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Birthday messages to Liv

These are the messages that we have included in the greeting card we have sent to Liv Tyler.
Here don't appear all of the messages because some of them were marked as private and we want to respect the privacy of their authors.

Name: Roland Waldl
Homepage: http://jessicabiel.isbeautiful.org/
Hometown: Attnang, Austria
Sent: 20.29 - 6/7

I just want to wish you all the best for your future career, I really appreciate your work!

Name: U.M.W.
Hometown: Auckland, NZ
Sent: 13.50 - 6/7

dear liv,

Happy birthday!...you may be 24 but u look as cute as ever! exactly a week after my birthday...
congratulations on your engagement to roy!, as hard as it may be for a guy to stomach...but since its for your well-being we can be real happy about it.
well considering i'm sending u fan-mail its stating the obvious by saying you're beautiful, but for me its that unbelievable sweetness that u have on your face with your adorable eyes that really make you the sweetest and most beautiful woman there is for me. I dont want you to take my saying you're beautiful as a foregone conclusion...i'm saying it cos u are just stunningly sweet and innocent in your beauty...i hope u can understand that its a real statement of admiration of your beauty..not just checkin u out like the next girl in some film...
something else we really admire about you are your ethics and morals and how you think before your do something and your demeanour...its just amazing..
i hope your had a great 24th birthday liv and good luck in your career and keep bringing warmth and kindness to everyone around u....

Name: Tiffany
Sent: 00.06 - 3/7

Happy Birthday Liv. Your the best!! I wish you lots of love, health & happiness in your career,with Roy & through out your life. You are such a beautiful person inside & out & deserve all the good things that have come your way & much much more. Love, Tiffany

Name: fotini
Homepage: http://piraeus/
Hometown: greece
Sent: 13.13 - 1/7


Name: DR Carlos Schneegans Moraga
Sent: 16.22 - 30/6

Felicidades LIV ¡

Soy un Medico Nicaraguense (Central America)
y soy un admirador tuyo,
opino que no solo eres bellisima,bellisima...
sino que tambien proyectas una dulzura, una candidez, que yo jamas habia visto.
...ahhh, sueño contigo..
te adoro..


Name: czar
Sent: 03.03 - 30/6

You're such a great actress! Happy Birthday! God speed! Hope you can answer to this letter.

Name: omidshari
Sent: 13.23 - 29/6

hello liv Birthday to you and you are my drem ilove you
forever please anser me and pleasewrite my mail

Name: Sandra Tischer
Hometown: Dreieich/ Germany
Sent: 07.52 - 29/6

Happy Birthay Liv!

I wish you the best.

Your Sandra

Name: Diana
Sent: 00.31 - 29/6

Happy Birthday!!!

Hope all your wishes come true, Have a great one.

Name: Laura Pastore
Sent: 15.23 - 28/6

To Liv,
Happy 24th birthday Liv.
I think you are beautiful.

All the best,
From, Laura.


Name: Angela West
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Sent: 02.42 - 28/6

happy birthday liv darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a birthday wish full of love and happiness. hope everything is going great and cant wait to see more of ya!

Name: Frank Balassus
Hometown: Berlin / Germany
Sent: 23.33 - 27/6

Hello Liv,
I have written you a letter personally. I have sent it to " Creative Artists Agency ". I hope very much you has gotten my letter and will read it. On this way, I wish you everything good and a happy birthday again. Even if I don't know you personally, you are for me a charming, lovely and the most beautiful woman. Many dear greetingses from Berlin!!!

Sincerely Frank

Name: Konstantin (Kast is better) :)
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Sent: 21.50 - 26/6

Wow! Just read another messages.hmm My English is not so good.
So i just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY,LIV!!! I wish you luck,luck, and BIG LUCK... hm don't wanna wish money to you, coz money its just paper ,,,So i wish you to meet more friends in your life.
And i am waiting for more good movies from you, coz you are most talented actrees for me ( and BEAUTIFULL SURE).
Damn, why i didnt meet you here in Saint-Petersburg while Onegin was filming :( :)
Hope you'll be here again , soon.

Name: Elizabeth Franco
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Auditorium/2998/liv.htm
Hometown: Colombia
Sent: 21.17 - 26/6


I wanna wish you the best for you on your birthday and always. We all you fans love you not only because your excelent job as actress, but you seem to be a sweet person, and you have this incredible talent which makes love you every day more and more!!!
I wish this day you pass with all people you love, with your boyfriends, your parents and brother, friends and don't forget we all your fans are join you on your heart!!

Congratulation, and please keep yourself everyday more beautiful and so talent as you are!!


Name: Valentina
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/livtylertvb/LivTylerTVB-ItalianWebSite-.html?993335691720
Hometown: Italy
Sent: 16.05 - 26/6

I wish for you all the joy you deserve, hope to see you soon in Italy...don't hesitate to call me if you need to stay in Rome or Siena!!! :0) Ti voglio bene (I love you) you are my inspiration, take care your italiangirl Valentina

Name: michelle
Hometown: tel aviv, Israel
Sent: 12.46 - 26/6

liv, i wanted to congratulate you for you're 24 b-day, and of course for you're engagement, and this whole successful year.. i hope this year would be even better! keep on doing this great films, and i wish you a lot of love between you and roy, and nothing but happiness! it's a little bit shallow to write you a birthday card, so im also sending you a longer letter, much more personal.. i hope you'll get to read this massege, and i hope you'll read my other letter!
so, again happy birth day, a lot of happiness, love, and good vibes. in hebrew we say mazal tov, which means - good luck!
thank you for being so talented and beautiful!
keep on doing that thing you do... :)
with a lot of love,
michelle levit

Name: Erik
Homepage: http://www.liv-forever.com/
Hometown: Canada
Sent: 21.49 - 24/6

Happy B-day Liv,

Soon to be 24 years old, aside form all the great things in your life... you are almost 25, an age in which you promised if you were still smoking by then you would lock your self up until you quit. So with a year to go, hopefully you will begin the process to stop the unhealty habit. :)

From the webmaster of Liv-Forever.com

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