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On March 4thth 2011, Givenchy held an autograph session with Liv Tyler at Sephora Champs-Elysees in Paris, to mark the launch of her new ad campaign for Very Irresistible L'Intense.

LLT sent three community members to the event - Kenza, Marie and Ibti - who gave Liv flowers and a short letter (in English and in French):

Dear Liv,

Hello and very warm greetings from all your worldwide fans at We hope that this letter finds you enjoying your time in France, and we thank you and Givenchy sincerely for being gracious enough to allow us to meet with you today.

Here at we have been running for over 10 years now, and the website is growing to be a larger resource every day, with regular monthly hits averaging at fifty-thousand individual visitors. Our community is made up of members from all over the world, and we hope that this small example of the continuing appreciation and support for you amongst your fan community will put a smile on your face.

We would also like to say that we very much admire all the hard work that you continue to put into your career. We are always glad to see that you are making new films, and there have been many to choose from over the past few years! We eagerly look forward to The Ledge and Super.

In closing we would like to wish you all the best, in everything that you do, and we hope that your mother Bebe, little Milo and all of your family and loved ones are in excellent health.

Kind Regards,
All of your fans at

Letter in English Letter in French

At the meeting, our team got couple of autographed photos from Liv - one of them dedicated to LLT and one of them to LLT admin Alice!

Autograph for LLT Autograph for Alice Autograph for Kenza

And now, reports from the event!

A Parisian afternoon with Liv Tyler

Ibti, Marie and I, arrived at Sephora Champs Élysées at 16:30. The street was bustling with curious people and fans. Some were wondering who was getting so much attention, others simply thrilled by the idea of meeting their muse. Yet, only a few people among this busy crowd were actually lining up. So the three of us went up-front and asked the security guard if we could speak to Givenchy's PR, Ivana, with whom LLT had arranged a meeting. Later on, a woman came out and asked us to follow her inside. She then introduced us to Ivana as members of Liv Tyler's fan club. We immediately gave her a thank-you note from LLT. She seemed very surprised! She thanked us and said it was a lovely gesture. She really wanted to make sure we had an autograph, so she kindly asked one of the security guards to put us at the front of the main queue. We were the first ones there, but we were soon joined by an older woman who came to get a picture for her son. And so the line started to get bigger, to the extent that we almost couldn't see the light! Givenchy executives and management came in first along with Les meilleures ambassadrices Givenchy (the brand's best saleswoman at Sephora). Photographers and cameramen began to shoot the scene but Liv was still running a little bit late.

A few minutes later Givenchy Perfumes' CEO, Alain Lorenzo, and Ivana rushed outside: Liv had arrived. A very loud music started to play. Although it sounded familiar, I couldn't name it. Marie, the tallest of us, got a glimpse of Liv outside. She was posing for the crowd and photographers. We then overheard a bodyguard saying that Liv was coming in 30 to 35 seconds!

30 to 35 seconds later, the store went insane! Some would clap their hands, others stared to scream and some, like us, were trying to take as many pictures as they could! As our shivering hands and the busy, view cluttering crowd weren't helping, we just stared at Liv in awe. The first thing I noticed is her grace. The way she looks and moves is so ethereal! She's also a lot thinner and taller than I thought.

She then posed with makeup artist, Nicolas Degennes, and Alain Lorenzo. She waved to people standing on the other side of the store. Sephora's saleswoman started to ululate, which got Liv to burst into laughter! After that she took pictures with Les ambassadrices and other people from Givenchy.

A couple of minutes later, she sat down at the table they placed for her, Lorenzo at her side. Les ambassadrices went first, then Givenchy's VIP and friends. It took a good 20 minutes before they were done. The security guards then cleaned the area and told us it was our turn. Only two people at a time were able to leave the queue. We had a strict no kiss and one-by-one policy. If we wanted to take pictures, it had to be very quick. The woman next to me had some difficulties to walk, so she asked me if I could escort her to Liv. So I gave her my right arm and we walked together the few feet between us and Liv. When she saw us, Liv seemed quite surprised and astonished. She smiled and voiced a little 'Oooh'. So I took a few steps back and let the charming lady be with Liv.

Ivana then told a journalist/cameraman that I was from Liv's fan club. He asked me a few questions. I told him I was from and I had been following Liv's career for seven years now. That's when I noticed that Nicolas Degennes was right behind him, looking at me! I could barely finish my sentence as I was told it was my turn. I said goodbye and went towards Liv's table. For a moment my heart froze. I must have rehearsed this scene a billion times in my head but all of a sudden I was speechless. I was paralysed and inarticulate.

Liv saw the bouquet and smiled. I smiled back and said 'Hi'. She asked me how I was doing and extended her hand to me. We shook hands and then I introduced myself. I told her I was from Her face lit up and she seemed very happy to hear that. She said something like 'No way! Really?'. I gave her the bouquet and she immediately took the flowers into her hands. She closed her eyes and smelled them for quite a long time! Once she opened her eyes, she said 'Thank you for the flowers! They smell delicious!'. I thanked her and smiled. I then gave her the letter we wrote for her and mine. She asked what it was. I said it was message from her fans all over the world. To show her all their appreciation and love. And the other one was a little something from Morocco, where I come from. I wish I remembered what she said exactly then, because the way she said it was adorable. She really wanted to open them then and read the letter but she couldn't. She told me she was just going to hide them behind her back and read them as soon as she got into her car.

While she was putting the letters behind her jacket, Mr. Lorenzo said something to me in Arabic that I didn't quite understand. I tried to mumble something back, but in reality I probably just stared at him. Then someone from Givenchy told me to hurry up as there was a whole line waiting behind me. So did Alain Lorenzo, but Liv told 'No, no'. So I tried to pull out the picture I brought for Liv to sign, but it was taking too much time. So I just told Liv my name. I was so over the place that I'm afraid she might think I was rude! I was so inarticulate, Mr. Lorenzo even told her how to spell my name! So she signed 'To Sweet Kenza ♥ Liv Tyler'. I then asked her if she could sign a picture for her fans at LLT, and she said 'Of course!'. I took the pics, thanked her and said goodbye as people were hurrying me to go. Then it was the turn of Marie and Ibti to get their autograph. While waiting for them, I tried to take a last look at Liv. I looked for Nicolas Degennes but he was nowhere to be seen. A minute later the girls came out and we were told to leave as the place was crowded and we already had our pictures. So we walked through the Champs Élysées and shared our first impressions.

Marie was lucky enough to take a picture of Liv with the autograph for Alice. Then we said goodbye at the Metro Station. Marie and Ibti took the train as I walked my way home.

At the moment it is still very blurry in head. Sometimes I can't believe it actually happened. Liv was gorgeous, sweet and so down-to-earth. I would like to thank her for the time she took to listen to me. I would also like to apologise if I appeared messy and inarticulate. I also want to thank LLT for giving me the chance to represent them. I wish every one of you was there and had the chance we had meeting her.
New ad by Liv Liv signing autographs Liv and Nicolas Degennes

Click here to download a PDF version of the report


We arrived at 4.30, and with Kenza we asked for Ivana, but we met another woman. We told her we wanted to see Ivana, and she ran in the store telling us to follow her. Ivana saw us and said: "Oh, you're the fan club?". So she put us on the front row, just the three of us. Then a lot of girls joined us.

Liv was pretty late, but she finally came. Everybody was too hot and tired because Sephora was over-warmed. We saw her for 30 seconds and she went somewhere else to take pictures for the press. Then she signed autographs for the Sephora crew. Then it was our turn - Kenza, Ibti and me. Then I started to be dumb. I didn't even know how to speak. Liv was lovely and smiling, and she asked me how I was. I said I was a bit nervous, and she said: "Well me too" and laughed! Then she asked for my name, I told her "Marie," she starts writing it and the guy next to her said: "no with -ie-" so she looked at me and I said "yes -ie-" so she signed another one then looked at me and threw the first one behind her and laughed. She gave me the correct one. I didn't have enough time to do anything because people behind me were pushing me away. No time to talk. I don't remember if I thanked her.

So it was really really fast, I saw her only for 30 seconds, but I was really happy.


I saw Liv at the Sephora, and as it was my birthday, I told her that it was the most beautiful gift that I could ever imagine, and sooo kindly she wished me a happy birthday like 3 times, she signed me an autograph "Happy birthday Mina!", and then we took a wonderful picture, she was almost giving me a kiss on the cheek. IT WAS SO MAGICAL!!
Liv and Mina Liv photo taken by Mina


I arrived in front of Liv and the guy, and I told her straight away: "I'm here for Alice, a big fan of yours who wasn't able to come today." So Liv asked for the name and asked if "Alice" had an "e". Then I asked her if I could take a picture and she said "of course" and she started posing and showing the autograph for the camera. Then I don't remember what I said, I think I didn't even thank her because I had to leave right after the picture. So I left, but I'm still disappointed that I couldn't really thank her, maybe I did, well... It was still really great!


My dad and I were walking down the Champs-Elysées, when we saw tons of people waiting outside of Sephora. We couldn't pass the massive crowd, so we wanted to walk around it, when a big Givenchy limousine stopped. It was the stunning Liv Tyler, who was there to sign some autographs. Seriously, she's so beautiful! I know, these pictures are crap, but it was the best I could do, since there were hundreds of people pushing. Oh yeah, the security was very rude too!
Photo by Krizia Photo by Krizia Photo by Krizia


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