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Yann Sicamois Stellar Project
Happy Bithday Liv!

On July,the 1st, Liv will be 24 years old. We have done this special to celebrate it.

Here you will find several sections where you can read our message about Liv's birthday, what Liv has done during this year, mail addresses where you can send fanmail and gifs to her and a section where you can send birthday messages to her. There's also the "Liv stellar Project" that Yann Sicamois has done for Liv and it's worth looking at.

We will collect all the messages posted in the "Birthday Messages" section and then put all of them together and send a greeting card to Liv. So, we hope we can have a card full of messages and best wishes to her. Don't forget to put your name and email, maybe she wants to reply and thank you for your message.