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Here we tell you what Liv has done in the last twelve months.
You will discover that she has done very interesting things, like being part of the movie "Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings"

During these last twelve
months a lot has happened
in Liv's life. Here we do
a month by month resume:

July 2001

Birthdy Greeting Card In July 2001 we did a Birthday Special to celebrate Liv's 24th birthday. We also sent a birthday card to her with lots of messages by fans written on it.

Liv Tyler and Roy That month she had to return to New Zealand to re-record a dialogue for Lord Of The Rings movie. By that day, all three movies had already been shot, but they had to do some rearrangements on the dialogues. Liv Tyler, her boyfriend Roy, her mother Bebe Buell and other family members were supporting the mother of Liv's sister Mia Tyler, Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler in her battle against brain cancer.

August 2001

In August there was a rumour that Liv could be chosen to interpret Bettie Page, the pinup queen of the 50s. The project was gonna be directed by Martin Scorsese. But now we still don't know if this project will happen.

Spacehog were doing a tour across the USA and Liv was supporting the gig.

Liv Tyler supporting her boyfriend in NYC Liv Tyler supporting her boyfriend in NYC

September 2001

In September many things happened. A new member, cmr, joined our group. He has helped a lot to make this site better and more popular and we'd like to thank him for that. We are happy to have him in our group. :-)

Another good news for our site was that we reached 10.000 visitors mark. That was even better than we have thought. Now thanks to all our visitors we have reached the number of 145.000 visitors in a year and a half. Thanks a lot! :-)

But that month was a sad month, a world tradegy happened with the 9-11 attacks. We were sorry of all the people that died on that horrible day.

The fever of the Lord Of The Rings movies started. There were still three months left to the release of The Fellowship of The Ring, but all the people was talking about it. A new teaser trailer was released in the U.S. TV, interviews with LOTR crew were done and also LOTR action figures were released...

Action figure of Arwen Liv and Orlando Bloom getting interviewed
LOTR trailer

October 2001

In October Liv graced many magazine covers.

Liv on the cover of W Magazine Liv on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine

She also attended the premiere of the play Dance of Death (where Ian McKellen plays).

Liv and Roy attending Dance of Death premiere

November 2001

In November almost all the news were about the Lord Of The Rings movie. New TV commercials were screened.

Frame from a LOTR tv commercial Frame from a LOTR tv commercial

She also took part in the Quest For The Ring special (Fox Channel) and in the program Big Breakfast from the British Channel 4.

December 2001

And finally December was the month of the release of Lord Of The Rings movie. It was on the 19th. During this month Liv was doing promotion of the movie attending some of the most popular TV programs like Regis & Kelly and David Letterman.

Liv on Regis show

Liv on David Letterman show

She also was at the premieres of Lord Of The Rings in London,Los Angeles and New York.

Liv at London premiere of LOTR Liv at NYC premiere of LOTR

Liv at LA premiere of LOTR

January 2002

Liv on the cover of B Magazine After a month full of news, in January the most important one was that Liv would do a new movie called Voltage that will be directed by Robert Altman. Liv ex-boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix will play on the movie too.

She continues being a big attraction for magazine covers and she appeared on the covers of B magazine, Cream Magazine and Pavement Magazine.

February 2002

In February Liv kept on helping with the promotion of Lord Of The Rings, this time in Japan.

Liv promoting LOTR in Japan Liv promoting LOTR in Japan

Also, Lord Of The Rings was nominated for 13 Academy Awards.

March 2002

March was a month for taking a vacation. Liv and Roy went to Barbados to enjoy this wonderful place.
US and Now magazines showed pictures of the couple on the beach.

Liv and Roy on the beach in Barbados Liv and Roy on the beach in Barbados

Finally Lord Of The Rings won 4 Oscars and Liv won the American Moviegoer award for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Female Actor: Liv Tyler, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

April 2002

Liv supporting her father at Aerosmith's mtvICON special In April there was a big special about Aerosmith called mtvICON (on MTV channel) and Liv was one of the special guest appearances.

May 2002

May was a calm month with no news about Liv. Only that it was Royston's birthday, so they probably celebrated it together.

June 2002

In June the most exciting news was that Liv may be appearing in a new movie, Jersey Girl, opposite Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
We are still looking for more information on that.

That's it, folks, let's hope the next year in Liv's life is even more exciting that this one!