Do you get paid to do it?' I said it's a big group effort and we all work together to make it happen. I told her how special our community is because it has brought together so many people as friends and that she has inspired all that! Isaac said we do it for free because we all love her...that made her smile really big!

Also, she likes that we are honest about her clothes/hair, etc. and that she doesn't want us to say nice things if we don't mean always tell the truth because she values it! I told her we are a very honest bunch! She asked where we were from so I told her I came from Oregon and Isaac said he came from Maryland and I could see that meant a lot to her that we came from so far!

Isaac with his signed bottle, right after we met her Laura and Autumn with their winning poster! Aren't they adorable?

Then I showed her the gift bag and said the whole community put in to get this for you and she just lit up with a sweet appreciative look on her face! She asked 'should I open it now or wait?' and I said it was more than one thing, so she may want to wait. So then I pulled the card out and said 'the card won't take long though, so you could open that now'....she LOVED it! I told her that one of the members (a girl from England!) found these gorgeous cards. I told her it was all handmade and signed by the artist too. She started reading it and the handler people were making noise like 'we gotta hurry up' and she gave a little wave with her hand and said 'you have to wait'. She kept reading it to the end and was bugged a second time and again said they would just have to wait for her to finish! I was so happy that it meant that much to her that she wanted to have as much time as she could with us. She said she couldn't wait to open everything up in the car and 'enjoy all her surprises!' I was so happy to see the big smiles on Isaac's face too...he was just beaming!! I'm sure I was as well, it was a beautiful moment.

Then Liv signed and wrote long messages on both our bottles and I could tell she wanted to say so much to us about the site and how she appreciates her supporters. I knew she was really moved by the whole thing, she has a very nice and genuine quality and I never felt like she was 'just being nice', but she really is. There's this sense of child-like wonder she has, which I really love. If the table and impatient people hadn't been there, I know she would have hugged us, chatted for a good while and everything! I told her how much we'd like to get a picture and so she, Isaac and I all looked over at the managers who said their professional photographer would take pics of us and get them to us and LLT. So far I haven't seen any with all of us in them, but this one...oh my she was looking right at me in this one!

So we said our farewells and moved along into the store. We saw Nina and Florence and Laura and her daughter and we were all feeling great about the success of delivering the gift! I mentioned Nicolas to Nina and how awesome I think his makeup work is and she said 'oh let me introduce you to him'. He came over and knew about LLT and said how amazing it is how quickly we have new pictures up on the site! He was really friendly, gave me a big hug and we did a photo together. He was wearing this nifty jacket that was made of patched together fabrics...very unique and fun!

Me and the Nicolas My signed perfume box...says 'Thank you so much for all your time and support'

I thanked Nina and Florence and hugged them again...they were just incredible, down-to-earth ladies who treated Isaac and I with kindness, respect and generosity...really can't say enough good things about them! They told me how warm and nice they thought I was which made me a happy girl.

Then as we waited for the line to dwindle, I shopped about for some Givenchy makeup...I couldn't resist! The lady helping me was so nice...she showed me all the new stuff out and even mentioned that I reminded her of! That made my day even more. I got a new red lip gloss and the lash sparkles that everyone had pretty! As I was standing in line to buy my things, Nicolas came by again and was joking around with me like 'oooh what you are getting!?' and I said 'some makeup, I couldn't resist!' and he says back, 'Oh is it Givenchy?' and I said all fake-shocked 'oh but of course!! Anything else would be just wrong, a sacrilege!' and he just laughed! What a cool guy.

After the signing, Liv was walking around the store a little just checking things out. I could have tried to photograph her, but wasn't in a spot where I could be discreet so I withheld. I am really glad Isaac got some pictures of her with his camera, because I have to admit I was sad that I didn't.

Overall, I just really feel so blessed and lucky that I got to go. Not only to see Liv, but to meet our friend Isaac which was so great and to see Laura, her daughter and Nina and Florence. All of them together made the day heavenly in spite of how completely tired I was from travelling and I will never forget November 1st!

Ariel Rose

I left the office around 12:30pm and arrived over there at 12:45pm or so. When I got there, the Sephora staff told me that Liv had just shortly arrived. There was already a line in the store so I was relegated to the second line, which waited outside the store. Fortunately, I was number 2 in the line. I waited in that line outside for an hour. It was interesting to note that the guy in front of me, number 1, had a shopping bag on the ground with a LOTR logo on a book or calendar. I later found out it was a LOTR hardcover book. Finally, after an hour or so, four of us from line 2 were allowed to join the first line in the store. While there, a girl who purchased a Givenchy box set came along and started saying how nice Liv was and so on and so on. Mr. number 1 promptly took that opportunity to ask the girl if Liv was signing other stuff besides the Givenchy products. She said she didn't know.

Meanwhile, number 3, a nice lady from Texas and I was talking about Liv and her movies and which ones we saw and so on and so on. Then the lady says to me that Liv is so unlike other celebrities. She said Liv seems very nice. I was a little tickled because that's what I was outside the store telling one of my friends. Anyway, we're in line, and according as people moved, I got a glimpse of Liv. The first thing I noticed was that her shoulders were bare. *smiles* Then I noticed the bangs. Awesome! I love that hairstyle on her. The closer I got, I noticed more things. I noticed she was wearing a lovely bangle. I also noticed that her eyes, from that distance, looked blue/grey. By the time I became number two to get her signature, I noticed that Mr. number one had managed to get her to sign his book. He turned to the page in the book with the following picture and she signed it.

Then it was my turn. *laughs* She told me to come up because I think for a second or two I just stood there. Then she asked me my name. I told her and she signed my name from Liv. So I asked her if she would mind signing my LOTR music insert with her picture on it. This one.
She said SURE. I gave it to her and she signed *heart Liv*. I know you guys have seen that before. Perhaps she reserves that signature for her fans because she didn't sign the box that way. Or maybe I'm fancying that she knows I'm a fan. I didn't tell her but I'm sure she knows since I came prepared with her picture. *giggles*
Anyway, she is very nice. And she was down to earth and she looks great!!! She looks like her pictures and she's very friendly. Wow!

Oh, when I waited in that line for an hour, it was because they were doing interviews in the store. I was thinking that LLT representatives were interviewing her at that time. I wish I had taken a picture of her but the store was narrow where they had her signing autographs. Oh well, I saw her and that's good enough for me...for now.

Jo Ann

Some great photos of Liv with our own Issac and Ariel - Sent to us by Givenchy

Liv with our own Issac and Ariel Liv with our own Issac and Ariel
Liv with our own Issac and Ariel Liv with our own Issac and Ariel
Liv with our own Issac and Ariel Liv with our own Issac and Ariel
Liv with our own Issac and Ariel Liv with our own Issac and Ariel

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